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Hi, my name is Badsha. This story is about my sexual legacy and how I found the truth inside a royal family i.e., my family.
I am the prince of a vast kingdom. It almost covers the whole of India. My father Maharaj Bahadur was a powerful leader and a strict ruler. He had massive victories over his enemies in Central Asia. He has several wives and a huge number of concubines.
Slave/Maid 1 – Riya (36-32-34), Age – 28 years.
Slave/Maid 2 – Rima (34-30-36), Age – 22 years.
My mom – Sushmita (28-30-34).
The main story:
It was on the 12th of March. I was sitting on my bed naked with two beautiful maids massaging my feet in hot water. These two maids were gifted to me by my father on my 18th birthday. Both had a dusky complexion. It was their usual routine to massage my whole body every night. They would oil my dick and give it a good massage. That was the reason it has grown strong and long.
While I was chatting with them, one of my guards informed me, that an old man wanted to meet me. That old man said that it was very important and urgent. So, I went down to the guest hall to meet him.
He said, “My lord, I am here for an important and very secret message. Here, take this book. I have kept it safely for 21 years, and today, I want to give it to you.”
Me – Who told you to give this to me? And why do I need this?
Old man – It is the book of a great magician. He asked me to give it to you when you turn 20. I need to go. The time is running out.
And with those words, he vanished. With the book in my hand, I went to my room where my maids were waiting to serve me. I sat on my bed and started reading the book.
On the first page, there were 3 spells. I was reading them with great attention as I was nervous and scared. The first spell described how to unlock or lock any door. So, I chanted the spell in my mind and suddenly, I saw my door was shut down and locked instantly. I was very excited.
My two maids noticed the smile on my face. They asked me to lie down, while they will sit on both sides, and massage my dick. I was ignoring them and did what they said.
I continued with the next spell and that made my jaw drop in surprise. It described how to undress any male or female! I put the book aside and my brain started to get filled with lust. Both my maids were drenched in water and oil. Their boobs attracted my mind. I wanted to press those tits. This made my dick harder.
I couldn’t hold my urge to see them naked. I opened my book and chanted the spell pointing my fingers towards them. As soon as I finished my spell, they became naked and were sitting naked beside me!
They were shocked and started screaming. I quickly chanted the third spell and they fell asleep. This spell was used to make anyone asleep.
I quickly learned all the spells. I kept on reading the book, and I found something interesting. It was a spell that could summon any dead person’s spirit…but it was written that it was very dangerous to use. It had a warning, that it should be used carefully.
My eyes got moist as I remembered my mom, who had died 2 years ago. I wanted to see her. In spite of those warning signs, I chanted the spell and imagined my mom. A gust of wind blew all the curtains aside, and I was so surprised when I saw my mom’s spirit in her royal dress standing in front of me. She knelt as soon as she saw me.
“I am your slave. You called me from the grave to help you, master,” she said.
“What you can do for me?” I enquired.
“Anything,” she said.
“Show me the best thing that you can do,” I ordered.
She smiled and approached me. She waved her hand and her top vanished. She had small boobs.
“I know you like boobs,” she said pressing her nipples.
I was rock-solid now by this view. My mom licked the tip of my dick and I left a moan. It is heavenly. She slowly took my dick inside her mouth and started blowing me. I felt that she was an expert in blowing dicks. I couldn’t believe my mom’s spirit was blowing my dick while I began playing with her hair.
Then she started to take it deep and started gagging. While she gagged on my dick, she was massaging my balls. I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. I held the back of her head and gave a few hard strokes which reached her throat and then dumped my cum in her throat with a big moan.
I let her head free from my grip after I recovered from the intense orgasm.
“You have a nice dick son,” she said and winked.
“OH! You like it, mommy… ” I said teasing her and slapping my dick on her cheeks.
“It’s time! You need to learn how to become a master,” she said.
“I am your master,” I said pressing my dick on her lips.
