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Hello to all the Desi  readers! I am crzycupid (cool name, huh?) I am a 26-year-old guy, here with my first story about how I met this couple in Bangalore and how close we got within a short period of time.
The story includes everything from a rookie’s anxiety, friendship, love, intimacy, and sex (of course).
Let’s begin..
I had recently moved to Bangalore desi kahani and since being here was my first time, I did not have any friends or relatives to get acquainted with.
So, just like everybody, I turned towards “Social Media” platforms to meet new people. I registered myself on dating websites, trying to look for dates and friendships.
Just then, I met this woman named Jaya (name changed) on one of the dating platforms. We both got matched and I broke the ice and asked her questions about her favorite TV show that was stated on her profile.
We both seemed to have a common liking and passion for the show and we started texting on other topics too. Well, to describe her, she was 30 years old, a married Indian woman with no kids.
We got pretty close with each other and by ‘close’, I mean we started to share our personal stories and experiences with each other.
We stayed up late and talked to each other over the phone, and believe me when I say she has the sexiest voice for a 30-year-old.
After a couple of weeks of texting and calling, we chudai ki kahani decided to meet each other in person. We agreed to meet at a mall on a weekend.
I got all dressed up, ready to meet her and it was a date, so I had to look my best to impress her. I reached the mall and waited for her to arrive.
Then, Jaya called me to say that she is stuck in traffic and will be a few minutes late. I said, “It’s ok, I’ll wait for you,” and she replied, “I am so excited to meet you and this block is making me wait. Grrr.”
I told her that I was more excited to see her, and can’t wait to talk to her and we hung up. Since I had little to do, I started window shopping.
After like 20 minutes, I got a call from her and she said, “Wow, someone is too excited and dressed awesomely for our date.”
I was so ecstatic and began to look around to see where she was. And then I saw her – a gorgeous woman, 5’6” tall, fair, and curves at the perfect spots standing in front of me wearing a beautiful red sari, tucking her hair behind her ears!
I immediately rushed to her and we both hugged each other and it felt warm. By the way she was squeezing herself to me, I could say that she was longing for the hug.
Then, we broke the hug and we went to a café in the mall. We held each other’s hands like two love birds and we sat at a couple’s spot in the café.
Sitting opposite each other, we could not take our eyes off each other. Jaya then asked, “Do you have any other plans today? Because I was thinking we could spend the whole day together.”
I told her that I did not have any plans and that we could plan something together. Suddenly, while I was holding her hand, I took her hand and kissed it!
Jaya got so excited with the kiss that she bit her lips. I knew that we both wanted each other. So, again I had to break the ice and asked her what the plan was after this?
She said, “Would you like to visit my home? I’ll make lunch.”
(Now, we all know that it is definitely an invitation for something other than lunch.)
I replied in the same way and told her that I was up for it since it had been quite some time that I had homely food and that she should cook me something that was non-veg. To that, she gave a naughty smile with those beautiful eyes that fluttered.
After spending some time at the café, we got up, and she said that we could take her car. Later on, she will drop me at the mall and I could take my vehicle from the parking lot.
I agreed and we headed to the basement, with both our hands still holding each other. I wanted to kiss her badly in the elevator. But, I resisted and with her hands’ gripping mine harder I could understand that she was waiting for it too.
We then reached her car, we got in and we drove to her place. We enjoyed good music, laughed, and played with each other’s hands over the gear stick (I know, wink wink).
We reached the Bangalore wife’s house and it looked like no one was at home. I asked her about her husband and she replied that he had gone out with his friends and may or may not be back home until Monday. I was thrilled by that.
We got in and I sat on the sofa. She went straight to the kitchen and got me juice. She turned the TV on for me and asked what I would like to have for lunch?
I told her anything was fine. Jaya then said, “I will prepare a dish that you will not be able to resist,” and she tucked her sari’s pallu in and went to the kitchen.
We were still conversing while she started cooking. I could not resist anymore and I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed her by the hips! Jaya shook with ecstasy and turned slowly towards me and asked me, “What are you doing? I am preparing lunch for you.”
I replied, “Oh yes, I am going to have my meal now.”
We could not control ourselves and we started kissing. She was playing hard to get when I continued to give her a smooch. Our breathing intensified and we no longer wanted to play hard to get.
We kissed passionately by biting and pulling each other’s lips harder with me still pressing her hips hard to arouse her more.
We continued kissing deeply for the next 20 minutes or so and then I started to kiss her cheeks, ears and started sucking on her neck. She moaned softly and grabbed me by my hair and started kissing me all over my face.
I asked her if we are going to continue in the kitchen? She smirked and said, “Oh no, we still have the whole weekend to ourselves. We will be doing it everywhere inside the house. You are not leaving me until Monday morning.”
To that, I immediately responded by sucking her tongue deeply. The married woman started to unbutton my shirt and kissed me on my chest and sucked on them. I could feel the warmth of her tongue on my body.
I removed her pallu and kissed her on the back of her neck. She took my hands and pressed them on her sweet big round boobs.
I pressed them hard and now she began to moan a little loudly. She asked, “So, you love boobs that are big and round. What do you want to do with them?”
I turned her around and removed her blouse and pressed them hard over her bra. She said, “Do you like my bra, baby? Thankfully, I ordered it and got it for the right day.”
I just replied, “Mmm” and continued to squeeze her nipples over the bra.
