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Hi, this is Cuddlesandkisses, a 23-year-old from Chennai. This is the story of how a research scholar from our college and I had an erotic sex session during my final year of Engineering.
Riya is a research scholar working in my department under my professor. She is 28 years old, has a slim body. She doesn’t have huge boobs or ass, but she looks so good in every attire she flaunts. Most of the boys in our college had an eye for her.
She was working on a project under my professor under whom my friends and I did my final year project. I got a chance to interact with her during my first project review. We didn’t know how to use the new software recommended by our professor for our project.
We did all the work on the last day before our first review, and it was so bad. We got scolded very badly by the professor. Riya was also in the room during our presentation. After seeing our condition, she volunteered to help us with the software.
She was very jovial and became close to us so soon. We regularly met in the lab and got to know her well. We came to know that she also smokes like us, and we planned to smoke weed together one day.
Before the second review, my batchmates went to their hometowns during the festival holidays. I was given the task to complete the project. So I called her for help, and she asked me to come to her home.
The first day I spent around 4 hours in her house and worked on the project studiously. I went to her only for clarifications. The next day, our work was almost done, and we planned to go out for lunch.
She was in a bad mood and was already tired. So I took out a rolled joint and asked if we could get high now. She immediately agreed, and we started our joint session on her couch.
We both spoke a lot after getting high. She asked me why I was single. I told her that I was looking for casual flings and was not ready for a relationship. I believe that relationships are an impediment to growth, which consumes most of our time.
She told me that she also believed in the same and was surprised to hear it from me. Then we started to talk more about how and why both of us hate relationships. The conversation was getting interesting, and we were getting so comfortable with each other.
She came closer to me and sat so near to me. I put my hand on her shoulder while she placed hers on my lap. After the second joint, we played music and had pizza. ‘Apocalypse by cigarettes after sex’ was playing in the background. The music was really setting a romantic mood.
We were constantly looking into each other’s eyes without saying anything. The next song was ‘Hold’ by Vera Blue, in which the first line is I love the way you tie me down. This turned on the heat between us. I held her hands, looked her in the eye, and leaned forward to kiss her.
She closed her eyes, and we locked each others’ lips in a deep kiss. She responded so well. She broke the kiss, sat on my thighs, and started to kiss me again. Kissing someone after getting high hits differently, and I felt that for the first time.
I slid my hands inside her T-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I gently massaged her boobs while nibbling her earlobes. I slowly kissed her neck and moved towards her collarbone. I removed her T-shirt, made her lie down on the couch. I started kissing, licking, and biting her hips while playing with her boobs.
I held her boobs in my hands, pinched her nipples, and took her left boob in my mouth. I occasionally kissed her lips and again reached the boobs. While sucking on her boob, I moved my hands near her pussy and rubbed it with her pants on.
I once again kissed her and now slid my hands into her pants. She bit my lips when I touched her pussy lips. I ran lines with my fingers around her pussy lips and made her even horny. She pushed me, then removed her pants and panty. I removed my T-shirt and pant.
Both of us were naked. She pulled my head towards her pussy now. I kissed every inch of her inner thighs all the way up to her pussy. But didn’t kiss or lick her pussy. I then slowly bit on her hips, thighs and made her wait even more. She couldn’t wait and pushed me towards her pussy.
I placed a gentle kiss on her pussy-lips and started to lick her in a to and fro motion. I moved my lips to her clit, licked, and started sucking on it. Her moans became louder. I gently slid my middle finger into her pussy. I moved it up in her pussy and started to move my finger in a ‘come here’ motion.
My fingers were touching the flesh inside her pussy. I increased my pace while madly kissing and sucking on her clit. She constantly raised her hips due to arousal, and her body was shivering. I inserted my left thumb in her mouth, and she started to suck on it like a baby.
I then slid another finger into her pussy and increased my pace. I removed the finger from her mouth was pinching her nipple at the same time while fingering her pussy and licking her clit. She was on cloud nine and was crazily moaning.
She pushed me away and then climaxed and squirted a fountain of fluid. She got up and took my dick in her hand, and started biting my chest. She made me sit on the couch, went down on her knees, and took my dick in her mouth.
She is a pro at sucking dick, and she sucked the soul outta it. She was sucking on it for like 5 minutes. I couldn’t hold anymore and released my cum on her face.
We again started kissing while waiting for my dick to become erect again. She was having the ‘Morning after pills’ and wanted me to do it raw. We went to her bedroom.
After becoming erect, I placed the tip of my dick on her pussy and teased her without sticking it in. She was scratching my chest already. I then stick my dick inside her pussy and started to stroke it slowly. Then I increased my pace and banged her hard and fast. We were doing it in the missionary position.
We then switched to the tabletop position. I made her lie on the edge of the bed. I stood near her and started to penetrate her pussy with my dick. It was one of the best sex sessions of my life. We fucked for around 15 minutes after which, I released my cum inside her pussy.
We then took a shower together. I felt that having a shower together after sex is the most romantic thing to happen. We both were wet under the shower and were madly kissing each other again. We stayed under the shower for about 30 minutes, which was one of the best 30 minutes of my life.
We had two more sex sessions after that. Then we both got busy with our lives, and she also completed her project and left town. This is the entire story of me fucking a beautiful woman in her house while high on weed. Weed, music, pizza, and sex is the best combination for relaxation.
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