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The next day, my maid Kavitha came at her usual time at 6 am so that my mom doesn’t say anything to her. She woke me up when she came to my room for sweeping, and showed me her cleavage. I enjoyed the view and went to the bathroom to get fresh.
I came out to find Kavitha finishing her work and she was about to leave. She winked at me and left.
I had my coffee and breakfast and waited for everyone to leave and for Kavitha to come back. Kavitha came exactly at 9. As soon as she entered, I started kissing her and pressing her boobs over her blouse.
I took her to my bedroom and made her completely naked, and did exactly what I had done yesterday. Half an hour in her and she had her orgasm. She rested for some time.
Kavitha:- Let me make you happy now. Come on, get rid of your clothes. Let’s see what you got underneath those pants.
I got naked in a jiffy. I was good looking and fair. I had an average body with an above average 6″ brown coloured dick which at this moment was fully erect.
I lay next to her and she started kissing me. She began moving down, kissing me everywhere and held my dick, and was stroking it very slowly. She came between my legs and kissed the top of my penis, and then slowly my dick started to disappear in her mouth.
She was moving her tongue around and bobbing her head on my dick. It felt absolutely amazing but I couldn’t hold any longer and before I could warn her I exploded with my cum in her mouth. She didn’t stop and continued to suck till my dick went limp.
Me:- Sorry. I couldn’t control it.
Kavitha:- Don’t worry, dear. Practice makes a man perfect and I am here to give you some practice. Hmmm…Your cum tastes so good.
Me:- Thank you.
She got down and started dressing.
Me:- You are leaving so soon?
Kavitha:- Yes, why?
Me:- When can I…
Kavitha:- When can you what? Put your dick in my pussy?
Me:- Yes.
Kavitha:- Don’t be so shy. And for fucking me, you need to learn more control. I don’t want you to enter my cunt and cum in a couple of minutes. I want to make your first time memorable. Have patience.
The maid kissed me and left. This oral pleasure game went on for a good three more weeks. I had become very good at licking her pussy. She also taught me how to control myself and I got better.
I went from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. Whenever I had my practical class in the morning, I told her not to come back. This was for two days in a week. Saturday was also not possible as everyone was home. I was waiting for a perfect opportunity.
Exactly after three weeks, the time had come to move to the next step and I got extra lucky – as if the universe wanted me to get laid and was working in my favour.
My elder brother went to Bangalore for some training purposes for 2 weeks and sadly, but fortunately for me one of my mom’s relatives had passed away.
Mom and dad went to attend the funeral for 2-3 days. I was left alone as my semester was coming to an end. I excused myself from accompanying them by lying that I needed to complete assignments and my journals etc.
Mom spoke to our maid Kavitha over the phone and asked her to take care of me and also cook food for me for 2-3 days for which she asked for extra money, which my mom agreed to immediately.
With my brother already gone and my parents leaving at night, I was super excited with the prospect of a lot of sex in the next 2-3 days. As soon as Kavitha came in the next day at 6 am, I pounced on her.
We started undressing each other and moved to my bedroom. I came on top of her and kept kissing her and fingering her with one hand. We had long foreplay at the end of which I started to move down.
Kavitha:- Wait! Let’s start by sucking you first today.
The maid started going down on me and settled between my legs and started sucking my dick. I came in her mouth which she drank completely.
Now, it was my turn to do some magic with my tongue. I kept licking her and teasing her clitoris for a good 15 minutes. Then she asked me to stop and told me to come and suck on her tits.
Kavitha:- Is your dick hard again?
Me:- Yeah. Can I fuck you now?
Kavitha:- Of course, you little bastard. Get that dick in my cunt.
I positioned myself in between her legs but wasn’t able to find the hole. She grabbed my dick and guided it in her. OMG!!! What a feeling. It was hot in her pussy and it was very wet.
This was allowing my dick to slide in and out of her with ease. I lost my virginity and I was so happy about it.
Kavitha:- Start slowly, you ain’t in a competition. Nice and easy. OH YESSS!!! THAT’S IT!!!
I fucked her in a missionary position for some time. Suddenly she pushed me down and got on top of me and started riding me. I caught her big hanging boobs and sucked on them.
We kissed and she asked me to fuck her from below. We again changed our position in some time and came back into missionary and I continued to fuck her.
Kavitha:- FUCK ME! OMG, Fuck me good! Fuck me like a Bitch. Ahhh.. Faster..faster.. Fuck me. Don’t stop. Aaaahhhh!
Me:- This is so awesome. I would..
Kavitha:- Shut up, Whore, and fuck me faster!
She pressed her boobs with one hand and with the other brought my lips over hers and started to kiss me really hard. She came with a loud grunt.
She told me to stop fucking and was motionless for a couple of minutes with my hard dick still in her. She was panting as she spoke.
Kavitha:- You still hard?
Me:- Yes.
Kavitha:- Ohk…go ahead fuck me till you cum.
I resumed fucking her and kept fucking for 5 more minutes. I was about to cum and even before I started to fuck, she had told me not to cum in her pussy.
So, I pulled out and cummed on the maid’s stomach. I fell beside her to rest. She went to the bathroom to clean herself and I closed my eyes thinking of the wonderful moment I just had.
Kavitha’s enormous and soft boobs moving up and down as I pumped her pussy expertly kept flashing in my mind. Kavitha came back after a few minutes while I continued to replay my first sex in my head.
Kavitha:- Bloody pervert, you are hard again!
Me:- Can I fuck you once more? Please!
Kavitha:- It’s already 7. I need to go to other homes as well. You will tire me with all this fucking. Don’t you have college?
Me:- Yeah, I will be going late today but will bunk tomorrow. So we can fuck the whole day.
