Christmas gift to my hot desi Wife

Hi all. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020. This story is about how my Indian house wife got fucked. This is Vishal male of mid 30. My wife Priya is definitely a raw & great fuck. She is 26. She is capable of doing all sorts of nasty fuck & never gets tired. She is 5’2”, milky white body with huge boobs.

She is definitely a dream of her surrounding males & nightmare of females. Her voluptuous ass always steals glances. She looks wonderful in any dress even without it.

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If I am asked I would always like her in short, skirt & half sleeve shirt or tight top. I can’t sleep well if I see her in these dresses. Anyway, I described her looks in my previous stories. Hindi Sex Stories

indian house wife fuckedLet’s come to the story.

It happened on Christmas Day. We slept four hours in the afternoon.

In the evening, we planned to go to church & having dinner outside.

I slipped into a jeans, a casual printed shirt & a jacket.

Priya took one hour to get ready. Initially I was bored but it seemed to me she was definitely looking gorgeous.

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She put on one full sleeve high neck yellow woollen pullover & a black tight skirt, which would be a inch short from her knees.

She also put on a black semi transparent stocking with very high heels.

It would be of 4 inch. Mmmmmmmmm.

I teased her seeing her looks. We went to a church few km far from our residence.

It was overcrowded. As usual, it was decorated very well.

We went inside. We sat inside on the bench.

Number of people along with their friends or family were coming & going.

I saw a lady who was very good looking & checking out her assets.

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She was truly beautiful, thin frame wearing sari. You will definitely kill her if get in bed.

Priya whispered smilingly. Mmmmmm this is church idiot.

I warned her. I am not asking you to fuck her right here.

She whispered again laughingly. Oh god. I uttered. That lady went away.

We became silent again. I was enjoying huge crowd there.

I forgot about Priya for few minutes.

Suddenly it seemed to me that she was looking at a guy there.

I turned to that guy for a fraction.

I found he too was looking at her. I didn’t disturb her.

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She continued running her eyes on him & he too.

He was accompanied with another guy.

I turned again to that guy for a fraction found he was smiling looking at her. Can we go? I whispered.

No, not now. She cried. She came few inch closer to me & wrapped my arm with her hand & pulled over her boob.

I felt softness of her boob. She continued looking at him.

Priya started talking to me but her eyes were moving continuously.

Let’s go & have panipuri. I said again after ten minutes.

She agreed this time. We started walking out.

She hold me like that way while walking. She didn’t turn back to see that guy.

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We came out. Just at outside we found one number of hawkers were selling different snacks.

We stood near a panipuri stall. It was crowded. We had to wait to get our turn.

Suddenly I found Priya turned her face back twice.

I immediately turned & found those guys were standing at our back.

I didn’t give any attention.

Finally, paani puri wale asked us to stand in a row & started giving us one by one.

Those two guys too were having.

They stood just opposite facing Priya.

Give some more chili. Priya suggested. Priya & that guy were looking at each other continuously.

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