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Hello friends, I hoped you all liked my previous real sex experience in my story titled ‘Losing My Virginity To A Hot Invigilator.’ Now I’m back again with a new real sex experience with a sex deprived aunty.
I’m 22 years old young boy from Jammu. This is a story about how I got so lucky and fucked my neighbor aunty. So my neighbor aunty’s name is Sandhya. She is 42 years old widow lady who lives alone since her son studies in Canada.
She is such a gorgeous lady, and anyone can get a hard boner by looking at her. She has huge boobs of 38D size. She always wears sleeveless kurtis that too with deep cleavage. She always keeps her hairs open, because of which she looks hotter. She has a big curvy ass too.
So since she lived alone at her home, she often called me if she had some work to help her. Initially, I didn’t have bad feelings for my aunty. But later, when I usually went to her home, I started looking at her with bad intentions and always used to masturbate thinking of her.
She used to wash clothes every Friday and would put the clothes on the terrace for drying. So one day, while I was on the terrace of my home, she came to her terrace to put the clothes for drying. She saw me and gave a smile, and I also smiled.
I told her why she took so much pain to come to the terrace and hang the clothes. She should have called me for this work. Then I crossed the wall and entered her terrace. She was looking so hot in sleeveless and deep cleavage kurti. Her boobs nipples were pointing out hard.
I started helping her in putting the clothes for drying. I put my hands in the bucket, and I got her panty in my hand. I took it and then she gave me a naughty smile and started laughing. I put that panty on the rope for drying.
Then again, I took her bra and kept it for drying. In all, there were 4 panties and 4 bras and 3 kurti and leggings. After she left, I got so horny that I took her panty and started smelling it. Then I licked it at that part where her pussy had rested. It even had dark patches of her lovely pussy juices.
I started licking it. I put it inside my dick and started rubbing it all over her panty. This I did with all her panties and bras. Then I used to think that how shall I seduce this hot bomb lady. After 3 days, I went to her home, we begin with just casual talk.
I know she keeps her used clothes in the washing machine in the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom and started looking for her used panty and bra. To my surprise, I found 2 used panties and bras.
I immediately took her used panty and started smelling it. Then I started licking it at that part where her pussy had rested. I licked it so much and got so horny that I ejaculated in her panty. Then I got an idea. I should put my cum in all her used panties and bra so that she can get to know how badly I want to fuck her.
This I did every day with all her used panties and bra till Friday because she washes clothes on Friday. So the doomsday came. It was Friday. Aunty called me in the afternoon to take her washed clothes to the terrace for drying. I immediately went to her home.
She gave me 2 buckets full of washed clothes and asked me to take them to the terrace and hang clothes there for drying. I went to the terrace and took all her panties first. My cum patch was still visible on her panties after washing, and her bras too had little patches of my cum.
Then I went down. Aunty was wearing a very loose nighty with no bra. I can see her erect nipples. She kept her hairs open that day. She told me to sit, and we started talking. Then suddenly she asked me why I liked her used panties and bras.
She said that she came to know everything. She even told me that my cum is not made for her panties but for her pussy and mouth. I was totally shocked and even excited from inside. She came closer to me, and I immediately gave her a tight hug. I started kissing her neck.
Her neck was so arousing. I was licking it passionately, and she was enjoying it. Then I took her earlobe in my mouth and started licking her ears. Then we both looked at each other others eyes. Our lips met, and we started to smooch. I was sucking her lips, and then we had a tongue fight for quite a few minutes.
After 15 minutes of smooch, she told me that I should have told this thing earlier. She, too, was a horny lady in her 40s as it’s been more than 5 years since she last did sex. She wants to have sex so badly.
I told her that now we know each other’s intentions, so from today we both will fuck every day and satisfy each other. Then I grabbed her big boobs and started pressing them. I could feel her hard nipples. I immediately took off her nighty. She was totally nude inside, just wearing a panty.
I started sucking her boobs. She, too, was enjoying it. Then I started licking her armpits and then licked her navel. Eventually, I licked her whole body. She was so yummy and full of arousing fragrance. Then I reached her legs, kissed her thighs, then I removed her panty.
I could see the hottest sex-deprived pussy with little hairs. The smell of pussy was very nice. I kissed her pussy. Then I took my finger and inserted it inside her pussy. It was full of warm juices. I immediately started sucking her pussy and took all her love juices in my mouth.
Her juices were so tasty. I loved licking it, and she, too, was moaning slowly. Then she took my dick and started sucking it. She was enjoying my dick, and after a few minutes, I cummed in her mouth. Then we laid on the bed hugging and kissing each other.
After a few minutes, I asked her if she is ready to get fucked. She said, of course.  I inserted my hard dick in her juicy pussy and started stroking her. Initially, I fucked her slowly, then I increased the pace. I started banging her hard. She was moaning loudly. I could see the satisfaction on her face.
Then I told her that I’m about to cum. She said, “Don’t worry, just cum inside my pussy.I want you to fill my pussy with your cum load.” Then immediately, I cummed inside her pussy and filled her pussy with my cum.
We both were so much satisfied and enjoyed it a lot. That day I fucked her in every possible style. Then every day, I used to fuck her. She started wearing just a loose nighty with a back zip and no undergarments every day to make her nude easily.
So, friends, I hope you liked my story about my erotic experience with a sexy widow. Please do tell me on my email ID [email protected]. Any bhabhi or aunty who wants pleasure or satisfaction from me can contact me on my email ID.