Kavitha:- Ok. Your mom has asked me to cook for you. I will make you some breakfast and come back in the evening to make dinner. You can fuck me then.
Me:- Please Kavitha. My dick is hard. Let me fuck you one more time.
Kavitha:- Bastard, I need to work.
Me:- Please!
Kavitha:- Ohk, don’t frown now, will give you a blowjob, but make sure your dick stays down after that till I leave.
I got very happy and was feeling like a kid who got his favorite ice-cream. She worked her magic on my dick and made me cum again and drank my complete load.
She got dressed, did her work, made poha for me, and left. It was 9 by the time she left and 15 minutes later I too left for college. I returned by 5 and called her asking when she would be coming?
Kavita:- I will come by 7. Be horny..
A two-hour wait had made me impatient. All-day I felt like coming back home and keep banging Kavitha all day. Now that I am home I got nowhere to put my dick.
Probably the taste of pussy had gotten to my dick as I had only fucked once and wanted more of it as soon as possible. She came at 7. I closed the door and we started off immediately.
After a lot of foreplay and oral action when I was about to fuck the maid, she stopped me and went to the bathroom. I heard water falling but didn’t bother asking her when she came back. She took to doggy style with her ass pointing upwards.
Kavitha:- Fuck my pussy.
I entered her cunt and started fucking her from behind. After a few minutes of pussy fucking,
Kavita:- FUCK MY ASS BABY!!!
Me:- Are you sure?
Kavitha:- Yes I have cleaned it well. Don’t worry, just put the damn dick in my ass and start fucking.
I took my dick out and tried putting it in her ass, but it was tight and was not going in.
Kavitha:- Give a good push idiot.
Me:- Won’t it hurt you?
Kavitha:- I am used to getting my ass fucked. Now get your dick in there.
I put more force and my dick head entered her super-hot asshole.
Kavitha:- Ahhhhh! Put it all in and fuck me hard.
Me:- Oh God, it’s so tight. It’s hard to fuck.
Kavitha:- Spit on your dick 2-3 times and keep fucking.
My saliva was the lubricant and it helped to smooth out the process. I slowly kept pushing my dick in till the base of my dick hit her big ass. She kept moaning and screaming abuses and asked me to fuck her ass as hard as possible.
I kept fucking her. It was tight and my penis was being squeezed. I held on to her boobs and kept pounding her ass. There were ripples on her ass-cheek and sounds of sex echoing in the room. Kavitha kept fingering herself while I fucked her ass.
Like a hand in a glove, my dick was a perfect fit in her ass. I kept fucking her and I was about to cum after 10 minutes of ass fucking. I told her I was about to cum.
Kavitha:- Keep fucking. I am also about to cum. Don’t stop. Cum in my ass.
I filled her ass with cum and fell on her. My dick went soft and slid out. The bedsheet had spots of our love juice from the morning and we just added a few more wet spots to it.
We went to the bathroom cleaned ourselves and came out. She started cooking food for me while I rested. By 9, she was done and about to leave.
I kissed her and having rested for about an hour, I was good to go again. I lay her down on the kitchen floor and pushed her saree to her hips, got rid of my boxers, and started fucking her. She didn’t object even though she looked visibly tired.
I was done in 15 minutes. She gave me a nice long kiss on my lips and told me to change the bedsheets and wash the ones on my bed and left.
The next day, I didn’t go to college and we made love from 6 am to 3 pm. We fucked on my bed. I gave her a nice ass-fucking under the shower while having a bath.
We had breakfast that she made. We stayed naked in the house with the curtains closed. While she prepared lunch, I fucked her in the kitchen.
I made her sit on the kitchen counter and kept one leg of hers on my shoulder and banged her pussy while sucking her huge tits. She always made sure that I never came in her.
We had lunch and before she could go I fucked her in my parent’s rooms as well on the king-size bed. We were so tired that we slept after fucking on my parents’ bed itself.
I woke up at 5 pm and realized she was not there. I called her up and asked her where she was?
Me:- Where are you?
Kavitha:- I got up at 3 and left. I got to work at other houses and can’t keep fucking you all day. I will be there in 2 hours. Keep your dick ready.
We again fucked in the night. I didn’t allow her to make dinner and said I will order something and we fucked till the time she had to go. I used to love long passionate foreplay with her.
I would lick her cunt and suck on her tits while pumping her pussy. I wanted to fuck her every day. But that wasn’t going to be possible with my parents around.
My parents came back the next afternoon while I was at college. I and Kavitha would fuck whenever we got a chance. Obviously, I had to bunk my class to fuck her which I couldn’t do often.
With the help of the maid, I had gained a lot of confidence in talking to girls. By the time I finished college, I had two GFs and I had fucked both of them.
I showed them the powers of my magical tongue, all thanks to Kavitha, which they often mention to me whenever we met or chat. I got a job right after college.
With me earning money now, I would take Kavitha sometimes to a really nice hotel and fuck her brains out for an entire day. She really liked me coz, I didn’t treat her like a piece of pussy.
It was her watchman cousin or the gardener, or her husband or a couple of more married men who fucked her at whose houses she worked that treated her badly.
Our maid was a true slut but never asked for money for fucking coz she liked getting her pussy and ass banged. She loved getting fucked in nice hotels and always thanked me for being a gentleman unlike the rest of her fuckers.
I fucked the maid for almost 5 years but everything comes to an end. She had a huge fight with her husband who somehow found out that his wife was cheating but then again he wasn’t an ideal husband as well.
Both of them reconciled for their kid and decided to start afresh. Our builder had a few buildings in another city as well and she along with her husband moved to a different city.
The end.