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Tuesday night
After a good fuck in the afternoon, I and the Indian mistress Nisha went into a deep sleep. I don’t know how long we slept. I woke up still bound to the bed and looked around to find Nisha. I found her naked with her hair tied into a bun standing near the foot of the bed and talking to another woman dressed in a saree.
Me:- HEY!!! Help me. Please.
Woman:- Shut up you, moron. I know who you are and how you ended up like that.
Nisha:- Hahaha… Poor soul. This is my friend Reshma. Say “hi” to her, bitch.
I was lost for words and didn’t know what to do now.
Me:- What do you ladies want from me? Money? Take it, but please let me go.
Reshma:-Of course, we will let you go, and take the money you looted. We don’t need your permission for that. A couple of days more and you will be free.
Nisha:- You got two cunts to fuck and are being fed regularly. Don’t know what you are complaining about?
Nisha let her hair loose, which came down cascading like a waterfall, and moved closer to Reshma. Reshma had long hair reaching up to her ass. She was gorgeous with nice sharp features, brown eyes with red lipstick on her lips making her look sexy.
They both turned towards me giving a wicked smile and got into a passionate lip lock.
There was a lot of tongues, and Nisha started removing Reshma’s saree. She dropped her pallu, removed her blouse and bra, and then cupped those beautiful breasts in her hands and started sucking on her nipples.
Reshma had a good set of tits – nice and handful but were half the size of Nisha’s amazing tankers. Reshma moved her hands into Nisha’s open hair and started ruffling them while pulling her more into her bosoms.
Nisha moved her tongue from Reshma’s nipples to the navel, she did it looking right into my eyes with a seductive look. She swirled her tongue in her friend Reshma’s navel who was moaning uncontrollably.
Nisha pulled out Reshma’s saree and untied her petticoat and pulled her panties down in a swift motion. She placed one of Reshma’s legs on the bed and started eating her pussy.
Reshma:- YESSSS!!! Baby, I love you. Keep licking me, babe. Ohh, goddd!!! That feels so good baby.
Nisha put two fingers in Reshma’s cunt and started finger-fucking her while kept licking her clitoris. She kept going at her pussy for 10 straight minutes while Reshma had her eyes closed. She kept moaning along with pinching her nipples with one hand and caressing Nisha’s head with the other.
Reshma came in Nisha’s mouth, her whole body shivered and her moans kept getting louder.
The girl-in-girl action had made its effect on my dick which was standing up straight pointing towards the ceiling.
Nisha came to my right and Reshma came to my left. Both started to suck my dick alternatively. They kissed each other and kept my dick in between. Their lips were moving up and down on my love pole.
Reshma licked the top of my penis and slowly swallowed my entire dick in her mouth. She gagged but didn’t move her head. She choked herself on my dick for at least a minute, and then she took it out.
My cock was wet with saliva which dripped to my balls where Nisha was licking it. I was tied up which was a bad thing but the attention my cock was getting probably made it worth it.
After sucking me, Nisha then took my dick in her ass in a reverse cowgirl position while Reshma licked her pussy sitting between my legs.
Nisha kept fucking me while Reshma came and sat on my face making me lick her pussy while she sat facing Nisha. I had my tongue in her pussy while my nose was hitting her asshole. I didn’t like the smell of her ass, but her pussy juices are intoxicating me which made me forget the smell.
Reshma pulled Nisha backward with her head tilted to the back and kissed her lips. She kept pressing Nisha’s massive boobs from behind. Nisha came after a few minutes and made way for Reshma to enjoy my dick in her pussy.
Reshma fucked me while Nisha was licking all over my face and sucking my tongue and pinching my nipples. We both came at the same time.
Reshma got off my dick and knelt on top of my stomach letting all her love potions flow out and settle on top of my abdomen.
Both the women then got to cleaning the mess from my stomach and started kissing and exchanging my cum till it vanished into one of their mouths.
They both laid back on the bed with me in the middle. Reshma had her hands on my dick and was caressing me.
Reshma:- OH MY GOD!!! That was amazing. His dick reminds me of your husband’s.
Nisha:- Yeah.
Me:- Wait. What?
Nisha:- We both love each other and are bisexuals and often have threesome with my husband.
Reshma:- I think we should keep him as a sex slave, Nisha.
Nisha:- Nah. He is not trustworthy. We need to dump him.
Reshma:- Ok. But we can enjoy him till the insurance money comes, right?
