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Hello guys, Surya here again with a new story. As you all know, I am from a small village near Mysore, Karnataka. I seduced my younger sister in lockdown and we had a great time and then I had to shift to Bangalore due to my work.
I was very unhappy because of the distance from my sister and she was feeling the same too. I used to masturbate a lot imagining our past encounters but that was not enough. Rarely she used to video call me when our parents were not home. Those were the only time I got to see her body through the virtual medium.
My younger sister was very hesitant to send me her photos. It was not enough for both of us and slowly, this lead us to a new era of sex chat. Here in this story, I have mentioned some of our romantic sextings. I hope you all enjoy it!
Me: Hi sugar lips, are you asleep?Aditi (my younger sister): How can I sleep without you, Anna (brother). I really miss you, bro. I really can’t wait to hug you tightly.
Me: Oh, only hugs? Is that enough for my little sis.Aditi: That’s just the starter before the meals.🙈
Me: So, what do you want to be served for the main course, mam?Aditi: I want my brother to be served in my bed where I can peel off his dress and feed on his meat to my satisfaction!
Me: That’s enough for your brother to get hornier. Now tell me more about how do you want to eat your brother.Aditi: If you were here, first I would hug you tight and push you into the bed.
Me: Then?Aditi: Then I will take off my top and pant and sit on you with only bra and panties.
Me: That will make me go erect in no time.Aditi: I know that, I’m going to sit on your dick only.
Me: Hmm, you are good at teasing, Aditi.Aditi: It’s just the beginning. Then I’ll take off your t-shirt and I’ll feel every inch of your chest with my lips and tongue.
Me: It’s hurting me down there. At least, let it be free.Aditi: No way! If I take it out, I can’t control myself from sucking it. So, let me feed on your other parts first.
Me: That’s not fair.☹️Aditi: Okay, let me take off my bra, it might shift your focus.
Me: 😍 Those perfect boobs. I’m chewing them one by one.Aditi: Ahhh anna, I told you to just look at them not to suck them.
Me: How can I sit silently when there’s a delicious sweet in front of me?Aditi: Chii, you are too naughty, anna. I can feel your erection down there.
Me: You know I have heard that by removing panty a girl can feel a man’s dick more accurately. 🙈Aditi: Oh, is it anna? I didn’t know it (giggles). Why will you be always in a rush to get my panties off, don’t you like them on me?
Me: Actually, I prefer my dick on it than your panty.Aditi: Oh, really? Then why did you left me here taking away your dick from my pussy?
Me: Don’t worry baby, I can’t wait to be inside you too.Aditi: Then, let me take off my panties.
Me: Ahhh, that wetness. It’s making me mad. Aditi, please let me in.Aditi: Not so fast, Anna. I want you to please my pussy with your tongue while I enjoy your dick in my mouth.
Me: My little sister is making me cum in minutes!Aditi: Don’t you dare to waste those precious cum, every drop of it belongs to me and me alone.
Me (while sucking pussy) Hmmm Aditi, let me suck this lovely pussy for you.Aditi: Ahhh Anna, you are pleasing my pussy really well. Let me take out all those hot semen out of you (sucks on my dick).
Me: Delicious as always! Ahhh Aditi, I’m gonna cum soon.Aditi: I have already cummed in your mouth once, let me taste your cum now.
Me: I can’t take it any longer, suck it all, it’s all yours.Aditi: 😋 Want some more of your cum
Me: That’s enough now. Come on me, let me recharge it for you.Aditi: Make it quick, my pussy is starving for your dick. Do you want to make it wait?🥺
Me: Don’t make those cute faces. It makes me hornier.Aditi: I too want that only, now get up and fuck me, Anna. I can’t wait anymore to take your dick in my pussy.
Me: Don’t have to wait, darling, I’ll fuck you hard till you have your orgasm.Aditi: Here, I have spread my legs for you Anna. Please fuck me harder. Don’t show any mercy on your sister. She wants you to fuck her like a mad dog.
Me: I’m already mad for you, babe. inserted it in your juicy pussy now.Aditi: Ahhh Anna, it feels soo good to have you in me. I want you to be in me forever. This pussy belongs to you. Please don’t leave it.
Me: Ahhh Yessss. It’s mine only not only pussy your entire body belongs to me only.Aditi: It’s all yours, Anna. Use it as you please. No one makes me mad like you.
Me: Only your pussy can please my dick to its fullest extent.Aditi: Go deeper, Anna, I want every inch of your dick in me.
Me: As you wish, darling. Here you go (takes longer strokes, each pounding her pussy with force).Aditi: Ahh anna, I’m gonna cum, you are making me cum.
Me: Ahh..I’m gonna cum too, darling. Do you want me to take it out?Aditi: I’ll kill you if you do that. I want you to pour every bit of your cum in my pussy only.
Me: As you command, my lady. I cum. Ahhhh..Aditi: Ahhh…Me too Anna. Don’t let it go. Hold me closer.
Me (hugs her tightly): I’ll never let you go.
Both fell on each other’s arm, breathing heavily.
Aditi: Anna, please come to the village as soon as possible. I can’t wait to be in your arms once again.Me: Don’t worry, darling. Instead of me coming home, I’m planning on bringing you here to Bangalore so that we can fuck each other whenever and wherever we want.
Aditi: 🙈 Please make it fast. I’m fully wet here after hearing this from you.Me: (sends her pic of my penis): Don’t worry, I’m also ready here to please you down there.
Aditi: Wow! 😍 This is not fair.🥺 I wish I was there now to take it in.Me: It’s all yours, babe. See you soon in Bangalore. I’ll make all the arrangements for that.
Aditi: Love you soo much, Anna. You are the best brother in the world.Me: Love you too, Aditi. Anything for you.
Aditi: Okay, let me drift into sleep holding your dick pic in my hand at least.Me: You naughty! Good night, darling. Take care.
Aditi: Good night, Anna. Waiting to meet you soon.Me: Me too, baby doll.
This is how I and my younger sister used to satisfy each other’s lust when we were away from each other. I hope you all have enjoyed our hot sex chat.
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