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Hello everyone I am Vimala from Kochi, Kerala. I am a keen follower of antrawasna and love the way people project their experiences in the site and I feel exited and aroused to share my incident. The best part is to read the comments of how badly the guys want to penetrate our tender pussies with their hard magic wands after reading our experiences.

I have an admirable body with descent curves and fair complexion.

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I’m open minded and I like admirers of my voluptuous body which is 36-30-36.

Antrawasna Sex KahaniI’m married to Kishore, my husband is not very educated and he runs a automobile spare parts shop.

He is very caring during the day but very rough on the bed, exactly how a woman wants. Hindi Sex

I finished my B.pharmacy and I am helping my father-in-law in the medical shop.

This incident has happened recently on one rainy night. Generally my father-in-law would leave the shop to me by 9 in the night and go home and usually my husband would close his shop and come and join me by that time.

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And at around 10 or 10:30 we would close the shop for the night.

But that day was different,in the evening my father-in-law felt sick and he had to be taken to the hospital and for that my husband has gone along.

This meant that I ll be alone in the shop indefinitely, this had brought in some kinda of nervousness in me.

That day I was wearing a shiny yellow colored saree and a matching tight blouse which was an exact fit to my curvature.

Although nervous, my dress which is a perfect match to my milky white skin tan and my blossoming assets meant that I looked special.

There were not many customers which was helpful too.

The clock struck 7 in the evening and I called my husband about the news of him and my father in law and got a shocker that it would be midnight before they could make it home and they have asked me to close the shop as and when necessary and go home.

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Soon as I have disconnected there happened to be a cool and strong breeze which is quite pleasurable and it started to smell mud and in no time it has started to rain.

The time was passing slowly and the fact of loneliness inside me and the cool wind and rain had evoked the erotic feelings inside me.

The cool breeze which was kissing my skin has conjured goosebumps and erect nipples.

My feminine intuition has driven my hands to feel my soft skin over my navel and I was lost in my own world by then and my fingers crept up under my saree and felt my hard nipples under over my blouse.

I crossed my legs as I was totally aroused and could do nothing about at that very moment. Sex Stories

I was playing with myself to be precise and was fantasizing about myself.

I was getting kinky thoughts of myself indulging in romance with someone other than my husband.

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And then out the rain and darkness came an auto and has stopped just in front of the our medical shop.

I quickly removed my hand from where it was and adjusted my saree and stood up.

An young man stepped out of the auto from the passenger seat, he was probably around 25 and was heavily muscular and looked like a bull in the skintight T-shirt he was wearing.

He had a long hair and looked fair, he wore a ton jeans and looked really hot and hurried towards the only counter to avoid drenching in the rain.

But the rain was too heavy and there is no cover near the counter like a sunshade or a parasol and as he rushed forward towards the counter.

I opened the door for him to avoid the rain and he understood that and came in.

“Thanks” he said in a polite way and shook off the water off his hair, the wetness made the t-shirt to stick to his body and was transparent and looking at it has further contributed to my arousal.

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