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Guys, in the earlier part I had described how I got into the profession of a male escort or a gigolo. In the first part, I told you how I got the chance to fuck and earn from three middle aged women, and how I fucked a girl of my age.
So, after drilling Sharon, I had become a fucking machine. I had money in my pocket, an experienced cock in my underwear, and a lusty brain in my head.
It was the month of August. I was eagerly waiting for Ashish’s call or a message for my next client. And then it came.
Mrs. Upaasna, the Punjaban drunkard whore, and my worst experience.
I was mad with lust now and had plans that this will be my career forever now, but my next client was about to teach me that it’s not that easy.
As I reached her address, and she opened the door, I noticed a 50 plus MILF in Kurti and salwar. She was chubby and a bit desi. I thought that she will serve me a good appetite for my cock today.
I noticed that she was drinking whiskey. I felt weird. If she was already drunk, how the heck would I fuck her? She poured a glass of whiskey for me and told me to drink it.
I politely refused telling her that I don’t drink, and it’s against my working conditions to drink while at work with a client. She seemed pissed off at this.
Anyway, she took me to the bedroom, and told me to undress while she sat, and watched me get naked. Once I had got naked she looked at my cock.
Then she said in her Punjabi accent in Hindi, “Tera nunnu (penis) toh chota sa hai, kuch kar bhi payega ya nahi?” (your cock looks small, will it be able to perform or not)?
That was so infuriating to me, but I avoided showing it, and told her, “Wait and watch.” I jumped at her with the condom packet in my hand and kissed her deeply. I was tasting the whiskey on her lips.
She immediately removed her salwar, and I pulled off the Kurti, and my kiss continued. She now got on the bed. I started to kiss her neck and shoulders. Her bra was still on, and the glass of whiskey was in her hand.
She told me to lick her down under. I pulled her panty off and started to lick it. Her vagina was stinking, and I pulled my face back, but lust made me lick even that.
Yum…. yum, I kept on licking, while she kept taking small sips of whiskey and held my head in her vagina. I got up and started to lick her belly.
She immediately pushed my mouth to her vagina and told me to keep doing it. I did it again, and after five minutes, I got up to unhook her bra.
Again as I got up, she said in an infuriated voice, “Keep licking there. I’ll tell you when to stop.” This pissed me off. I simply avoided it, and took off her bra, and grabbed her boob in my mouth.
She got really angry over this, and scolded me angrily, “You idiot, I told you to lick over there, what are doing?” I got really infuriated by now, but simply went down, and again started to lick her there, and she got out due to her hangover.
Then after licking for almost 10 minutes, I put on the condom and inserted my cock in her, and started to hump her. At first she was not conscious, but as I started to hump her harder, all of a sudden she woke up and noticed that I was fucking her.
She immediately shouted and took my cock out, and damn, she ‘slapped’ me hard. I felt scared now. She shouted at me, and said, “I told you to lick until I want it otherwise, and you started to fuck me, you idiot.”
She pulled my hair, and took my mouth to her vagina, and told me to lick and lick until she doesn’t stop me. By now my whole mood was destroyed.
I kept licking her. Then after 10 minutes she got up, got off the bed, and while wearing clothes she said, “Tere nunnu itna chota hai, dekh kar hi mene tujhe bhaga dena chahiye tha.”
(Which meant, your cock is small for me. I should have told you to get lost at the starting only).
I couldn’t even reply because she was my client, and my money was at stake here, and she was drunk. I replied by saying, “Ma’am you are drunk, that’s the problem. Otherwise, I have a really good record.”
She replied, “Ohh get lost, bloody idiot, how dare you back answer me, get out now.” I immediately wore my clothes and left.
I left extremely insulted. I thought that I will have to leave this profession if this thing happened again. She had slapped me for nothing.
When I reached home, I gave Ashish a call and told him about my experience. He immediately consoled me and said that he’ll take action against that Upaasna woman.
But he also said that maybe she’ll not pay if this had happened, which meant that even I won’t get money for my work. And that very thing happened.
