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Hi, I am Arvind, 33, 6’1″ tall, athletic, and slightly muscular. I exercise and run regularly. I have often been told that I am very decent-looking, despite my natural Bengali dusky complexion.
I live on the outskirts of Mumbai, and I am an escort (some call us gigolos) with an agency. My journey from the small-time model, to a nude art model, to an escort is a story for another time, which I will share if you like this story.
The life of an escort is not what it is often shown as. We are generally given an address, a phone number, and a time to reach and call that number.
This evening I was at a posh society 10 minutes before 8 pm. I waited and called the number at 8 pm sharp. I was given a flat number and was asked to reach immediately.
I rang the doorbell at 8:04 pm. I was dressed in jeans, white tees and carried an overnight bag as I was required to spend the night here.
The door opened and I first time saw the client. That is the way it works. The client chooses an escort to her preference from the agency, and we never know about it unless we are chosen.
I stepped in and said with a polite smile, “Hello Ma’am, I am Arvind, I just called you.” The lady appeared to be in her early 50s, looked south Indian, clad in a green sari and blouse.
She was about 5’ 4”, fat and average looking (just stating the facts, I never judge clients), and had glasses. Her slightly curly hair was open, extending to the middle of her back.
I was called in, and we sat in the living room and chatted for a while over coffee. She seemed fascinated by my life story once she asked how I got into this, and she told me a bit about herself too.
Her husband was much older, out of town, and she wanted to enjoy some good sex as her husband was away. She spoke decent Hindi, although with a south Indian accent.
After coffee and about 30 minutes of talking, I asked, “What would you like me to do ma’am?” She said with a grin, “Aru (she said she would call me Aru as Arvind was too long), nanga ho jao.”
Right there in the living room, while she sat back and watched me, I got naked. My body hairs were trimmed (as it is always required for an escort), my face and pubes freshly shaved, I stood naked in front of her, with my cock semi-erect.
She touched me below my chest and her hands moved over my stomach. I don’t have six-packs, but a flat stomach with barely visible 4 packs. “Nalla, good,” she muttered.
Her hand slid over to my shaved cock and balls, and her fondling got my 7 ½ inches cock into full erection. She watched with a naughty smirk, “Arumee, mast,” was her comment.
She then stood up, cupped my cheeks with her hands, and pulled my face down. We kissed there and hugged, it was a long passionate kiss from her side, and I reciprocated accordingly.
I could feel her hands slide down from my naked back to my ass, and she cupped my ass with her hand and pulled me even closer.
My hands were where her exposed part of the back was between her sari and blouse. Her skin felt much smoother for her age as my hands dug in her plump, fleshy skin.
Then she led me to the bedroom by holding my hand. Her bedroom was not large but very opulent with a window overlooking the sea, the bed felt soft and silky under my naked ass when I sat down.
She flicked on a dim light on our way in. She sat beside me and took off her glasses. We kissed again. This time her hands were on my inner thighs and neck.
After kissing, I kept smooching her chin, and then her earlobes with a long earring in it. My hands were at her neck and one cupping her breasts. I moved further to her side and then kissed her on the neck.
By this time I could feel she had taken down the pallu of her sari, and as I was kissing her neck, she was undoing her blouse. The blouse was off then, and I continued smooching down her bareback and reached her bra strap.
Soon the bra was undone, and she lay down on the bed. I came by her side and smooched her lips again, then went down smooching her throat.
I also licked her hairy armpits for a few seconds. Then I moved on to gently pressing her breasts and sucking her nipples. As I said she was a large, plump lady with a 38 size bra and probably D cup size.
“Ahh, Ama, Ahh” she kept on moaning as I moved down smooching her pot-belly and navel. Her sari was already undone, and soon I reached her petticoat. “Nikal doon?” I asked her. “Ama, jaldi,” was her reply under her breath. I undid the strap of her petticoat and she raised her waist and let me pull out the petticoat from below her.
I saw that her thighs are plump and hairy, and she also had a full bush, as is seen with many traditional southern ladies. I began licking her hairy inner thighs, inches down from her densely hairy vagina.
Her scent down there was musky and strong. “Aaah, Aaru,” she exclaimed and guided my head to her bushy pussy by holding my hair.
