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Hi, this is Zain. I am here to talk about a shy Indian girl, who is sweet as nectar and salty as the skin drenched in beach sand and water. About a year ago, when I was traveling to Bihar with my friend to attend a friend’s wedding, I never expected to meet my soulmate there.
She was 23 years old and golden skinned beauty, who herself wasn’t aware of her true beauty. She had perfect sized body for her age, and she sure had a scent on her that kept me pulling me toward her.
I was introduced to her by my friend as she was his cousin and I started talking to her casually. But I sensed she already knew I was into her, so she started avoiding me.
I was caught up with the wedding and adjusting to the place so I too didn’t give much attention to the shy girl. But one night, I got in to kitchen for some water, and there she was, trying to find something for herself too.
She was in a thin t-shirt and a night pyjamas that felt so soft like linen. I was seeing her this way for the first time. It looked like she wasn’t wearing any bra. And her boobs were naturally shaped and projecting outward. I got a hard-on just by the thought of looking at her.
I tried to have a little conversation and asked her if she needed my help. She was quite silent and was shy to open up. But eventually while she was preparing herself some Maggi, she started opening up.
She asked me if I needed some noodles, to which I said, “Only if I can help you in cooking it.”
She giggled and said that it was almost done. But I said, “I still wanna help stir and serve it on a bowl.”
She liked the way I was being nice to her. Now she started liking my company and she asked me if I was comfortable in Bihar and how everything else was arranged for my stay there. I totally felt that the Bihari girl had a caring and loving personality.
I tired to help her serve the noodles and then we sat on the kitchen floor to eat the noodles together.
It was silent again as she was busy eating and I felt I should be the one to talk to her. So I joked saying, “We are already on a dinner date,” to which she was a bit shocked at first but smiled hanging down her head in an awkwardly manner.
I said, “I was just joking but I would love to take you on a date one day.”
To which she said, “I don’t go out much, and never feel comfortable.”
I said “Who wants to go out, when we can have a date night within the confines of a home.”
The shy girl was amused how I was trying so desperately for her attention. She broke the silence and asked me why I was interested in her. I said, “I find you beautiful and pure.” To which she said, “I am not.”
And then I realized she was conscious of her looks and behavior. I felt she had been a typical introverted shy girl for so long that she didn’t accept the possibility of a guy interested in her.
I asked if she had a boyfriend, she said she can never even dream of having one. And she feels it is very unsure if anyone would even want to marry her.
I was speechless for a while, seeing her so ignorant of the fact that she was so beautiful in and out and being so low in self confidence. I decided to make her believe that. I try to reason with her but she was so uncomfortable that she left the kitchen without finishing her bowl of the noodles.
I felt that it will take more than words to get through to her.
The next day in the morning, I saw her with the kids there and she was really getting along with them well. The kids loved her and she was famous among the kids at the wedding.
The wedding night was just a couple of days to go and the preparations were speeding up. I tried to do my best to help but whenever we came across each other, we would freeze for millisecond.
I lost track of time and the day passed by and I wanted to meet the hot Bihari girl privately. I told her at the dinner time that I will wait for her on the terrace around 1 am in the night. She didn’t reply but left hurriedly.
Once everyone went to bed, I slowly made my way to the terrace. It was 5 minutes past 1 am and I felt I was late. I did not find her there.
I sat down on one of the pillars there staring up on the starry sky. After waiting for about 20 minutes, I decided to give up. And I was about to walk down, when I heard some footsteps approaching. To my delight, there she was, walking up like an angel.
I smiled and wanted her to come more closer. But the shy north Indian girl stayed far away from the pillar I was at.
I took courage and walked toward her and said, “Thanks for coming.”
She said, “I didn’t feel right keeping you waiting” and told me to stop making any advances to avoid heart break later. I told her no one’s getting their heart broke when I am involved.
She felt weaker standing there. So I held by her shoulders and asked her to sit down. We stayed there looking around and not sure what to do. I thought this would be the time to tell her how beautiful she was.
I moved closer to her to which she flinched but didn’t move away. I felt this is the sign I needed and I quickly kissed her on her cheeks! She wasn’t expecting that. And then I told her that I love her.
She was about to get up and leave so I held her hand. And I pulled her closer. I kissed her on her lips holding her back and she moaned and cried a little. There was less resistance but mostly out of pleasure. She said that nobody touched her this way before. I was not surprised as she was so innocent and shy person.
I tried to push her on the floor and started kissing her neck. She was wearing a jacket sweater and I took her jacket zip and kissed her upper chest. She called out my name in pleasure.
I was so aroused that I took out my cock and showed it to her. She was amazed to see the size of it and mostly because that she saw something like this for real, up this close for the first time.
I didn’t wanna stop and pulled up her t-shirt to kiss the shy girl’s nipples and started sucking them. She tried to push me away gently as it was uncontrollable to handle all the pleasure.
I tried to take her pyjamas off and started to spread her legs to suck her off. She was hairy and that felt arousing at that moment. I started to slurp and bite her clit. And then I couldn’t handle it and tried to put the tip of my cock on her pussy. I rubbed it up and down.
She hesitated as it was her first time and that she was a bit scared. I relaxed her by saying, “We won’t do it if you don’t want it.” I tried to put it in but she yelled in pain and I asked if it was painful and she said that she was just scared.
The virgin girl told me to do it and I tried again and she stopped me again. I held back and then she said, “I want you to be satisfied.” So she started rubbing my cock and giving me a handjob. I was already so aroused that I said I was gonna cum and she told me to do it. And I came.
She told me that she will try next time to get my cock in her. I told there was no need to rush.
There is more of this to continue. I’d like to keep this one short.
Thanks for reading, let me know if you want me to write the rest of this encounter, and a sweet one indeed that it stayed until now. And I hope it stays forever.