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Hello readers, here I am again with my next story. This story will begin with a brief disclaimer and a short bio (so that you could develop an attraction for me you know).
Afterward, I will proceed to that experiment of mine which opened the gateway of a combination of beauty, lust, and sensuality in me in an altogether different paradigm.
Do not miss the disclaimer as it will give you a fair picture of the content and could hence, give you hope of getting what you expect from this story (a nerve tickling orgasm obviously).
Disclaimer: This story is based on true incidents of mine, but also involves some fictional segments. Usually, what we fantasize about doesn’t co-relate with reality, and in order to maintain that sense of triggering lust, I have used elements of fiction.
However, I will leave it to your imagination to guess which parts are real and which are fictional. I have tried to narrate this story from a balanced perspective so that both men and women readers could get equal pleasure out of it.
Most of the stories here are men-centric and are for the purpose of men only. Also, instead of using explicit words, I have tried to keep it indirect to make it very erotic (as I believe that being semi-clothed is better than getting totally naked).
The actual adventure starts just when you feel that one adventure has concluded, so stick to the end to know the actual stuff.
About Me: I am 25 years of age, with 5’7 height, and wheatish fair skin tone (I am not a racist), with an average body (few extra pounds to be honest).
Just like other men, I believe that my tool is fairly big and thick, and I personally like having such a tool. I am bi-curious in orientation with a strong bias in favour of women (both physically and emotionally).
I do not get stimulated just by looks. Intellect alone is enough for me to develop an attraction. With this assumption that you wouldn’t mind having wet patching on your undies let’s begin.
This story dates back to 2018 when I was happily involved in my relationship with this girl for whom I was one of her options. We were in a relationship but not exclusive (from her end).
I have narrated my first intimate encounter with her in my very first story which you can check on my profile page. We were having a very happening sexual life, having our sessions almost daily, but they were all in a closed private space.
One fine day, we were roaming in a famous mall in Noida and all of sudden we were discussing sex (it was very common for us).
I asked her if she has ever done anything forbidden out of lust, to which she had an entire and told me how she and her ex fucked each other on some random person’s open terrace.
I was amazed listening to her and was feeling envious of her sexual explorations. I asked her if she has ever made out in the mall’s washroom?
She replied, “No.” Now that I have sown the seeds in her mind, she was asking me inquisitively about the risks involved. I could sense her heartbeats were high, as I was feeling the same rush in me.
That rush was making me feel a bit cold which was evident from my hands. I was holding her hand to get the warmth I needed, and asked her directly, “Do you want to try that right now?”
She looked into my eyes and said, “Yes,” without hesitation. Her affirmation was a sudden turn-on for me, and my tool became hard in its full glory in my pants.
She became aware of it and was observing the movements in my pants. She made a sign that she will go to the lady’s washroom and if she finds no one inside, then she will call me. We then can do it, else not.
We went on the top floor of that mall which was pretty empty, as it was 12 noon. We both started walking towards the washroom.
There was one common lobby which was separating the men’s and women’s washroom. My heart was pounding like anything, and I could feel that churning in my stomach. She also must have felt the same.
Right after I entered the men’s washroom, she texted me, “Come as soon as possible,” I immediately pretend to wash my hands (as there was a person sitting), and quickly went out.
She was already waiting at the door of the lady’s washroom. She started walking once she saw me following her. And we went inside a washroom cabin.
The washroom was large as it was meant to accommodate 20-25 women at a time. But surprisingly it was empty. Let me give you a fair idea of the girl I am with.
She was 3 years elder to me with 5”1 height, and with fairly big assets. 34DD was her size, and the most intoxicating factor was her dusky skin tone. This used to keep me erect all the time. She had beautiful eyes too which used to get even prettier when we do the hardcore stuff.
Right after entering the washroom, she hung her bag on the hook. I pushed her to the wall and started smooching her holding her by the cheeks. She was as horny as I was. Instantly I pushed her hand inside my t-shirt and she started feeling my stomach and then went to my nipples. She was continuously playing with my nipples, while I was kissing her vigorously. I placed both my hands on her waist and started rolling my fingers under her top.
She was wearing a black top and blue denim and undies underneath. The sides of her waist were her sensual spot which reacted as expected with the tickling warmth of my fingertips.
I was making vertical motions there while pulling her lower lip with my lips. Her hand was squeezing my left nipple and her nails were giving me a sense of an erotic rush.
I slid my hands inside her top to the back and found her back wet with sweat (her sweating element triggers me like anything, my kind of kink).
Her eyes were closed in passion, and lust was clearly evident on her face as she was not leaving my nipples. I pushed her hair behind her shoulder and bit her left earlobe.
I then slid my tongue inside her ear (she likes that), to which she started breathing hard like anything, and moving as it was irresistible to her.
With the next bite on her earlobes, I slid my hand inside her jeans and directly inside her panty, which I found to be fairly wet already.
She knew me as a gradual performer, but this act of going straight to her love spot gave her chills, as it was totally unexpected and this ultimately turns her on even more.
