Great Bengali Celebs

Hello Friends, Thanks for your responses on my earlier Bangla Choti Golpo & Erotic sex stories. It’s a multi chapter basis Bengali celeb saga based on famous bengali (Bangla) imaginative actresses, singers, players, news-readers etc with the title ‘Great Bengali Celebs’ 1st story is Bhaiphonta, 2nd is Nude scenes in film & 3rd is Kidnapped actresses. I guess, you enjoy all, now It’s fourth.)

Due to her super-hit film “Great Bengali Dancer”, Indrani Chatterjee was grateful to her cameraman Jamai (son-in-law ) Noel Banerjee and the Bangladeshi producer-director Aslam Khan.This film, packed with 3 nude dance scenes for foreign audience were created huge popularity among the NRI’s, for this famous Bengali actress cum classical dancer.

Now these special nude scenes are shown in some selected Indian five star hotels with strict secrecy for high class personalities at huge cost of ticket.As a result Indranidebi’s financial problem is totally solved and now once again she leads a filmy glamourous & luxurious life style.

All these create a huge faith for God in religious minded Indranidebi’s heart. Now every morning and evening, this famous Bengalee Celeb devotes herself in her worship-room for praying the almighty God. One day when she was fully absorbed in her praying, her married daughter Koel Chatterjee comes and completing the Pranam to her respected mother, she also sits beside her & starts to pray the God.

Completing the worship and taking Prasad from her mother, Koel said , “Mamoni, your Jamai has fallen in love with you and he wants to marry you, please don’t refuse.”

“I also fell in love with your husband for his superb fucking during the “Great Bengali Dancer ” film-shooting and would be lucky enough to be his wife & a Satin (another wife ) of you. But as a married woman, second marriage of a Bengali woman would be a sin.Moreover I can’t cheat your father.” Great Indranidebi showed her unwillingness.

Realising her respected & religious mother’s chaste and greatness, Koel’s eyes fills with tears in emotions. Again she does Pranam to her famous celeb mother, “Mamoni, bless me so that I can be Sati-Saddhi (chaste) like you also “.Indranidebi also becomes emotional and in a tearful eyes she embraces her daughter, kisses her on the lips & blesses her.

Koel becomes surprised for her mother’s behaviour because this is the first time, her mother kisses on her lips & it’s also her first kiss from a woman. It creates a new type of sensation in Koel’s body, she also embraces her respected mother’s sexy body, kisses her juicy lips more strongly, pushes her tounge in her mouth.

Sucking her daughter’s tounge and caressing her sexy body, lesbian Indranidebi became excited. Feeling her sexy daughter’s soft ass with her hands, religious minded Indranidebi sucks her daughter’s tounge & starts a tounge-war.

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Observeing this mother-daughter affection & love from doorway, Ranjitbabu’s (father of Koel & husband of Indranidebi) eyes moisten and at the same time his cock begins to twitch. Entering into the room, he places his hand on Koel’s head, caressing her hair, he says in a affectionate tone, “Kokhon eli ma, tor sasur barir sab bhalo ache to”.

Realising her father’s appearance in the room , Koel releases herself from her mother’s embrace and does Pranam by touching her father’s feet,”bhalo bapi, tumi bhalo acho to?”

“Yes sona ma, I was well few days ago but after seeing your special nude scenes in ‘Patibrata Stree ‘ film, I can’t sleep well “saying this Ranjitbabu embraces her daughter, kisses on her lips and feels her big pacha(ass) through the thin saree.Koel can realise her father’s different attitude for herself by feeling her father’s hard cock at her abdomen through the clothes.

“How do you get that?” Koel said surprisingly.
“Noel gave that to your mother, I knew that you are sexy enough but couldn’t believe, you have such a sex-bomb like figure! Why don’t you act in blue film? I’m sure you can earn more as a porn actress.” Ranjitbabu expressed his feelings about his daughter’s career.

“Your Jamai also proposed that and numerous requests are coming from Arab countries for acting in blue film.” Koel replies.
“In foreign countries specially in Arab countries, there are huge crush for Bengalee actress’s blue films. Now most of b-grade & c-grade film or TV serial actresses are involved with either in the profession of prostitution or acting in blue film. As an established and famous Bengalee actress , you can now earn more than one crore per blue film , so don’t waste time”Ranjitbabu said.

“But I am worried about the leakage of this secret blue film acting which would destroy our reputation & filmy status” Koel expressed her tension about being a porn actress.

“So many special nude scenes of famous actress’s are showed in India in different five star hotels & in foreign countries for a long time without being published in media.So don’t worry about that.” Indranidebi also encouraged her daughter to act in porn film.

“OK, with your blessings, I am going to be a porn actress” saying this top Bengalee film actress does Pranam to her parents by touching their feet. Ranjitbabu & Indranidebi blesses their only daughter Koel by placing their hands on her head.

“May God bless you so that you can be a great porn-actress like Sunny Leon and if you don’t mind, your father wants to be your hero in your first blue film . Actually after seeing your nude scenes in ‘Patibrata Stree’ your father fucks me imagining you, only you can fulfil your father’s dream “, Indranidebi said.

“Like every Bengalee woman, I would be lucky if I can fulfill my father’s dream, but fucking with own progenitor father wouldn’t be adultery, mamoni ?” Koel asked her respected mother Indranidebi.
“Right you are, but your father will fuck you as a blue film hero,not as a father , just like your husband fucked me as an actress” Indranidebi clears her daughter’s guilty feelings.

Being fully cleared from guilty feelings about fucking her own father by her mother’s convinces, Koel again does Pranam to her mother and return to her home. Then she planned with her husband about next day’s blue film shooting .