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On the fourth day after the relatives had left, it was after 8 days since we discovered the body something happened. It was exactly what I had been waiting for, but what I saw surprised me a lot.
It was around 10 pm when Sunaina entered the bedroom and started to strip. She took off her salwar-kameez, untied her hair and removed her panties, and lay down on the bed.
She started to finger her pussy and just about 2 minutes later a man entered and stripped naked and got on the bed with Sunaina.
I was surprised. The man was Javed, her father-in-law. The father-in-law. positioned himself in between his daughter-in-law’s legs and started to lick her pussy.
After about 5 minutes, Javed got up, spat on his dick, and placed it at the entrance of Sunaina’s cunt. He didn’t waste much time and immediately plunged his cock in her and started to fuck her in the missionary position.
There was no audio but Sunaina’s facial expressions suggested that she was really enjoying her FIL’s dick.
After a few minutes, Javed just collapsed on top of Sunaina. Sunaina pushed him off her and immediately went down on him and started to suck his dick.
Javed had a good-sized dick, probably 7-8″ which looked close to my own dick size. Sunaina started to lick his cum and was slowly jerking his cock and trying to bring it back to life.
She stood up removed her bra and jiggled her boobs a bit for her FIL to excite him and again focused on sucking his dick and balls.
Javed was hard again and Sunaina climbed on top of him and started to fuck her father-in-law. She would occasionally bend down for Javed to suck on her large natural god gifted tits.
After some time, they changed positions and Javed again started to fuck her in missionary. And after a good 10 minutes, he once again came in her cunt and collapsed on top of her.
They both lay there embracing each other while seeing the live porn had given me a raging hard-on. I shagged off in the car itself.
With discrepancies in their story, the initial crime scene analysis, and the preliminary investigations on the travel on Salim and the daughter-in-law-father-in-law. duo, it was enough for me to establish them as the main suspects.
All I needed was a confession, which I decided to get using their illicit relationship but it wasn’t going to be easy as the sex tape was illegally made.
I couldn’t show it to them or else it could backfire and the whole case can end up in the bin if they were smart enough to file a complaint against me for bugging their home.
The next day morning, I visited Javed and Sunaina with my briefcase containing all the facts and yes, my briefcase had a spy camera. I had informed my senior officers about the sting.
Me:- We have finished our preliminary investigation and we have suspects in the case.
Javed:- That is good news.
Me:- That is indeed good news but not for you two.
Sunaina:- What? Why?
Me:- You two are the prime suspects.
Sunaina:- What nonsense are you talking about?! If you can’t find the real culprit then this is what you do – find easy targets?
Me:- Calm down, ma’am. I have proof to prove my allegations.
Javed:- What proof?
Me:- Your son came back home on the night of 13th Feb around 8 pm. His flight ticket and the taxi he booked from the airport to your home prove it.
You told us that you left to see Sunaina’s parents on the 12th night which is a lie as we caught you both on a CCTV camera taking a cab from a taxi stand. We contacted the driver and have confirmed the story.
Sunaina:- That doesn’t prove anything. Why would we, his wife, and his own father do such a terrible crime?
Me:- Don’t act innocent, Sunaina, you both killed him because he caught you both having sex.
Javed:- That is nonsense.
Me:- No sir, we had one of our constables watch your home and last night he heard sex sounds coming from one of the bedrooms. He said no one visited your house yesterday. So it was you both who were having sex.
Sunaina:- You can’t prove that.
Me:- Actually I can. All I need to do is to obtain a court order for your physical exam to prove that you have had sex recently after your husband’s death. That along with the constable as a witness, you both will end up in jail.
Well, it’s not that simple to get a court order for a woman’s physical examination, but they fell for my trap. They were shocked and very tensed. Javed was ready to come clean but Sunaina wasn’t.
Javed:- It was a mistake. I didn’t mean to do it.
Sunaina:- Shut up, Javed. They know nothing. Just shut up!!!