Her reaction was to bite my neck. While I was trying to place my middle finger on her clit in order to rub it, she from both her hands lifted my T-shirt above my nipples and started kissing me here and there over the chest.
My chest has average hair. While I was caressing her vulva, and in specific her clit, she started sucking my nipples which she likes doing a lot.
My other hand started fondling her big, soft boobies over her top, and afterward, my hand started going into her top from below and feeling her warm boobies over her bra.
Oh god, that feeling of warmth and her pounding heart was telling me everything about her. About what she was feeling at that time.
I entered two fingers under her bra to get hold of her nipple, while I was caressing and rubbing her clit with my fingers soaked in her juices.
This gesture of mine made her mad in the heat of lust. I was holding and circling her left nipple with my right-hand thumb and two fingers.
My left hand was busy trying to take her to her climax (her climax is of utmost importance to me). I was deriving my pleasure from her expressive face.
Holding and pinching her erect nipple was making her secrete more vaginal fluids than before, which I couldn’t resist. Hence, I took my left hand out soaked all in her juices, and put that in my mouth like a nasty person right in front of her.
I then took all that was there on my finger, and took all that in my mouth, and made her watch this, which was doing wonders for her.
I again dug my hand deep into her, and this time with no intention to stop. I was vigorously feeling her clit. She pulled her top to her shoulders and took her amazingly big, bulgy boobies out of her black bra.
Then with her hand, she pulled my hair and placed my face over her nipples. I knew my job well. I started sucking her already erect, thirsty nipple after licking it.
I was feeling her clit vigorously. And within a few minutes of sucking her nipple while continuing doing her down, she came heavily, which was evident from her breaths and sweat.
She buried my face right between her boobs as if she was choking me, and was not in the mood to allow me to move even the slightest.
She took my hand out by herself, and started licking her fingers, and stayed at the wall with me still buried in her cleavage. I was actually choking, but that fragrance of her sweaty breasts was not letting me move.
I was enjoying being choked in her valley. We both were feeling that ecstasy, that bliss of orgasm, achieved in a public washroom, that sense of doing something which was forbidden.
It was right then, that we heard a voice. She was the cleaning lady, which made my girl very anxious, and afraid as she was already relieved of her lust and was coming back to her senses.
I helped her in organizing her dress and hair, but she started panicking. That look of fear was there on her face. The cleaning lady was talking to someone out there, which we were having a fair idea of.
While my girl was afraid like anything, on the contrary, I was enjoying the moment. I asked her to leave alone and, in that way, no one would question her.
She resisted as she wasn’t ready to leave me in the compartment of a lady’s washroom. She was afraid that if I get caught, it would be big trouble for me.
But that was the only choice we had. I motioned to her and told her not to worry about me, that I will manage somehow. She went out and reached the ground floor safely. We were messaging continuously.
The voices started to increase outside the toilet. I could feel the cleaning lady saying something to someone. My heart was pounding like anything, as I have never ever done anything to feel embarrassed.
But here I am, all alone in a lady’s washroom, and just about to get caught. I heard steps coming towards the door, and there was a gentle bang, “Dhak Dhak Dhak.”
I don’t know from where I got the courage. I opened the door and got out with an innocent face and a fear-hounded look on my face.
There was this girl in her late 20s or maybe her early 30s, a smiling face and very well cultured. I came to the entrance of the lady’s washroom and was now surrounded by 3 women.
The one I told you about, other being a lady in her late 30s or early 40s, but educated looking, and the cleaning lady. The girl who took me out asked me politely, “What were you doing in the lady’s washroom?”
“I didn’t you know that this is a lady’s washroom,” I replied very sophisticatedly and very slowly. “Ma’am I was unaware, as it was very urgent nature’s call. I just ran towards the washroom.”
“I saw and later realized that I have entered the lady’s washroom by mistake.” She smiled and had that very sympathetic look in her eyes.
She said, “You would have come out earlier?” I replied, “Ma’am, I wanted to, but I was so afraid of getting caught in this situation.”
“I didn’t know who I would encounter outside, so I was afraid to go out.” She kept her hand on my shoulders, and together with the other decent-looking lady said, “We will help you out. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid, it happens.”
I was seriously faking it, but those women were so nice, if you are reading this, thank you to you both. You were sweethearts and angels.
Then when they brought me outside, the cleaning lady said, “Ye ek ladki ke sath tha andar, dono eksath the.” (he was with a girl inside, and they both were together in the same compartment).
I knew how to deal with this situation. I shouted back at her in English and said, “Excuse me? Do you have any clue about what you are saying?”
The lady who took me out got a little idea of what actually had happened. I could see a vicious smile on her face, as if she was saying, “Oohhhh, now I get it.
I feel that she was somewhere impressed with my skills, and didn’t respond to any allegations. The cleaning lady said nothing afterward.
To my surprise, the lady who took me out unlocked her phone and said, “See we believe you, but just to be on a safer side, give me your number.”
If anything otherwise happens and turns out to be something of concern, we can reach you. We can’t leave you without your details.”
I knew where all this was going. I happily entered my contact number in her phone and left the premises. I noticed her passing me a smile. She went inside the washroom.
