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Hi everyone! This is a story about the night I enjoyed with one of my friends when my wife is sleeping in the next room. During my college as well as working time, I had some nice sex experiences. This is one of the most interesting and kinky experiences I ever had.
Let me give a quick introduction about me. I am 5.7 in height with a decently built body.
The good thing about me is in due time I have tried many things with girls and learned their liking and desires in sex and the ways they want to enjoy getting a complete pleasurably experience. I do it with lots of passion.
I was having a job interview in Pune, so I told my wife that we can stay at my friend’s place instead of booking a hotel. She also agreed to it since she was familiar with my friends.
We traveled to Pune one day before the interview date.
Let me tell you about my friend. She is 5.6 in height. She has a very fair complexion and a curvy structure. But the main attraction is her huge boobs with pink nipples. I used to have a huge crush on her, but she was in a relationship with another guy, so I didn’t make a move.
I and my friend used to get drunk together, and I have seen that we had a connection. I was hoping I will get a chance with this sexy bitch one day!
When I called her and told her about my plans to stay at her place, my friend readily accepted. Then I also came to know in that she had a breakup recently.
As soon as we reached her place, we got settled and then had dinner. We were talking for some time about our life and work stuff. My wife said she was tired, and she wanted to sleep. We arranged the bed for her and I told her that I will come in some time.
I was talking with my friend in the hall. We were discussing general stuff. Suddenly, I told her, “I wish you were single before my marriage.”
After hearing that, my friend was very curious and asked me why. I told her that I had a huge crush on her and I wished that I had dated her. She was shocked to hear this.
Then my friend started asking questions about my intentions when we were in college. I told her that I didn’t make a move since she was committed.
We were talking generally about life after college. We were sharing everything since we were very open and comfortable. Suddenly, my friend asked me what I like in her. I was a little reluctant to tell her, but then I thought what is the harm in being open.
I told her that I was crazy about her big boobs. My friend was shocked but she laughed.
My friend said, “There is nothing special about my boobs. It’s the same as the others.”
I told her, “Your boobs busty and have the perfect shape.” She got shy. I felt that things were working in my favor and if I made a move, I could have my friend’s boobs to suck forever!
I looked in her eyes. It was an intense eye contact between us. Slowly, I kept my hand on her cheeks and kissed her lips. She didn’t resist or push me away.
So I was sucking her lower lips and soon, our tongues were playing with each other. I sucked my sexy friend’s tongue along with her saliva. Wow!! I was in heaven.
My college friend was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt. I didn’t waste a minute and pressed my favorite boobs.
Wow! They were huge, soft and so firm. There was no sign of sagging. I was awestruck. I started sucking my friend’s big tits. To be frank, my mouth was full.
Then I removed my friend’s t-shirt and took both boobs in my hands. I was pressing them hard and sucking those nipples. Furthermore, I even forgot that my wife was sleeping in the next room!
My friend then stopped me and reminded me of my wife. I slowly opened the door and saw my wife sleeping peacefully. I was not at all in a mood to control myself that day. It was like I got the treasure after searching for a lifetime.
So I lifted my friend and placed her on the sofa. I started kissing her lips. I was licking her from her navel to her forehead. I inserted my tongue in her deep navel, and was playing with it. Not only that, but I held her boobs and sucked her nipples at the same time.
I bit my sexy friend’s nipples softly and she made a sexy moaning sound. Then I lifted her skirt and I saw her panties with wet patches near her crotch.
I kissed over her panties and pulled it down to see the heavenly hole hidden in her trimmed hair. The smell was so good.
I didn’t want to waste even a second and the thought that my wife may come anytime and catch me gave me more excitement. So I spread my gorgeous friend’s legs and admired the beauty of her pussy for a few seconds. Then I spread her pussy lips and rubbed her clitoris along with the outer area of her pussy. She was going crazy.
I was rubbing in circles on her clitoris and licked her clitoris. Slowly, I went near her hole. When I inserted my tongue inside my friend’s pussy, she was going ecstatic. I began tongue-fucking her.
After a few minutes, I spread her pussy lips and increased my speed of tongue-fucking her. I inserted one finger in my aroused friend’s ass while eating her pussy. It was making me hornier to see her expressions as she was enjoying it so much.
My friend was holding my head and making me rub my face on her pussy. I was licking all the juice coming out of her pussy. I could feel her legs vibrating, and she was reaching her climax.
Then she said, “It feels so great,” and kissed my lips. It was her turn to give back the pleasure. My friend went on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it so well. I pushed my cock completely in her mouth and she was choking. I started fucking her mouth very hard.
Her boobs were shaking when she was sucking my cock and that is making me go crazy. I was slapping her face with my cock and rubbing my cock on her face and boobs.
Then I decided it is time to fuck my friend’s pussy. I know that her bedroom balcony has a nice view since we used to have drinking parties there.
I took her to the balcony and made her lie in the doggy style. She was facing the road and holding the bar. I was rubbing my cock on her pussy and inserted it in. The wet pussy made it so easy to put my cock in. I started to stroke slowly and increased the speed gradually. I was holding her hip and fucking her pussy hard.
Then I changed the position to stand and lifted her. I was lifting her up and down making her sitting on my cock. We were doing this for 15 minutes. Then I made her lie down.
I was rubbing her clitoris with my fingers and shaking my fingers hard inside her pussy. Soon, her body was shaking, and she had her second orgasm.
Then my friend went on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She gave me a wonderful mouth-job and made me cum all over her.
We lay down like that for some time. Then we realized that my wife is sleeping in the other bedroom. So, I happily went and slept with my wife.
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