She removed the bra strap and said, “Suck on them. They are yours. Bite my tits hard and make me moan even harder, darling.”
Without further ado, I bit on the Bangalore married woman’s big boobs so hard, that she pressed her fingernails on my back. I could feel her body shiver and continued sucking on her nipples.
Jaya took a bottle of jam from the shelf, applied the jam on my face, and started sucking my skin dry. She then took a finger full of jam and applied it on her tits and said, “Do you like them sweet?”
I sucked and tasted them. It was sweet and tender. After some time of passionate boob-sucking, she placed her index finger on my lips.
Jaya said, “Baby, we still have lots of time. My boobs are yours. Now, it’s my time to taste something.” She grabbed my bulge over the pants and started pressing it hard. I could not control the feeling.
Suddenly, Jaya knelt down and said, “Let’s see what you have in store for me?” She unzipped my pants and pulled them down.
Jaya gasped when she saw the bulge standing out of my underwear flap. She said, “Wow baby! Your dick is so hard and hot to touch. I want to play with it all day.”
She came closer to my dick and started teasing the tip with her lips. She spat saliva on my dick and started stroking it to make it wet. Then, she took my dick in her mouth completely and started to choke on it. After a few minutes, Jaya took out the dick and said, “Your precum tastes so yummy,” and started to suck on it more deeply.
I got so excited and leaned my back on the kitchen wall while she continued to suck my dick. After sucking it for some time, I finally released my cum in the married woman’s mouth.
Jaya took the load and drank it completely. She licked my tip clean and sucked on the last drop of cum. Then, she stood up and came close to me and whispered in my ear, “I need you in me,” and she kissed me.
I could taste my cum from her lips and she continued stroking my dick. She stroked it even harder for it to get erected again and when it was erect, she went down again and sucked on it. I gasped and shot my second load in her mouth quickly.
Jaya got up giving a naughty smirk, kissed my lips and said, “I want to drain your cum and drink every last drop of it.”
I was so tired by then and replied “Really?” And she nodded and gave a cute smile.
I then came close to her and lifted her by hips and sat her on the kitchen slab. I said, “You had your fun of playing, now it is my time.”
I lifted her sari from her legs up and got shocked. She was not wearing any panty.
Jaya said, “I wet myself completely at the time you kissed my hand at the café. I really wanted you to go under the table and suck on my pussy and taste my wetness.”
I replied, “I really wanted to do many things back at the mall from the time I saw you in this sari. I then thought our first should be somewhere more private, you know?”
Jaya agreed to it and said, “Yes, that is why I did not force smooch you in the elevator.” I must say, she really turned me on, too quickly.
I did not waste any time and started fingering her wet pussy. I licked my fingers with her cum on it and knelt down to suck those clean shaved pussy lips. She leaned back on her hands and enjoyed my tongue play on her pussy. I pushed my tongue in her hole, she shivered with pleasure and excitement.
After sucking her pussy clean, I stood up and took my wallet out to take a condom. She stopped my hand and said, “Let’s start with a dotted condom. I have a couple of them.”
Jaya got down, went to her bedroom, and came back in no time. I lifted her up and sat her on the slab again. I put on the condom and slowly played my tip on her pussy.
She was moaning so loudly and I shoved my dick in hard. It hurt me a little as the pussy hole was small but it was nothing compared to the pleasure.
I slowly pulled out and started fucking her slowly. She bit her lips in pleasure and I grabbed her by her hair. I pulled her closer towards me and kissed her passionately.
Slowly, I increased the thrust faster, fucking her harder. She bit my lip and sucked on them. I took my dick out and told her to get down and lean on the slab.
I fucked her doggy style and pinched her nipples hanging down. She moaned saying, “Ahhh, yes baby, faster. Don’t stop. Fuck me deeply. Baby, yes. Pull my nipples harder.”
“Oh yessss… yesss..ahhh.. more.. fuck me more. Baby, yesss… rip my pussy. Ohhhh… I want it… I need more..ahhhh.” I released my cum in the condom.
She turned and knelt down and removed the condom slowly without dropping any cum and drank all of it. We both got tired and the kitchen had become warm from our heat.
After few minutes of hugging each other on the kitchen slab, we came out to the living room. We sat on the couch, kissing each other.
We could feel the breath of each other from our kiss.
Jaya said, “I am so happy that I met you. It’s been a long time since I had such a wonderful pleasure. It turned out to be just like I expected. I had fingered myself yesterday night thinking about our meet today but was not quite sure whether we will go for it and here we are, drenched in each other’s sweat.
It’s been a long time since I had been with someone other than my husband. He does satisfy me but not much. He always parties a lot and does not last long on bed.”
My husband is Manoj (name changed); we wanted something spicy and we decided together to bring in a guy to spice our sex life. But, you are not just some guy for me. We have something beautiful, something passionate between us.”
I asked, “So, is Manoj looking to join in too?”
She replied, “If you are ok with it, I would love that. A threesome with my husband and my lover. But first, I just want more time alone with you, just the two of us and maybe Manoj can start off by just watching us do it and then become a cuckold.”
I replied, “Wow, You are one naughty and sexy wife any guy would desire!”
We kissed for a while on the couch sitting naked.
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To be continued. More exciting, fun part coming up!
Thank you for reading the story so far. Let me know your comments on it.