Nisha:- Ohh Yesss, I fucked the manager. We should be getting the money in a few days. Till then, he is all ours.
Me:- What are you talking about? What will happen in a few days? Where will you dump me?
Nisha:- Relax, coward. My husband was a gambler, and he lost a lot of money and owed this one guy about 30 lakhs. That bastard left his debt to me and went and rammed his car onto a truck killing himself. Now, this guy is some sort of goon, and wants his money back or else is threatening to make me his whore.
Me:- Such a person won’t leave you even if you give him his money. I hope he makes you his bitch.
Reshma who was gently moving her soft hands on my dick started to tighten her grip on my dick and squeezed it with all her might. It was very painful.
Reshma:- Don’t you dare talk to her like that you bastard. We belong to each other not some dick-head like him or an asshole like you.
Me:- I am sorry. Please let go of my dick, it hurts.
Nisha:- Calm down, Reshma. We already sold this home and paid him off. With the insurance money and the looted money of 1.5 crores, we will be leaving town.
Me:- That’s my money.
Nisha:- I thought of giving you a share, but the way you show disrespect, I don’t think I want to give you any of it.
I was angry but didn’t want to make things worse, so just kept quiet. They had dinner and fed me a little. After which they got into their lesbian lovemaking right beside me.
I was hot and horny and had an erection, but I think they were punishing me for quarrelling with Nisha. They left me alone and kept enjoying themselves and once they were done they slept with me in between them.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were spent fucking, and I was sure they mixed Viagra in my food as I lasted longer. They fed me well. But still all the sex and lying down in the same position and only getting to stand once a day for bathing was taking a toll on my body. Every part of my body felt pain, but I still loved fucking these two gorgeous beauties!
Saturday night
We were fucking since evening. 6 hours of wild sex action.
Reshma:- Oh Yesss, baby. Your dick feels so good in my ass.
Nisha:- Come on, bastard. Lick my pussy. Put your tongue in me.
I fucked Reshma and came in her ass. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean while Nisha made me eat her pussy. Reshma came back and cleaned my dick and again started to suck it. They probably had given me an extra dose of Viagra again, I became hard in no time.
Reshma:- Babe, his dick is ready for you.
Nisha came and sat on my dick. Reshma got busy playing with Nisha’s boobs.
Nisha:- OH GOD! Yessss..Fuck me!
I was matching her movements and was fucking her below by lifting my hips.
Nisha:- Get the strap-on, babe. Fuck me in my ass.
Reshma wore a strap-on dildo and entered Nisha from the back. I got to suck Nisha’s tits. We fucked her for a good 15 minutes after which she came.
They both exchanged their positions. Reshma was totally loving both her holes being penetrated at once.
Reshma:- Oh yes, give it to me dear. Faster Nisha. Fuck my ass babe… Harder!
We both fucked her till she climaxed. They both rested for a while. I still had my hard-on. They didn’t bother finishing me off. They smoked, and then we had dinner at around 11. I still had my erection, which was ignored by both the ladies.
They were tired and went to sleep as usual with me in between them. I slept with an erection.
Sunday morning
I woke up to find myself alone on the bed and completely untied. I got up and sat on the bed coming to my senses. There was a phone on the bed.
It was 10 am. I realized that they had dumped me. Probably, they had mixed sleeping pills in my dinner and left. I opened the cupboard only to find them empty.
I was still naked and started moving towards the hall. The whole house was empty. There was no furniture, the TV was gone, and the kitchen was empty. The only thing that remained were the bed, fans, and me.
I came to the hall and found my clothes at the center of the hall lying on the floor. I picked up my shirt and found some cash and a note.
“Hey, bitch,
Our insurance money came on Thursday. We spent the next two days disposing of all the stuff and fucking you. You were good.
We had an amazing week, so we decided to give you a share of your loot for your services, take the 20 lakhs and be happy. After all, we did all the hard work as you just laid back with an erect dick.
I bought you a phone, and it has your SIM in it. You can call your girlfriend and ask her to pick you up. Tell her that two women held you as their sex slave.
Don’t bother looking for us as it might not end well for you. Take care, bitch. Hope we never meet again.
Yours lovinglyNisha & Reshma”
I was pissed off. Furious but couldn’t do anything. At the same time, I enjoyed the erotic sex with these two bisexual Indian girls.
I got dressed took the money and left the place.
The end.