Me:- The one who tells the truth will get a deal. Probably won’t even go to jail. Tell me what really happened.
Javed was in tears. Sunaina was silent and after a few minutes she spoke up.
Sunaina:- I will tell you what happened, but we don’t want to go to jail. I am ready to do whatever you want. Let’s make a deal.
Me:- Sure, we can make a deal but first, tell me what happened?
Sunaina:- Are you sure?
Me:- Of course. But I will decide on the price after you tell me what happened.
Javed:- We will pay you whatever you ask.
They both looked at each other and then turned towards me to confess.
Sunaina:- My husband Salim was a workaholic, always on tour and even if he was at home he would be working. I became lonely and my FIL sensed it. He would try to cheer me but what I wanted was sex.
Javed:- We spent a lot of time together and then one thing led to another, and before we could make sense of what was happening we had already started getting physical.
Sunaina:- We would hug all the time and kiss each other on the cheeks. Time passed and we found ourselves naked on the bed. I loved him cause he cared for me unlike his son who would fuck me once a month and that too for only a few minutes.
Me:- What happened on 13th Feb?
Sunaina:- That idiot who never did anything romantic for me decided to surprise me on Valentine’s day by coming home early.
Javed:- We were fucking in the bedroom when he came in and saw us naked with me on top of Sunaina.
Sunaina:- He lost it. He pushed his father away and dragged me up by my hair and slapped me a few times.
Javed:- I tried to stop him but he was mad with rage. He also hit me once and went to choke Sunaina. I didn’t know what to do. I picked up a statue/artifact and hit him on the head. It was just to save Sunaina. I didn’t mean to kill my own son.
Sunaina:- It was an accident. All he did was try to save me from Salim. I could have died if Javed did hit him. Salim fell down on his back and he died.
Me:- Then you both staged the house as if there was a break-in and left for Sunaina’s parents home.
Sunaina:- Yes.
Me:- See, if there was a break-in, then the glass from the broken window would have fallen inside the home but they were found outside suggesting someone from the inside had broken it and that is how I suspected you.
Sunaina:- Name your price to make it go away. What do you want?
Well, I may be a good cop but wasn’t an ideal one.
Me:- I want you Sunaina. I got no interest in money.
Javed was shocked but Sunaina knew what was needed to be done and she was immediately ready to pay the price.
Sunaina:- I got no problem with that. I love cocks and with my husband gone, I think from now on, I will have all the dicks that I can take.
Javed sat down on the sofa while Sunaina started to strip right there. She stood in front of me only in her panties and bra. She made her way towards me and removed my pants and started to suck my dick.
She had tied her hair in a ponytail. I removed the rubber band and let her hair loose. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her mouth had magic that made my dick hard as a rock in a matter of minutes.
I pulled her up by her hair and opened her bra and let her magnificent boobs dangle in front of me. I started to suck on them like a child. They were soft and extremely fair boobs with pinkish nipples.
I pushed her down on the sofa and pulled her panties down and started to lick her pussy while simultaneously pressing her boob with one hand.
Sunaina:- Javed, take out your dick, I will experience two cocks at once for the first time.
Javed obeyed the command given to him by his DIL. Javed got naked and stood on the sofa and penetrated his dick in Sunaina’s mouth.
I took off my shirt and continued to lick her pussy. Sunaina kept sucking on Javed’s dick while pleasurable moans kept escaping her mouth. I made a sudden move that shocked Sunaina.
Sunaina:- What are you doing?
Me:- Getting your ass ready for a good pounding. Don’t tell you haven’t had a dick up your ass?
Sunaina:- No, this is will be my first time. Go on do whatever you want.
Me:- Javed, go get some coconut oil.
Javed went to fetch the oil while I started to fuck Sunaina in her pussy. I fucked Sunaina for a few minutes and then pulled out of her cunt and took the bottle of oil from Javed and began oiling her ass.
I made her stand on her knee and bent her down pushing her ass upwards. She started sucking Javed’s dick, who was sitting on the sofa.
