Train journey and my Mom with Ramu

Hi everyone, this is about a train journey that me and my mom had last year. I like writing and reading sex stories, indian sex stories, hindi sex stories, hindi sex kahaniya, sex kahani with servant / maid sex stories on

First of all this something that really happened in my life and so I will be explaining bit detailed. People he can’t read that much please stay away

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Ok let me tell about my family . My name is tom , am 18 now and my dad is jacob,47 working in baharin. We are having some business there. My mom’s name is reenu , 37 and we have been settled in kottayam which is a part of kerala.

Dad usually visits as in every 6 months and we were having a good time then. Since dad was not around mom did all the work .Taking care of me and running the house.I was studying in 11th standard then.

Mom was very much connected and had a lot of friends, even from her college. One day when I came back from school mom said that it’s her friend Anju’s marriage and that we have to attend it and since my summer vaccination was starting I was also happy for a small vacation. Anju aunty is moms friend from our club . She is getting married to a guy from the railway and the problem is that this guy is from assam!! And going to assam to attend the marriage is a big problem.

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Dad as usual said he won’t be able to attend and asked both of us to go by train. Mom started to check the tickets and booked in vivek express. Let me explain the train journey. Trains reaches our place in thursday early morning 3:30am and the third day this sunday, only we will reach our destination dibrugarh in assam. Well I have a problem with train journey .!! I dont like it from my childhood and somehow it always make me sick.

And finally the day came and mom was finished packing all the luggage. Our driver dropped as in the railway station at kotttaym and we were waiting for the train .It was a bit late. Our ticket was in second class ac. When the train arrived we entered into our coach and there are totally four seats.

I had the seat in upper berth and mom had the lower berth. We occupied our seats. On the opposite side there was an old guy on the upper berth. Looks like in his 60s . I noticed him even though bit old he is well build. My seeing us he introduced himself said he is ramu from trivandram and is also going to Assam and said his relative is will be occupying hus lower berth and will be joining as from trissur. Both mom and me were really tired and decided to take some rest.

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We switched off the light and closed the curtains. And we arranged the bags we took. After some time I noticed mom was in deep sleep and bit snoring. And suddenly I noticed that the old guy is staring at my mom. First I wanted to react but don’t now something in mind said just to see it. Let me explain about my mom even though she is 37. She 38-28-44 she dont go to the gym and all but goes for jogging daily.Mom was wearing a t shirt and jeans.