That bitch only paid the agency two thousand rupees, and I didn’t get anything even after licking her smelly pussy. But that bitch was blacklisted.
I was so pissed off after this incident, that I thought I should leave this profession. I even talked with Ashish about this. He advised me to remain calm. He said such things happen, but rarely, and as I am new, this can happen.
He advised me to go and visit my family in Nashik for the festival in August. At the weekend, I took a train and went back to my home for three weeks of holidays.
I felt good meeting my mummy, and sister but also felt ashamed of myself, that what if my family comes to know about what I do.
I was sad and infuriated over that incident with that aunty. I also was feeling guilty for what I’m doing. But after the festival ended, one night I felt a bad urge to fuck, my lusty senses were back again. I got a boner 24/7.
I knew that now this would be unable for me to control. I tried to hide it, stop it, and even masturbated, which I hated the most but nothing controlled that.
My cock wanted a fuck and the rainy days were making me feel like just fuck anyone I get. Now it was uncontrollable for me. I thought of going back to Mumbai at the soonest, and get a client but that would take time.
I couldn’t wait that long. I called Ashish and asked him if he can find some client in Nashik to which he refused. I told him about my extreme urge to fuck.
After listening to me, he realized that I wouldn’t be controlled so he sent me a link to some genuine sites of escorts and prostitutes in Nashik to calm myself.
I searched there and booked a slot with one client. Her picture wasn’t available. I hadn’t met her. I just gave her a call and we fixed the price at two thousand five hundred rupees for one hour.
That day, I told my family that I’m going out with friends, but instead went to a lodge near the highway and called that lady over there.
I booked the room and was eagerly waiting for her. My testicles had filled up due to the semen in them. I had a bad urge to fuck.
And finally, someone knocked on the door. I went to open it, and here was the appetite for my cock.
Madhavi – Middle-class Marathi bhabhi
This episode reminds me how I fucked her like a bull that fucks a small cow, and that too without protection.
As I opened the door a woman in her late thirties draped in a maroon, floral saree came in with a smile. She looked pretty decent, and not like some ugly whore. I was happy that I would fuck her today.
She got off her sandals and sat quietly on the bedside. I realized that she wasn’t a prostitute as such. I asked her name and how many clients she had been with.
She smiled, and with little hesitation, she told me that her name was Madhavi, and she has never done this before. Her husband had expired due to Corona, and she has a 13-year-old son to look after.
I asked her why didn’t she do something else? She said that she had tried everything, but couldn’t get anything right as she wasn’t much educated.
She needed to pay for her son’s school fees otherwise he would be expelled, so she had to do this on the advice of one of her known high society friends.
I felt bad for her. Then she put the saree down from her right shoulder. I saw that she was wearing a maroon-colored sleeveless blouse.
Ohh fuck, that itch for a fuck surfaced again. She had just now appealed to my biggest weakness, a sleeveless blouse, and that too on a bhabhi.
I switched on the air conditioner and locked the door. She asked me for the payment before the fuck. She asked for 2500 rupees for one hour, and a single session.
I immediately removed my clothes. When I removed my underwear, I saw that shyness on her face looking at me stand naked. Oh….. la…. la.
I gave her 2500, and she said let’s start, but my hunger was big. I gave her one thousand more and said, “I really like you, so want to do it without a condom? You can take some pills later.”
First, she refused, but later seeing the extra income, she agreed, but more was to come from me. I gave her one thousand more and said, “Not one hour, I want two hours.”
She hesitated and then took all the money. She kept it in her purse and kept the purse aside. And now the game was about to begin.
I immediately held her head and brought it near my cock. She touched it and took the tip of it in her mouth. Aahh…. these middle-class women don’t know how to give a blow-job.
I inserted my whole cock in her mouth, and she started to stroke it. She did it for 2 minutes but removed it as she left nauseated.
I pulled off her saree and tried to bring it out from her waist as soon as possible, and literally pulled it out. Now she was realizing that I was getting really horny.
She smiled and said to me, “Do it calmly,” but I didn’t care. She looked exquisite in the blouse and petticoat. I started to lick her neck and shoulders.
