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Hello readers, I have not received any response in form of comments or email from you, but looking at the number of likes and hits, I feel motivated to share the rest of the part of that incident.
I had shared earlier the incident which happened between me and my ex. Just a quick intro and a recap. I am Aarav 25 years old.
Please read the first part before reading this (link given on top).
I am 5’ 7” of average built, with a few extra pounds and with a decent 6 inches and a cock with a good girth. My friend Payal, who is 3 years elder than me, is one sexy woman. She has amazing boobs (34DD) and a great ass, and on top of that, her dusky skin tone makes her look like a sex goddess.
Now coming back to the story, the moment Payal removed her top in order to express to me how comfortable she was with me, I became like a mad dog. This was for the first time that a woman was in my arms in her inner and breathing and sweating heavily. All that she wanted was just my passionate love.
The removal of her top made her expose her perfectly shaped shoulders, which were her prime attraction. I was already kissing her like a wild beast on her neck. In fact, I was eating and biting her neck all over, which was making her moan like anything.
We didn’t care if the noises were going out. We were just indulged with each other like anything. I was sliding over her collar bone with my tongue from her warm neck and making horizontal lines over it with my tongue. It was all so spontaneous with no fixed pattern, in order to make her feel that element of anonymity of what was going to happen next.
Just when I was making those horizontal lines with my tongue, I grabbed her neck in an intense way and right in between that depression of collar bone and shoulder I sucked her skin with my lips.
I then moved my tongue in it as if I was drinking her nectar, which made her mad. My friend’s moaning went like this, “Ohhhh goooddddd, aaaahhhhh..”
I started slapping my tongue over her shoulder like a pat while gently choking her with one hand. y other hand was holding her wrist so that she could feel my dominance all over her body and spirit. Her left shoulder was completely dry as compared to the right one which I was sucking.
I suddenly poured my saliva over her other collar bone.
It started moving, giving her shivers, and in the very next second, I sucked it all. In all this expression of lust, romance wasn’t absent even for a second.
For the first time, I lowered her inner strap, and her bra strap too, and kissed where the strap was on her shoulder. It was a gentle tickling kiss and then I put the strap back. I had no intention of undressing her completely. I was soaked into the moment with my mind numb, and loving all that was in front of me.
While kissing her continuously in a rhythmic manner, I was taking sudden deep sniffs from her, in order to absorb her fragrance. It was during one of those many sniffs, that she held me by my hair firmly, pulled me up from her shoulder, and pushed me sideways (now we both are facing each other).
Then she locked her lips with mine. But this time, it was quite different. My friend started pouring her saliva into my mouth, and it felt like she was holding it for long just for this.
(Some people don’t like such intense foreplay, but to tell you, I prefer and enjoy the dark aspects of lust very much, and this is what gave me shivers.)
The thought of her taking charge and pouring her saliva into my mouth was making me even harder. For hours, my cock was in full glory, but tightly wrapped in my pants. After pouring all her saliva into my mouth, she removed my t-shirt and threw it away and immediately hugged my burning body.
This time, her shoulders were caressing mine. After a few minutes, I took control of her by holding her hair gently, and pulled her back a little. Then I kept my fingers on her lips (vertically) in a teasing way, and started smooching her. This time, my friend was sitting right in front of me with her head back.
I was leaning over her, right above her face. As I earlier mentioned, I didn’t even think of going into her clothes. I was feeling her cheeks, neck, even eyebrows while kissing her. She held my hand and put it over her bulging, big boobs over her inners and pressed it by herself, to convey to me that it is a green signal to go.
I wasted no time and started fondling, and pressing her boobs with my hand while still kissing her. My other hand was sliding from her chin to neck to the bulge of her other boob.
While I was still pressing one boob with my hand over her inners, this time my other hand went gradually into her inners and lowered the same, exposing her bra. Her bra was tight and short so, it was barely covering her nipples. That bulging DD got me mad and I passionately buried my face right between her warm vibrating (nerves) melons.
I started licking my friend’s cleavage after taking deep sniffs. Oh god, her fragrance there was so lustfully erotic that I couldn’t resist but to be a sex monster!
I took myself back and looked directly into her eyes. I slid both my hands inside her bra cups and covered both her boobies. They were warm, big, and soft. That was my first conscious touch (ehsaas) of her breasts. I was overwhelmed. But for me, more than my pleasure, what I had in my mind was to make her feel every bit of it.
I was feeling the ecstasy from the way her body was reacting to the love I was making. I was rubbing her already erect nipple with the centre of my palms, which she was enjoying like anything.
Afterward, in just one go, I lowered her cups without any effort. Now my friend’s extremely big boobs were hanging right in front of me over her bra and they were in my hands.
I held one of her breasts with both my hands and started pressing and squeezing. I was making different types of motions. She was responding very affirmatively to those movements. I was never with any woman before, but that was not at all visible with what I was able to do.
I started circling her areola with my tongue, which made her mad like anything. She was not able to control that tickling and erotic sensation. She held me with my hair, and stuffed her nipple into my face to express that, “Do not tease me anymore, eat me like your bitch.”
I did the same. I licked her nipple, sucked her, both like a baby and a beast, which she was enjoying like anything. I took rotations and worked for an hour on both her boobs.
We both like the idea of being semi-naked (discussed later gradually) than being totally naked. That’s why I didn’t remove her bra that time and enjoyed the melons bouncing out of that bra over her cups while both her bra and inners were still intact.
I pushed her on the bed again and made her lay on the bed. I was now rubbing my chest over her breasts, and kissing her again.
Afterward, I was literally eating the bulges of the boobs which definitely gave her love bites which we both realized later. She took me again to herself and for the first time uttered something.
“I can’t be the first woman you are with. You are a beast… and see you have made me all wet, my panty is totally wet. I have never felt that wet before. No one ever did foreplay for so many hours (4). See how wet you have made me.”
My heart started pounding even faster from the thought of going to her pussy.
Was it actually going to happen? I thought we were just making out (obviously all in my head), and I just wanted to taste how a pussy tastes like.
I went down to her legs, laying down, her hand moving to the button of her jeans, and opening it very slowly while looking at me directly in my eyes.
To be continued.
This time, I expect all the readers that if you enjoy what I am narrating, kindly let me know. I hope your responses will motivate me to narrate the remaining part very soon.