I poured a good amount of oil directly into her ass and started to finger her asshole starting with one finger and then proceeded with two.
Sunaina:- OH MY GOD!!! That hurts but also feels good. Keep going.
Me:- Fuck you bitch! From now onward, you are mine. I will fuck you whenever I want. What an ass!!!
Sunaina:- I will be glad to service you, inspector sir. Your cock is as big as Javed and I am sure I will enjoy your young cock more than this old one.
Me:- Ready to get your ass fucked?
She replied in the positive while having Javed’s dick in her mouth. I spat on her ass one more time and started to push my dick in her extremely tight asshole one inch at a time. After about 3-4 minutes I had my entire dick in her ass.
Me:- Fuck yes. What an amazing ass.My god… Yesss!!!
I kept pounding her ass. Javed had cummed in her mouth. She pushed Javed aside and abused him for cumming soon and asked him to watch me and learn.
I caught hold of her boobs from behind and kept ravaging her asshole. After a few minutes, I got up and sat on the sofa and brought her on top of me, and entered her pussy. I kept sucking her tits as she bounced on top of my dick.
Sunaina:-Javed, you bastard get your dick hard and start fucking my ass.
Javed enjoyed the show for a while which helped him. I slid down a bit and pulled Sunaina on top of me so that Javed could get easy access to her ass. Within no time, we got into a nice rhythm and started to fuck Sunaina mercilessly.
Sunaina:- Oh Yesss… Fuck me!!! Only if my husband could understand the pleasure of fucking, it would have stayed in the family.
Javed:- Enough talk about him. Let’s focus on our lives from now. I will pimp you out for good money and keep fucking you. You will get your cocks and we will get money and be together as husband and wife. Sunaina be my bitch.
Sunaina:- Oh yes, Javed. That is exactly what I was thinking. Don’t worry inspector sir, for you I will always be available for free.
Me:- Ohhhh yesss bitch..people will queue up to fuck such a gorgeous woman.
We kept fucking her for 10 more minutes and emptied our loads in the respective holes which we were fucking. Sunaina got on all her fours and licked the cum off ours dicks and cleaned them.
After a 15 minute break, I fucked her again in front of Javed for a second time. It was absolutely amazing. After a splendid fuck for about 1.30 hours, I decided it was time to leave. I got dressed and told Sunaina and Javed to get dressed as well.
Me:- That was fantastic. You can trust me from now on. You’ll are safe, don’t worry.
Javed:- Thank you sir, and yes she is free for you whenever you want her.
Sunaina:- Absolutely, thank you so much.
Me:- I just have to ask one more thing.
Javed:- What is it sir?
Me:- Sunaina, how did Salim actually die? Because he didn’t die because of the blow to his head. He died because of asphyxiation. What really happened?
Sunaina was a bit taken aback by my question but she thought she could trust me and started to confess her sin.
Sunaina:- I was shocked when my father-in-law. hit him on the head and remained motionless. We both thought he was dead. Javed was devastated and he went to the other room but Salim wasn’t dead he started to move.
“I panicked and was scared that he would again try to kill me. As I told you, I love Javed and I knew the only way we can be together was ending Salim’s life.”
“Javed thought he was dead so why not finish the job completely. I put a pillow on his face and choked his neck till he died.”
Javed:- You killed my son! How can you?
Sunaina:- It was best for both of us. We can be together now and if he had lived he surely would have killed both of us. He would have killed me for fucking you and you for trying to kill him.
Javed was in tears but he agreed with Sunaina. I got what I needed and left the house telling them that I will take care of the case and they need not worry.
I got home, edited the sex part and gave the tape as evidence along with crime scene evidence and post mortem report to get an arrest warrant for both of them.
Two days later, I went to their house with a substantial police force and had them arrested.
Sunaina:- I thought we had a deal.
Me:- I don’t make deals with criminals.
Sunaina:- I will tell everyone that you raped me..
Me:- No one is going to believe a murderer. I hope you will spend the rest of your life in jail.
The end.