I am back on the ground floor, where I found my crying GF and calmed her down. I told her how I managed to escape except the part about giving the lady my contact number.
Afterward, we both went to our houses. I slept thinking of what all had happened today. I wasn’t relieved of my sexual tension though.
Before sleeping my girl video called me, and right when I received the call, I was shocked to see that she was in her washroom, with her top pulled up till her shoulders (just like I did a few hours ago).
Her boobs were bouncing out of her bra over the cups. She had that dirty smile as if she was saying, “Did you think that I will let you sleep without getting relieved? I am not that selfish.”
I immediately locked the door of my room and smiled back at her. She said, “Do as I say as it is not you who are doing anything, it is me who will make you moan right now.”
She asked me to remove my t-shirt and later the boxers. I was standing in front of her in just my boxer with my phone fixed at the study table and wireless headphones on.
She then put her breasts back in her bra, and to my surprise lifted her cups from below in such a manner that her nipples were still visible, and along with that I could see the lowermost part of her boobies (the lower cleavage).
She said, “Now take your animal out, and put it right at the door of my mighty boobs (she actually said this), and push it in, my boobs are all warm right now and ready to swallow you in. Take it out.”
I did the same, pulled my boxers down, and here was my erect monster right in front of her eyes, fairly hairy at the right spots, totally erect and moving vertically in excitement as if saluting her big assets.
She pressed her boobies towards each other, and squeezed them as tightly as she could, and said, “I am ready for this rod, dig it in.”
With one hand, I held my animal and pushed my back as if I was stroking her. I gave a powerful push to which she started moaning (however I do not like moaning if you don’t feel anything).
Seeing her efforts were making me want to get into her, and I actually imagined fucking her tits, which I had already done once before.
She was projecting it the same way, as we did it the last time. I entered my cock under her bra from below, and she trapped it between her boobies with her bra on, to make the most of the intense pressure.
My dick was ferocious. Its top was all red while the other part being dark brown, and my balls were in full glory. She said that this sight of mine is making her wet, and she wants me to do her like an animal right now.
I started playing, and jerking my cock, and came vigorously in 10-15 minutes. I came so much that day, that even it reached my phone’s screen (I had to work hard to clean later).
She told me how good she feels, to make this feeling mutual, and thanked me (it was unnecessary to do so), for making her day amazing with such adventures.
In my mind, I was like, “This actual adventure was mine. You weren’t trapped.” Afterward, we both had a noon nap. Later that night, when I was about to sleep, I received a text from an unknown number.
Unknown Caller: You must be proud of your story-making skills, aren’t you?
I genuinely couldn’t figure out who that could be, and replied,
Me: Excuse me? Who is this, may I know?
Unknown Caller: See you have got amazing pretending skills too!
Me: Oh! Thank You, but I still can’t recall.
Unknown Caller: How do you people do it?
Me: Do what? You people?
Unknown Caller: I mean how do you people break the rules so easily? It must be a liberating feeling, isn’t it?
Me: I do not know what you are talking about, but yes, rule-breaking sometimes surely feels liberating.
Unknown Caller: I have never broken any, though I observe and envy such people.
Me: Oh….okay! I am getting it, but don’t you think it will be easier for me to relate if I know who you are, and what you are talking about? Just for the sake of convenience.
Unknown Caller: Oh, come on! It was about you today, who was fucking someone in the lady’s washroom. Now can we stop pretending? (angry emojis).
I felt a sense of rush in my body, and those sensations in my stomach, and now I could speculate who she is.
Me: Oh lady! Thank you, so much for saving my ass today. Honestly, I have not seen someone kind like you are (I was trying to flirt).
Unknown Caller: Do you flirt with everyone you meet? I am Aakansha. What is this lady’s bullshit?
Me: Pardon me, Miss! I didn’t know you have such a pretty name.
Aakansha: So, you admit that you were in there with someone today?
Me: Only if you promise not to sue me.
Aakansha: Ha…..ha very funny. From where do you people get so much courage to fuck in a washroom, and that too a lady’s washroom?
Me: We didn’t fuck, by the way, just made out. We could have, but then a spoil-sport lady came, which was frustrating.
Aakansha: You dare not call me a spoil-sport (sending an angry emoticon).
Me: Not at all, Aakansha (the first time I was saying her name). I am talking about the cleaning lady.
Aakansha: Oh! So she spoiled your fuck?
Me: We didn’t start fucking anyway.
Aakansha: No comments.
Me: So, as I can sense, and I am not judging, you haven’t broken any rules in your life yet?
Afterward, I got no reply, and after waiting for 10-15 minutes, I slept. But not getting any reply doesn’t mean it is the end of the story.
The actual story begins from here. Soon, I will realize where I have landed myself with that public make-out urge of mine, from which I would find no going back.
Wait for the updates in part two, which will have some crazy, lustful, sexual adventures of an innocent deprived girl, and experiences of her lustful desires.
Part 2 coming soon.
Your feedback is extremely important and appreciated. You can connect with me via hangout or email on [email protected]