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I live in a village. Well, its not a typical one. It is a developed one. I live there with my family which consists of my mom, granny and of course me. My dad lives in the city of Mumbai doing his job. So we are only three of us living here. I am 19 years old and (STILL) a virgin. I studied in my village till my SSC school and then moved in with my dad in Mumbai for further studies.

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After my first year in degree I had a long summer vacation so I went to my village. I was having quite a good time there. It was hot summer so mostly I used to be at home whole day. I live in Konkan region of Maharashtra. Here the summer is hot upto 36-38 degree Celsius. So it was not at all my mood to go and hang out with my friends.

One fine day a woman in her late 30s maybe in her early 40s came to my home. My family members welcomed her with their usual warmth. After welcoming her mom went to a nearby place for satsang. She was a family friend. She came for her personal work. She wanted to buy a piece of land in my village. She was a lady with deep brown skin. She was a beauty. May be her skin colour was a mixture of brown and a tint of black in it.

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She was good looking with her facial as well as bodily features. She was wearing a black saree having small white dots on it. She had long hair and her eyes were so beautiful that even if she looks with them at anyone he wouldn’t leave them without appreciation. Talking about her figure she was not thin. She had mass wherever needed. Her figure was 38-34-36(the exact same figure I love in a mature woman). What is more important that she seemed graceful in her every move but did not seemed to be inviting anyone to look at her. She was beautiful!

Even though she was a family friend I saw her first time since I had grown up. I did not know anything about her. So I did what most of us do. I asked my mom in the evening “who is she and why is she here?” My mom told me that she is daughter of my Granny’s friend. So she was a family friend to us. She was going to be with us for next 3 days. When she was home my granny and she talked a lot. I was there, sitting with them, just listening to their conversations.

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From their conversations I came to know a few things about her. First of all she was a widow. Her husband died of a fatal car accident about 11 years ago. Since then she has not married and living alone in Mumbai. But now she felt lonely so she took leave from her daily life and visited my village. Even she was looking for a place to be bought in my village as an investment and even as a vacation home. While looking for a place she was looking for a tour of our nearby area. She told it to my mom. My mom had sympathy for her as her husband died. So she told me to be her companion for this trip. So now I was going to be her guide cum companion for next three days.

When she came our home I had no intention of going intimate with her or going intimate with any one at all. I was happy being single. And as far as she was concerned, she did not have too. There was no sign on her face that she was starving for sex. After all a woman who resisted her natural bodily needs for 11 long years how could she show any signs of that thing on her face?

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She came to our home in the noon. It was a Sunday noon. My mom went home as she went to satsang after welcoming her. So my granny and she were having a bit of a chat. They had their nostalgia talk and she had lunch. After that we had our intro, we exchanged smiles and she went to sleep as she was tired after a long 6 hour bus journey.

In the eve when my mom got back I asked her about the woman. She told her name as Gayatri. She told me her story. Sympathy was all in her eyes. Then my mom and Gayatri had their chat a long time. After that mom asked me to be Gayatri’s guide for three day trip to nearby places for which I after some time and resistance agreed to. Our home there in village is not so big. We sleep there in our hall. My granny used to sleep in the only bedroom we had.

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