I bit her fleshy arms and started to lick her wet armpits. Aaah, I can’t describe that in words. She noticed how horny I really was, and now she started to feel a bit uncomfortable, but I was not about to stop.
I pulled her up and told her to remove her blouse. She reluctantly unbuckled her blouse and removed it. I immediately went behind her to unhook her bra.
I tried removing it but it wasn’t opening. She tried to open it but couldn’t. I felt frustrated, and in the heat of the moment, I just pulled it badly so that it tore.
I threw her torn bra aside. She angrily said, “Aareh what is this?” I just smiled and said, “Don’t worry buy another one. Before she could say anything else, I pulled her legs and made her lie down.”
I started to kiss and bite her boobs like anything. She was very nervous now. I bit her nipple so hard that she yelled and said, “Stop it, do it like a human being not like an animal.”
I too yelled at her and told her to shut up and not to worry. I was horny as well as angry now. I kissed and licked her chubby tummy and hips.
And then I pulled her petticoat off. She herself removed her panty, otherwise, she was worried that I may tear it off. Ha….ha. Her pussy wasn’t shaved, but I was hungry.
I started to lick her pussy. She held my head and said, “You young guys do so weird things, who licks over there?” I smiled and told her to enjoy rather than talk.
She did like my licking and then it was time for fucking. I felt that the air conditioner wasn’t working properly, and we were feeling sweaty and hot. Well, I thought, why shouldn’t I enjoy a sweaty fuck session?
I told Madhavi to suck my cock for lubrication before I put it in her pussy. She took it in her mouth, and her saliva worked as a  lubricant.
I put her legs on my shoulders and inserted all my cock into her pussy. She felt uneasy, and said, “Aga bai, mota hai tumhara bohot.” (Ohh ….God, your cock is pretty fat).
I started to hump her hard. The start itself was hard and she was in pain. After 5 minutes of humping, I was all drenched in sweat. She told me to remove my cock for a moment, as she was feeling extreme pain.
But I didn’t. She yelled and even slapped my arms trying to stop me for a moment, but the monster in me was not willing to stop my assault on her.
I was feeling very lustful, and my nude body made me hornier. I fucked her more, then when I removed my cock for a change in position, she started to rub her pussy and started to cry.
I didn’t give a fuck about it. She tried to cover her pussy with her small, frail hands and said, “Please that’s it, I don’t want your money, no more please.”
I told her to co-operate for some time and it’ll be over but she resisted. Well, she was new in this profession, so maybe she was acting this way.I grabbed her hands and pressed them on the bed with my hands, and inserted my cock again. She was crying now, maybe she was scared because of her new profession.
I thought of calming her down but then remembered that it was not my responsibility. I was paying her. I continued with my fuck, missionary, back, doggy style.
She was sweating profusely, the whole bedsheet was wet from our sweat, but that was really a great feeling for me. I always dreamt of fucking like this and now I was doing it.
Meanwhile, Madhavi had already submitted to me, and she understood that the only way I would leave was to satisfy me, and then I would end the session.
I licked her sweaty armpits. Yummmy, even her odour was arousing, so were her back, and her sweaty thighs. Then while stroking her in the doggy style, suddenly I too cummed in her.
Oohh…..all the juicy material in my testicles, just oozed out in her vagina. I had fucked her enough to get her pregnant. Finally, I got down from the bed breathing heavily.
Madhavi was sobbing. After two minutes she wiped her tears, and collected her clothes, and went straight to the bathroom, and started to take a bath.
While she was taking a bath, I realized that I haven’t got the maximum out of my money. At least, I should get one more session with her before she leaves.
I straight away got up, rubbed my wet cock to make it stand up again, and went to the bathroom door. I knocked and said, “Madhavi Ji, sorry. I did it so harshly with you, but you know, one can’t control in such moments.”
She didn’t say a word. Then I told her, “I have left my mobile inside the bathroom. Kindly give it to me. She opened the door slightly, and said, “There is nothing over here.”
Just then, I pushed the door and got in. Madhavi bhabhi was wet, and tried to hide her body with her hands and yelled at me with a crying face.