My mouth pressed against her hairy pussy, and her strong feminine scent overwhelmed me. I licked along her pussy lips and felt her wetness.
I felt for her clit using my tongue, found it, and sucked it for a while. “Aaaa, Ummm, Aaaa” her shrieks kept turning sharper. I pressed my mouth hard against her pussy, and started taking my tongue in, out, sideways within her pussy.
She held onto my hair pressing me hard, and her waist started thrusting forward in rhythm to my licking. Her shrieks kept getting sharper and rapid. Being pressed against her vagina, I could feel her wetness increasing in my mouth.
“Aaru andar do,” she exclaimed under her breath after about 10 minutes of oral service to her vagina. My cock was already rock hard from all this foreplay.
I slid a pillow under her waist, for getting better penetration despite her belly. Then I brought my cock head and felt her pussy lips with it.
In the missionary pose over her, I held my cock in position with one hand and slowly thrust my cock inside her. The wet pussy felt slippery as I slid in.
“Ummmmh,” she cried aloud, and her mouth contorted in pain and pleasure. My 7 ½ inches long and thick cock went fully inside her.
I did not feel her pussy too tight around my cock. But that was natural given her age and the fact that she’s a mother of two. I began thrusting my cock in and out slowly.
“Ummmmm, Ummmmmm, Ummmmm,” she kept on sounding with each thrust in her slippery pussy. She grabbed my ass with both hands and kept pushing me in rhythm.
After a few minutes, I could see her face contorting in pleasure again and her hands grabbed my chest. “Veereva, faster Aaru,” she hissed.
I increased the pace of my thrusts. My long foreplay was paying off and I understood she’s about to climax (the most important part of my work)!
“Ummmmm, Ummmmm, Ahhhh, Ahhhh,” she kept on sounding like an instrument. Her nails kept getting deeper into my chest, but I kept on thrusting faster.
Soon she gave a loud shriek and her body stiffened and then became lax. I understood she had achieved her first climax, but I kept on going on. “Karo, karo,” she said.
After her 1st climax, I reduced my speed a bit and kept on going on. Her hands kept on fondling me, sometimes my chest or neck, sometimes my back and ass.
She would close her eyes sometimes. I would stop my thrusts sometimes to catch a breath or two (it also helps me delay my cumming).
It was close to 20 minutes since her 1st climax (seen from the side table clock) and I was sweating a bit even in the AC from the thrusts.
Then I noticed her low voice hums increased into louder, “Ummmm, Ummmmm, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh.” On her way to her 2nd climax, she grabbed my shoulders.
I increased my thrusts in anticipation. My waist was aching, hands straining, but still, I increased the pace as much as I could. “Aaaaa…” her shrieks grew to a steady moan.
I kept ongoing. I believe I started cumming moments earlier than her climax. But I kept on thrusting, nevertheless. Soon a loud shriek came, and her body stiffened and loosened again.
Finally, I was as exhausted as after a 7 km long run. I took my cock out and laid down beside her. I was sweating and panting from about 30 minutes of fucking and cum control.
She took her discarded petticoat from her side, smiled at me, and wiped the sweat off my face and forehead. She was also a bit moist from her own perspiration.
“Kitna accha kiya tum Aaru,” she said and kissed me lightly on my forehead. She let me keep on lying down for another couple of minutes to help me catch my breath.
“Ek baar niche kiss karoge?” she asked with a schoolgirl-like smile. I too smiled and agreed. I knew she always had very traditional sex, and that too had stopped several years ago.
Today was her day to feel special and admired again. She went on her back and spread her legs. I first kissed her below her belly, over her bushes.
Then I moved onto her vagina. I felt she was wet from her own juices and maybe some of mine too. But I kissed her vagina nevertheless and didn’t mind some of her juices that came into my mouth. “Ammaah,” she let out a cry of great relief.
Then we went to the washroom to clean each other. I stayed a bit longer in there, brushed, and took a hot water shower to get over the exertion.
When I came out, she was dressed in a yellow nighty and asked me to remain only in my underwear. Apart from the sea-facing window, all curtains were drawn and doors locked.
So, I complied, and we went to have dinner in the living room. I stayed the night, more such sessions followed.