“It’s not just about me. You have to be the master of everyone. You need to learn how to dominate a lady and make her a bitch,” she said.
“Ok! Teach me but like my mom,” I said while I played with her hair.
“As you wish, son! Follow whatever I ask you to do,” she said.
“First lick my dick like a dog,” I ordered her.
She started licking my balls from the tip of my dick. I pulled her hair hard and she screamed aloud.
“Oh! Even spirits feel pain,” I said jokingly.
“Son, I am spirit for everyone but human only for you. No one can see or touch me,” she explained.
“Oh, my slutty mommy! Tell me your plans,” I said moaning.
“I want you to fuck these two maids and become their master. Wake them up,” she said.
I chanted those spells and they were awake and dressed as usual.
“It is time to show who owns them,” mom whispered.
These words stuck hard in my mind. I became aggressive.
“Get down on your knees,” I ordered.
A sense of shock hit them and they hurriedly did what I wanted. I brushed my dick on Riya’s face.
“Open your mouth and take my dick,” I ordered Riya.
“Obey me!” I thundered.
They nodded in agreement. Riya opened her mouth and started sucking.
“I don’t want any teeth on my dick,” I told her. She started to wrap her tongue around my dick. I was in heaven. I was moaning in pleasure. As Riya blew me, Rima was watching with big eyes. I pulled her face near my balls. She looked at me and hurriedly started licking my balls. I was in seventh heaven by then.
My mom hugged me from behind.
“I hope you like my teaching,” she whispered in my ear. I didn’t reply as my maids would hear me. My mom understood that and said, “You can talk to me through your mind. Try it.”
“I loved your teaching mom, teach me more, what’s next?” I asked excitedly with that thought in my mind.
“Take one of them to the bed and show them your strength,” she replied.
I chose Riya as she was older. I pushed her on the bed. She lied on the bed and watched me as I slammed my dick on Rima’s mouth, holding her head. After a few minutes of rough mouth-fucking, I moved her to the side and mounted Riya. I bit her neck while I pressed her huge boobs.
“Beg for my dick in your pussy,” I whispered. Then I ripped off her saree from her body. Her big boobs were exposed. I sucked her nipples and she left out a moan. I bit her nipples hard and she moaned loudly.
“I am all yours. Fuck me,” she said aloud.
“Good bitch. Now get on all fours like a dog,” I ordered.
She followed and I came behind her. I grabbed her hair and placed my dick on her anal hole. She closed her eyes as I pushed my dick in her ass. She screamed.
“Go slowww! Aahhh!”
I didn’t want to hurt her. I slowly pushed my dick in till it was half in. Then I slowly started my pace and in a couple of minutes, she was moaning and screaming.
“Ahhh master, fuck me.. I am your bitch. You own all my holes. I am your slave,” she screamed as I fuck her hard.
“Ahaa Mhhh! Master I am gonna cum,” she screamed as she discharges a huge flow. I kept on fucking her for 10 minutes and she cummed again.
My orgasm was building up. I pulled her by the hair on the floor and put my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it hard.
“I am going to cum,” I moaned.
She started stroking my dick and licking the tip of my dick. I cummed on her tongue, and she took all my cum expertly and started playing with my cum in her mouth. She engulfed my cum and waited for my order,
“I hope you learned your lesson,” I said while I play with her hair.
“Yes, Master. I am your slave from now,” she said as she pinched her nipples.
“Now leave, I got another bitch waiting,” I ordered.
She stood up and hugged me. “Take her virgin sister master, so that she can’t walk tomorrow,” she whispered and left naked.
I could see that Rima was already naked. I stood in front of Rima and she looked at me waiting for my orders. She saw me destroying her sister’s ass. I grabbed her hair and she opened her mouth wide for my dick.
“Good bitch,” I appreciated and she smiled. She put her tongue out. I put my dick inside her hot mouth and she sucked it slowly. She was not that good, but she made my dick hard in a few minutes.