She yelled, “Please, enough is enough. You did what you wanted. What are you doing now?” I grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. I said, “Madam, I have given six thousand rupees, at least let me extract its value properly.”
I spread her legs and started to fuck her in the standing position. Due to her wet booty, the noise was loud, ‘chapak……chapak…. chapak’.
Now, I cummed early and saw most of my cum instead of going in her pussy like the last time, dropped on my testicles. I pulled my cock back. Madhavi sat on the bathroom floor and started to cry.
I bathed with 2-3 jugs of water, and came out, wiped myself, and lay down in the bed, as I was completely drained of my energy after two fucking sessions.
After 10 minutes, Madhavi came out, with her hair all wet, again draped in her saree. She had left her bra over there only, as it was torn and she can’t wear it now.
I took a jibe at her with a really kinky smile on my face, “Madhavi Ji, it was a great session with you, don’t forget to take pills otherwise, you’ll get pregnant for sure now.”
She looked at me in a really disgusting way and said, “You are really a disgusting man. You do it like an animal. It was my mistake to do such a job. I’m leaving this work right now.”
And then she left. Wow, it was a great experience. I was fully satisfied. That fuck made me so contented that I didn’t get a thought of fucking for almost 3-4 weeks.
In August itself, I returned to Mumbai and shifted from that chawl room to a flat room in the Mumbai suburb. The rent was pretty manageable for me.
I contacted Ashish and told him that I’m back, and I’m really fine, and ready to get back to work. And believe me, just after four days, Ashish send me a message with the address.
Meghna aunty – boy-cut MILF who screamed and groaned.
When I reached her place, she welcomed me to her house. Now, after my previous experience with that Upaasna aunty, I was a bit nervous but Meghna aunty was really kind.
Meghna was somewhat in her late forties. She was a lady with an average height, had fair but dull skin, big eyes, and was pretty skinny, and yes, she had a boy-cut hairstyle, that was so sexy.
Before the fuck, she told me something about her personal life. Her husband divorced her because she was barren, and can’t give birth and since then she is living in sadness.
I felt bad for her. She talked a lot and almost for 45 minutes she kept talking. Finally, we went to the bedroom. I stripped and she appreciated my good physique.
And then the kissing, licking, stripping started. And when I penetrated her in her pussy, Ooh my God, she screamed loudly. I got scared.
I pulled it out. She laughed at this and said sorry to me. She said that she was a screamer, and advised me to hold her mouth tightly when I fuck her.
And so I did. I stroked her nicely, and she tried a lot to scream but couldn’t as I had held her mouth tight. I fucked her in a standing position too. It was becoming my favourite now.
I took one of her legs and lifted it, then I made her hold me by my shoulder, and ‘ghap….. ghap….. ghap, I fucked her. That was fantastic.
Her boobs were really small though. She was looking really happy after the fuck, and offered me lunch. We had lunch together.
I told her to give me good ratings, as it was really necessary for me. She assured me that she will. What a good lady she was. Now at this point, fucking was no more a big thing for me. I was content as far as we need sex in life.
I got 20 thousand from Meghna aunty. I was really happy now, I was thinking about a great career which was waiting for me. But just then in the first week of September, I got a call from Ashish.
He informed me that he needed to leave for Dubai as he also had some businesses in Dubai. He informed me that he won’t be able to come before December, and for the next 3 months or so he won’t be able to provide clients for me.
I was really stressed listening to this. Now I had to depend upon an alternate job as well. Being a Gigolo has fun and money, but also experiences like with Upaasna aunty can happen.
Therefore, I took the decision that I’ll do a regular job, and also work as a gigolo. This would help me to earn from multiple sources. Also, my lust for sex would be met.
Soon I found a call-center job, as I did not want to do a sales job again. Call center jobs are much better and well paid. So for the next three months, I worked at a call center and waited for Ashish to return.
These three months were a roller-coaster ride for me. A girl named Ashwini came into my life. I will share the experiences, I got with her, in my next story.
Till that time stay safe and stay connected.
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