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My name is Manoj, 25 years old. I have completed engineering and am currently into the family business.
This sex story happened 2 years ago. I was spending summer vacations at my mama’s home. I had a month’s vacation.
My mama goes to the office and mami is a housewife. They have one son who goes to a school.
My mami is hot and beautiful. She has a figure of 34-32-34. She always wears sarees and looks sexy in them. Their house was rented and it was a bungalow. My mama was earning well.
Mama goes to the office at 8 in the morning and comes late in the night. The housemaid used to come during the daytime for half an hour. Their son goes to the school and comes around 5 pm. So, for the whole day, I used to be alone with my hot Indian mami for 5-6 hours. I always wanted to touch my mami’s juicy melons and fuck her!
During day time, I used to talk to my beautiful mami about her college days and she used to get excited. I had seen naughty jokes and messages on her mobile. I knew that she had a sexy side to her personality.
I had asked her about her college affairs and she hesitantly told me about guys that she had fucked. She too asked me about the girls I liked in my college.
For passing the time, we used to play games in the house where I would touch her on her body. She used to laugh but act as not paying any attention to it. I knew she liked it.
My mami was a good cook. She made the all delicacies which we all ate happily.
One day, my housewife mami was changing the saree in the bedroom and I was looking for her. I was looking for her in the whole house and I found her bedroom door half-open.
By mistake, I opened the door and saw my hot mami wearing a saree. But she wasn’t shocked and she continued adjusting the saree while looking at my face. My mami’s boobs were hiding behind a tight bra and were looking beautiful.
Mai then gave me naughty smile. I got awkward and closed the door. I did not know what to say to mami. Afterward, I thought that she might have kept the door open for me so that I could see her.
Later, I told her sorry. She said that it happens sometimes and no need to mind it. I gave a sigh of relief when I understood she was okay with it.
The next day, my hot Indian mami was taking a bath and suddenly, asked me to bring a towel to her. Generally, she never forgets to take the towel inside the bathroom before bathing.
While taking the towel from my hand, she kept the bathroom door half open and I saw my mami’s hot naked body for a few seconds!
That day, I masturbated to the thought of seeing my aunty naked. I knew this was a green signal for me. I could only think of this incident the whole day.
After that day, we got very casual with each other. This incident acted as an ice breaker between us.
One day due to a lot of house chores, mami’s back was paining a little bit. She asked me if I could apply some Iodex ointment on her back. I knew this was my only chance. So I decided to grab it.
Instead of applying the Iodex, I said that I will give her an oil massage which would make her feel even better.
At first, my mami said no. But, after my repeated requests, she nodded yes.
My hot desi mami was wearing a blue saree with a matching blouse. She lied on her back and then I applied some oil on her back and started gently massaging her back. Her body was soft as a feather.
I asked was she feeling good to which she replied yes. Then I gently slid my hand to her upper back under her blouse. I was not getting a proper grip. So I told her if she wanted complete relief from the back pain, she should undergo a full back massage. (I am a sportsperson and I gave good massages to other people too.)
My married mami hesitated at first but then accepted to remove the blouse. Soon, I saw my beautiful mami’s boobs hanging behind her black bra. I was getting hungry to lick them.
I started to massage her back with happy feelings. Accidentally (wink), I removed her bra strap and acted as if nothing happened! She did not move but understood something was going to happen between us.
To massage her shoulders and neck area, I asked my mami to turn around. Her big melons rose like mountains under the bra which gave me a bulge in my crotch! She adjusted her pallu so that her stomach and neck were completely visible.
While massaging, I gently slid my hand inside my mami’s bra and caressed her boobs. She gave a shy smile but told me to continue the massage as she was feeling good.
Then I removed her bra completely and started massaging mami’s boobs. To my surprise, mami started letting out sexy moans. I licked each boob with perfection while she was pulling my hair.
Then I got bolder and kissed my mami’s soft lips. They were like rose petals. She was moaning like hell and was completely turned on.
Before she could get out of the mood and feel guilty, I quickly removed her saree completely and threw it in a corner. My hot Indian mami was now only in her panties!
Seeing my big bulge, she told me to remove my t-shirt and pants. My cock got really hard when my mami took it in her hand. My cock was ready to pound my hot mami anytime soon.
My mami told me that it was bigger than mama’s cock and she liked it. I removed her panties and started licking her pussy. I was in heaven watching my sexy mami fully naked for the first time.
Mami moaned loudly and the fluids started leaking out of her pussy. Then she started licking my cock like a horny slut.
After a few minutes, my horny and married mami asked me to put my tool inside her pussy. I obeyed her orders happily.
I placed my cock at my mami’s wet pussy, gave a gentle push and my cock slid inside her. As I started stroking harder, my mami moaned heavily. After each stroke, she was asking for more and wanted to get completely satisfied.
Then I lied down on the bed and made my slutty mami sit on my cock. She started riding my cock and she was loving it. Her juicy melons were bouncing. I got completely hard by these hot visuals. In between, I kept kissing her lips.
After 15 minutes and 2-3 positions, I came inside my mami.
We both were tired by then. We took a shower together and cleaned each other.
For the next two weeks, I and my hot Indian mami fucked whenever we got time. We made sure mama did not suspect us.
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