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I hope you enjoyed reading my previous story, ‘First Birthday Gift For Wife After Marriage.’ It is evident from the overwhelming reactions and comments I received in my mailbox. In that story, I narrated how my wife Champa performed a striptease dance before a group of my friends, which led to our couple swap sex.
My friend Suresh had attended the birthday party along with his wife, Gita. They were a swapping couple. They had already swapped with many couples. On seeing the nude beauty of Champa, he fantasized about a fucking session with Champa.
The next day Suresh talked to me over the phone. He conveyed his appreciation for the previous night’s party with special reference to Champa’s dance and her nude beauty. He did not forget to say, “Vinay, sooner or later, one day, I will have her in my bed for one night.”
Suresh proposed a swapping session with us. I was ready for it. But I was not sure whether Champa would agree. Champa had indeed done fucking sessions with some guys. But it was not clear whether swapping was okay for her.
I hesitatingly discussed with Champa about the request of Suresh. I was surprised to know that she did not know what is meant by a couple swapping. So I had to explain the meaning in detail. I told her that swapping means two couples exchanging partners and fucking.
It is nothing but two married men fucking the other man’s wife. I further told her that this is very common in educated people circles. This is a fast-growing trend in cities. She was surprised to know this.
I suggested her to accept the invitation from Suresh for a swapping session and experience it. If we like it, we can adopt a couple swapping as our lifestyle, and if we don’t like it, we can drop it. I strongly recommended her to have one session with Suresh and Gita. She said she would think and tell her decision.
I was not sure whether Champa would agree or not. I decided not to ask her again. Suresh was asking me every day about her decision. After waiting for a week, finally, I took the courage to ask Champa about her decision regarding swapping, keeping my fingers crossed.
I was ready for a blast also from her. I asked her with a lot of fear in my mind. To my surprise, she said, “Let us try once.” I could not believe my ears. I could not control my happiness. I hugged her and kissed her.
I immediately called Suresh and conveyed the happy decision. Suresh also felt extremely happy. He shouted, “Gita, listen. Champa has agreed. Let us have it soon.”
Our party was fixed for next weekend. Suresh told me, “I will arrange in my in-law’s farmhouse. It is about 2 hours of road journey from here, and total privacy is there.”
Next Saturday, Suresh drove with Gita to the farmhouse in the morning and ensured that all arrangements are made. He further ensured that no one will be there in the evening as well as at night. I drove with Champa in the evening and reached the farmhouse by 5 PM. They were waiting to welcome us.
We took tea and snacks with the hosts. Then Suresh and Gita took us around by walk on the farm. We enjoyed the greenery, fields, green woods with colorful flowers. The flowers were giving a very good smell, good enough to ignite sex feelings in us.
Suresh kissed Champa, and she responded well. Needless to say that I kissed Gita. It was so thrilling to touch, hold, and kiss her. We had covered one side of the farm only. Next, we had to go to the other side of the house. We returned to the house, had some fruit juice, and started.
Gita whispered something in the ears of Champa. Both ladies went inside to change their dress. After 15 minutes, they returned. Gita had bought 2 sets of a new dress for herself and Champa. They appeared before us in the new dress.
Both ladies were in a similar dress, same color, same design – transparent pink nighty, and red lingerie. Both ladies were of almost the same height and same hairstyle. One would get confused about who is Champa and who is Gita! Really posing a challenge for swapping.
I moved with Gita holding her hand. Suresh moved with Champa in a different direction. I recollected my college days when I was moving with my girlfriend. But today’s GF was an extremely hot lady exposing her sexy body through a transparent dress.
We sat on the grass. Embraced each other, kissed, and enjoyed. I went to the extent of playing with her boobs. When we returned, it was 8 PM. We took some fruit juice and waited for the other couple. They did not turn up at 9 PM also.
We both took a torch and started searching for Suresh and Champa without any hint as to where they were. We went on walking here and there. There was enough moonlight. Still, we could not trace the missing couple.
Suddenly we heard some voices. Gita recognized the male voice as that of Suresh. We went in that direction and found a couple engaged in fucking at a distance of about 200 feet. We stealthily went there and recognized them.
Suresh was fucking Champa in missionary style. Strokes were very fast and powerful. I said to Gita, “Let us go back. Don’t disturb them.” Gita agreed but got a naughty idea. She stealthily went near them and picked up their clothes, and came back. She did not leave anything for the fucking couple.
On our way back, she scattered the clothes in different spots so that they would not get. We returned to the farmhouse, finished our dinner, and relaxed. Then the calling bell rang. Gita opened the door and found that Suresh and Champa were standing naked in front of the door.
Gita asked them, “What is this? What happened?” as if she did not know anything. The nude couples went inside without uttering a single word. They took a bath and freshened up, put on clothes, finished dinner, and joined us.
We all four watched a porn movie for some time. My penis was very hard, and I could not control it anymore. I gave the signal to Gita. We both went to one bedroom.
Champa and Suresh had already first round of the game, so they were not in a hurry. They watched the porn movie for some more time, maybe, till both became hot again.
Gita and I played all sorts of nasty games in our bedroom, right from sucking and blowjob up. I was fucking Suresh’s wife in different positions. We had orgasms a total of 4 times. It was 3 AM when we were tired enough and slept. Before sleeping, we just peeped into the TV room.
A great surprise was waiting for us. The porn video was still playing on the screen. Champa and Suresh were engaged in fucking in the same way that the porn hero was fucking the heroin.
The next morning all four woke up very late. We all four took a good shower bath together. We had our lunch and then started our return journey. On the way back to Bangalore, Champa narrated some details of their games and finally said, “If there is an invitation for couple swapping, I will definitely agree.”
Our swapping life started in this way. After that, we have frequently been swapping with different couples. We do a swap with decent couples, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. But the best swapping session was our first session.
Friends, in the next story, I will narrate another type of swapping we participated in a few years later. It was a totally different experience, and you will be excited to read.
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