Mom Molly Does It For Money, I Did It For Love – Desi Tales – Desi Maal Indian Sex Stories

This Indian literotica story is entirely fictional and made out of my fantasies. The protagonist of this story is my mother Molly. We live in a small shack in the middle of a slum. We have nothing but ourselves to depend on.
My father who was a drunkard died when I was 15 due to excess consumption of alcohol, so now it’s just me and mom.
My mother was a simple woman who was working as a maid in the rich folk’s area. She was an average, modest woman – nothing special to note except for her fair skin tone. I, on the other hand, am dark and skinny. I might have been adopted, I think. Anyway, we live just a poor life trying to make ends meet.
I loved my mother. You would be thinking who doesn’t. But I love my mother more than normal (wink wink).
I have always thought about how my mom would look under those saris. But I never had the courage to see.
But one fortunate day, I saw it, and not only that, I saw something I had never seen of my mother, my mother’s wild side! It was so horny that it exceeded my comprehension.
This is where the story begins..
I had been sent to my uncle’s house to take him to the hospital. I had told my mother that I wouldn’t be home until the next day. But the fate had a different plan.
My uncle was discharged early, so I got home early. It was around 11 at night when I got home. Usually, at this time, the doors would be locked and the lights would be off. But, to my surprise, the lights were still on.
I had a weird feeling. So I thought I would inspect the situation before entering my house.
I went around the back. There was a hole near the window in the hall. I peeped through it and saw what I had been longing to see. My mother was completely naked! I could see her plump ass, her beautiful curved hips, and her milky thighs!!
My body started getting hot and I felt confused. Why was my mom naked right now? But I didn’t care. I kept peeping, holding my hard-on growing inch by inch every second.
Suddenly she turned and I was startled. Did she see me? No way. I was peeping through a hole in the wall. I looked again, and she was bent over, her luscious breasts in full view.
Oh my god!! I had never thought that my mom’s breasts were so big. I came instantly! The sheer sexuality of my mother made me cum in seconds.
I peeped again and this time, I saw things clearly. My mom wasn’t alone. There was someone else. Actually, there were more than one. I started recognizing them one by one. It was the Devdas family – the head of the family and his two sons.
No way was I going to allow this! I must do something. They are going to fuck my mom. Then I heard my mom Molly’s voice, “Come here you bastards give me your cocks.”
Oh, no! My mother, what was she doing?? I watched as they ravish my mom. They were groping her, licking her from head to toe, pushing their fingers in her mouth and vagina.
My mom was stroking all their dicks. She then knelt on the ground and opened her mouth. With her mouth wide open, she took the head of the house Devdas’s dick first.
His small dick started going into her mouth. She showed no change in her expression. But he came instantly. His sons on the other hand were monsters. So big and fat were their dicks. I was amazed.
They picked my mom up and put her in the middle. Then they started fucking her from the front and the back.
I could tell my mother was in the heavenly clouds of joy. If that wasn’t enough, the sons started verbally abusing my mom – calling her a slut, a whore, etc. They were so horny that they would even fuck anything in sight.
To this, I got angry. I decided that enough was enough. But this was a powerful family and I couldn’t have my way. So I did the sensible thing and knocked on the door and said, “Mom, I am home.”
I heard a rumble. Then I heard the head Devdas’s voice, “Wait there boy.” So, I waited. 10 minutes later, they opened the door and walked out.
I saw my mom sitting on the chair. Her face covered in cum. On her right was a bundle full of cash. I understood what had happened. I showed disgust.
I just walked away, had a bath, and went to sleep. My mind was running in circles, my body was burning up.
I heard my mom enter the room and lay in her bed. She asked me, “Mone, we needed the money. That’s why.” I said, “Ok,” and we went to sleep.
The next morning, things went on as usual. But I had a different thing in my mind for that night. I was going to fuck my mom!
It was around midnight. My mother lied on the bed and I was on the floor. My dick was hard as a rock. I got up and called my mother softly. No response. I got up and shook her but still, there was no response. With all my courage, I pressed her breasts.
Finally, my mom woke up. Touching her breasts almost made me cum. She asked me, “What’s wrong?”
“Mom, I want to fuck you,” I said. Her face turned red. But she didn’t stop me. She didn’t move.
I sat on top of her and tore open her nighty.
I said, “Molly, you fucking whore. From now on, you will do as I say and nothing else. I will use you as I please.”
Suddenly, she realized it wasn’t right and started crying. My heart broke seeing her cry. That was not how I wanted to see her. I wanted to see her horny, slutty side, not her scared and vulnerable side. I was heartbroken.
I got off and went out. I didn’t look back.
The next day, I just wandered around the slum not knowing how I was going to face my mom. Around noon, I was so tired, and I knew she wouldn’t be home. So I went home and slept.
I woke up at about 12 at night. Molly was sitting beside me. I was scared. She looked at me and said, “Sit up.” I sat up, and she looked at me for a long time. It felt like hours.
Finally, my mom grabbed my arm and placed it on her breast. Then she said, “I want you to do me like the slut I am. Use me however you please.”
I couldn’t stop now. I jumped on her. I picked her up and slammed her on the bed. My animal instinct took over.
With so much ferocity, I sucked on my mom’s lips and tongue. My hands were running through all the curves of her body.
I was groping mom’s breast and ass. And I was feeling the wetness of her pussy, I went berserk. Then I whipped my dick out. I made her split her legs apart and went in deep. I was pumping harder each time, and I could hear her moan. I sucked on her nipples. They were small but perky.
The taste was amazing. Her smell lightened up my senses. My brain was going haywire. I was close to ejaculating. She could feel it.
She then spoke, “Don’t cum in me, son.”
I refused to listen. “It’s going in you,” I said.
“Then do it in my mouth,” she said. I complied.
I pulled out my dick and shoved it into my mom Molly’s mouth. She started gagging. I didn’t stop. I was on cloud nine. Nothing else mattered.
Then it happened. I came. I came so hard. There was so much cum in her mouth, on the floor, on the bed, and everywhere. And then I collapsed.
It was around 9 in the morning when I woke up. My mom was sleeping on my side. She was cuddling me. I felt a wave of relief. I just looked at her.
Then I got an instant boner. I took a breath to control myself, and she woke up. We looked at each other and fucked like rabbits since then.
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P.S. The second part is in the works.