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My name is Saurabh. This story is based on true life events that happened to me when I was 18 years old. I am from Trivandrum, Kerala.
Now, let’s begin the story. I was a CS student and physics was my favorite subject. I am not a nerd, but I am quite bright. I am good-looking, medium tall, and slim.
After a couple of months, our physics teacher got pregnant, and she went on maternity leave. Tanya ma’am came as her replacement. To describe Tanya, she was perfect, 26 years old with a perfect ass, perfect boobs, so curvy. The best part was that she always wore a saree to work.
Our new teacher was very cool with us, especially with the boys. She was very friendly and used to hang out with us a lot. She understood all the double-meaning jokes. She sometimes used to tease us by slipping her pallu down on purpose and adjusting the saree over her navel!
Tanya and I had a special bond as I was the best student in her subject. And well, of course, I was the leading ‘double meaning joke-maker’ so yeah, we were close.
She caught me many times staring at her cleavage. She would just smile and wink at me every time and would sometimes tease me more by bending over some more.
One day when I was with her at the lab (I used to often assist her at the lab), I was standing close to her while she was sitting, measuring something. Her pallu slid a bit away. On doing so, I got a small view of her cleavage. Oh fuck, it was so tempting! I was on my toes, peeping deep at that sight.
My teacher saw through a small mirror on the side (she told me that later). She gently shrugged her shoulders, so that I could get a deeper view, and I did! My bulge was fighting so badly to come out, and then she turned to me all of a sudden. I was a bit embarrassed but super horny.
She asked, “Did you get a clear view?”
I said, “Of what, ma’am?” (Of course, I knew what she was talking about but just played along with that I was dumb).
She: You really don’t know?
I: No, ma’am,
I winked at her just like she does. Maybe that turned her on as well.
She: Oh.. So, (removing her pallu and untying the knot on her front of the blouse) you really don’t want to touch me?
My hot teacher slowly squeezed her boobs right in front of me and bit her lips. I was speechless and was so aroused! She stood up, walked towards me standing against a wall. She put her face close to my ears and whispered, “Saurabh, I’m feeling so hot now. Don’t you want to fuck your ma’am?”
I: O.. Ma’am, please!
She: If that’s the case, close the door and shutter the windows.
I ran to the door, quickly closed everything, and went back to her. She just stood by the wall, spread her legs wide, slid down her panties with one hand while she is sucking the fingers of the other. I could see the juices flowing out through her pussy. She removed her saree slowly and stood there in just a purple bra. I went near her.
My young teacher curled her fingers through my hair, grabbed them, and made me bend on my knees. Ohh, the irresistible smell of her wet pink pussy. It was like a drug! She spread her legs across my face.
I gently flicked her clit to make her pull my face deep in between her. My mouth was filled with her juices as she rotates her hips while I eat her pussy. The moaning sound filled the lab, and fortunately, it was almost soundproof for experiments. She was unable to control herself and so was I.
She was pushing my face deeper and deeper with every moan, as I spanked her juicy ass and licked her cunt.
She: Aaaawww mmm.. If you keep doing this, aaahhhhhh, for some more time, I’m gonna cum, mmmm fuck!
I slowly took my face away from hers and gave her a hard final spank. I stood on my feet. Her face became pinkish, and her lips are red! Her nipples are so rock-hard. All this time, I’ll admit she was a bit more dominant than me! But it was time to exchange the roles.
I slammed my cute teacher against the wall, ripped her bra out, grabbed her boobs, and kissed her. Her hands were on my hair, and my back as she played with my tongue. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up to a table. She had that cunning smile, as she grabbed my cock and licked her lip.
I know what she wanted to do next, but honestly, I was a bit worried that if she blew my dick, I would cum. I whispered in her ears and told her that I might cum.
She: Okay, fine, but next time I’ll lollipop your thick cock till I taste you.
I kissed her again and pinched her nipples. She let out a small “Mmmmmm” with the pinch and whispered, “Are you hungry?”I was so fucking turned on by that.
I slid my tongue to her juicy boobs. Ohh fuck! It was perfect, so firm and juicy. I sucked the hell out of her boobs as she bit her lips and pulled me deeper onto her breasts.
Tanya: Ahhh.. Saurabh, I can’t take it any more, fuck me mmmmmm.. fuck me.
I looked at her face. Her face was so red and her eyes said that she wanted me to destroy her.
I whispered: O.. Yes, Tanya, I will fuck you, baby.
I gave her a deep kiss. She wrapped her legs around me. I slowly thrust into her. Her pussy was so wet and warm, that I slid in pretty easily.
She clawed her nails on my back as she let out a huge moan, “Awww, yes Saurabh, ohh yes..Mmmm.” Those words were all I needed as I started pumping her faster and faster as her moans increased with my pace.
The room was filled with her, “Yesssyessaahh..fuck meyess.” I squeezed her boobs with one hand and pulled her hair out with another.
She didn’t even want to change positions. She just wanted me to go on fucking her harder and harder. Aahh.. The warmth of her pussy started increasing as I went deeper and faster.
Tanya: Aaaahhh, Saurabh fuck fuck..fuck your teacher, aaahh fuck me.”
I: I’ll cum very soon, baby. Oh, you’re so fucking hot.
Tanya: Ohh..Saurabh, mmm, it’s okay, cum inside me, I’m on the pills. I’ll cum now as well, ohh fuck harder.. harder.
Ohh, that sound made me fuck her harder and harder. Her juices started flowing through my dick to my legs as her moaning got louder and louder and louder.
Tanya: Aahaahaahaa..hummmmmahh, Saurabh.. yesss I’m cumming.. aaaaaahhhhufff.. yess fuck. Oh, fuck.
I: (gasp) I’ve cum as well, Tanya. Oh, you’re fucking hot, ma’am.
Tanya: You can call me ‘baby’ my boy, but not in public, okay? It’s been so long since I’ve had a good fuck.
She said that and winked at me. Then she sucked her mid-finger that contained drops of my cum.
Tanya: The next time, I’m going to take everything in my mouth, my boy.
And then we cleaned ourselves. We gave each other a final kiss and went home. We later fucked on many occasions. That was just the beginning of my sex journey. I’ll be back with more of my experiences.
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