“I will destroy your pussy,” I said with a wicked smile.
“Take her virginity! Make her your slave,” my mom whispered. I took Rima on my lap and sat with her on my couch. “Put my dick in your pussy and ride it,” I whispered.
She did as I said. My mom sat next to me and said, “You are getting dominated. I want you to dominate her.”
“It’s ok mom, I don’t want to stress her,” I replied.
“No, it’s not ok. Dominate her right now,” she ordered me. I was pissed. I pushed mom to the floor and ordered her to lick my dick.
Now, I shifted my attention to Rima. I started sucking her boobs while she rode my dick. She was moaning, “Master! Your dick is too good. Ahhh ahh. You made me a woman. I am your slave. I am your whore. You are my everything.”
I could feel her orgasm was building. I spanked her ass a couple of times and she blasted on my dick. My mom was licking all her juices that are dripping from my dick.
“I want to present my ass hole to my master,” Rima whispered.
I was feeling tired so I said, “I will break your ass tomorrow.”
She happily smiled and kissed me. And then she requested me if she could suck me. I agreed and pressed her boobs. She kneeled and took my dick. I saw my mom still licking my balls. I pushed her aside and growled at her, “I have nothing for a disobedient bitch like you.”
My words hit her hard, and she apologized for her mistake. I ignored her and started ramming Rima’s mouth. I was about to cum. I pulled my dick from her mouth.
“Close your eyes,” I ordered and she obeyed.
I cummed on her forehead. I shot 5-6 rounds of cum on her forehead and some on her hair.
“Rub it all over your face. Don’t even dare to clean it off…”
She rubbed my cum all over her face and licked her fingers to clean my cum.
“You are better than your sister. You can go now. I need some rest,” I said.
She smiled and left. I collapsed on my couch and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt something wet on my feet. I opened my eyes and saw my mom licking my feet. She was apologizing while licking. “You can talk while you lick. That’s great,” I said surprisingly.
“Yes, master! Please forgive me,” she apologized again.
“Follow me like my pet dog. Don’t dare to stand,” I ordered.
I went to the bathroom, and she followed me like a dog on four legs.
“Suck me good,” I ordered.
She started sucking, and I started humiliating her. “You are lucky that no one can see you, else I would have shown the world what a bitch my mom is.”
“The youngest queen of the great king Bahadur is sucking her own son’s dick like a slut. You’re a whore,” I said humiliating her.
“Everyone can see me if you want,” she replied in a broken voice.
“What? That’s possible?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes, if you order me to be in my human form, everyone can see me,” she said.
“Can you read my imagination?” I asked her.
“Yes, I can try that,” she replied.
I gave her a wicked smile. I closed my eyes and started my imagination. I opened my mom’s room and took her to my father’s room. She was telling me to leave her. I opened my father’s room and pushed her to the floor. I undressed her. I looked on the bed, my father was sitting naked with his dick in his hands.
I pushed her face on my father’s dick. He started pounding her hard. I held my mom’s waist and pushed my whole dick in her pussy. She shivered in pleasure.
“It’s my turn son,” my father said.
“Lie on the bed, and take her on top. Let’s see if she can take two?” I said to my father.
He took her on top and started fucking her pussy. I came behind her and spanked her ass and made it red.
“Now that’s a perfect red-ass for my dick,” I commented.
I pointed my dick on her ass and pushed hard. She was moaning every time I pushed my dick. I was fucking her hard. I stopped my imagination and I opened my eyes.
I saw my mom pressing her boobs, and sucking my dick. “Naughty boy,” she winked at me. I cummed in her mouth. I recovered from my orgasm in a few minutes and was feeling very sleepy.
I went to my bed, and my bitch cleaned herself and followed me. I lay on my bed and mom kissed me and said, “I am happy to serve you, master. I have a gift for you. I will show it to you tomorrow.”
I said, “Ok,” and then slept.
To be continued.