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Hi all, I want to tell you about my great sex experience. This is a real story. This happened when I was staying alone. My wife was away at her mother’s place for her delivery.
I was staying in an apartment complex. In the flat opposite mine, there was a beautiful looking couple, in their 30’s. The guy was a friend of mine for a long time. They never had a child.
After a discussion with them, I came to know that they had some medical problems. As his wife – her name is Liya (name changed) – told me when she was alone that her husband is incapable of making her pregnant as he had a sperm deficiency.
One day when her husband was away she came to my house and asked me a favor after some casual conversation. She told me that she would be very grateful if I accompany her to the hospital.
Liya wanted me to donate my sperms so that they can use those sperms to help her to become pregnant. I told her, “Can I give you one suggestion if you don’t mind?”
“Don’t get angry with me. Instead of attending the program, I am ready to give you my sperm, if you think that will be helpful.” I further told her,
“Instead of going to the hospital to donate sperms, it will be better to inject my sperms directly in a natural way. Then the success rate will also be higher. You think about it and let me know.”
My neighbour’s wife understood what I had told her. She said that she will discuss my suggestion with her husband and come back to me. She smiled and left.
The next day she told me that she had discussed it with her hubby and he had agreed to the proposal. She told me that after her periods, from the next day we can start the process. I became fully happy.
After 4 days, my neighbour’s wife came and told me from tomorrow we can start the process.
The next day, I went to Liya’s house. Her hubby was there too. We all had dinner. They gave me nice food.
At 9.30 pm, her hubby told me and his wife to go and start the process. Liya took me to her bedroom. It was filled with some good fragrance. She held my hands and asked me to sit in the bed.
She told me, “I am all yours, you have to donate the sperms till I become pregnant,” I agreed. She was really a beautiful Indian young woman around 28 years.
I told her, “Before donating the sperms, I have to make you fully aroused and make you ready to receive my sperms. Then it will be very successful and I will bestow you with a beautiful baby.” She agreed.
Before starting the process, we exchanged our cell numbers and started chatting. So, we had a casual sex chat also. I told her what I will do to her. She was responding nicely.
I told her, “When the process starts, please keep your bottom in a natural way. Don’t wash and take away the natural aroma and taste, please..” I begged her. She agreed.
My neighbour’s wife again said, “You can do all that you want to donate sperms.”
We both hugged each other and gave a lip to lip kiss. I tasted her lips and her mouth juice. I lifted and lay her on the bed.
I removed her saree and petticoat. Now I have a beautiful lady in front of me who was 80% naked. I removed my pant and shirt.
Then I caressed her for a long time. I kissed all over her face. Now I started licking her armpits. The smell and aroma of Liya’s armpits were so nice that I enjoyed it a lot. I licked both her armpits for a long time.
I removed my neighbour’s wife’s bra and started sucking her beautiful elegant boobs. It was so nice. Liya started moaning. I was slowly licking everywhere. Then I went down.
I reached her feet and held her beautiful, smart, soft feet in my hands and kissed, licked all over her feet. I touched her feet to my face, chest, and body.
I removed her panty. My neighbour’s wife had a beautiful, nicely shaven cunt. Anybody seeing that cunt will get aroused. I gave a kiss to her cunt. I said, “To donate sperms I need to make your cunt fully aroused.”
“I need to talk to your cunt with my mouth and tongue.” She was laughing. I gave a kiss to her cunt. A nice aroma was coming out of her cunt. This made me fully horny.
I inserted my tongue inside the married woman’s cunt and started tasting. There were some drops of piss and also a slight piss smell.
Liya asked, “Should I clean my cunt and come to you for your licking?” I told her, “No, my tongue will clean it and I need to enjoy the natural taste of cunt.”
My neighbour’s wife was fully happy. She told me she will go to the washroom to release her urine and come back. I told her, “, I will do it all for you.”
I put my mouth on her cunt and told her to urinate in my mouth. She was astonished and said, “No.. no, don’t do that.” I didn’t agree and started sucking and she had to release her urine in my mouth!
I drank all her urine. It was slightly salty and I had a very nice experience. Her cunt had a natural smell and aroma. As I had requested, she had kept it for me to clean it with my tongue. The natural smell and aroma made me very, very, horny.
I licked her cunt from all angles. Then I inserted my tongue deep inside her cunt. I cleaned my neighbor’s wife’s cunt thoroughly with my tongue. I sucked her cunt in mouthfuls.
While licking her cunt, Liya put her feet on my neck and back. That gave me another joy. Her soft feet touching my back, made me feel like I was in heaven. She was nicely cooperating in all the ways that I wanted.
The taste of her cunt is really superb and that I have not seen anywhere. I was lucky to see that natural taste and drink her urine directly from her cunt, where will I ever get such an opportunity?
Liya was in full ecstasy and started moaning as she held my head and pushed it towards her cunt. She started releasing the juice from her cunt. I started drinking all the juice and drank more and more.
Then I kissed all over her thighs. She told me, “Please I can’t bear it anymore. Please insert your sperm tool, hurry up.” I still licked her cunt more and more and I enjoyed all the sweet, tasty juice from her cunt.
Later, I inserted my hard cock inside her soft beautiful cunt. I fucked my neighbour’s wife for 10 minutes and donated my sperm deep inside her cunt. She was fully happy. She told me she never enjoyed sex like this.
After half an hour, she told me she needed one more round. I agreed. I told her you will have to do everything as I will lie down. I can help you only a little bit. I have to lick your cunt again but you need to bring it near my mouth.
I lay down on the bed. Liya started kissing me. She started sucking my soft cock and made it fully erect again. She came near my face and put her cunt on my face. I licked her cunt thoroughly. My own sperm was there on her cunt. I licked and sucked everything.
I told her, “When you are satisfied with licking, you can use my cock and ride it as long as you want.”
Liya asked, “Really? Can I use it for at least 30 minutes?”
I told her, “Keeping the cock hard for a long duration is your responsibility. There is the trick. If you ride it very fast, it will cum in 10 minutes, but if you ride it slowly you can enjoy it for a long time, as long as you want. You should only taste the cock.” She agreed.
My neighbour’s wife removed her cunt from my face and came down. She sucked my cock deeper and made it very hard. I inserted my cock in her cunt and started riding it from the top. She sometimes was riding it fast. At that time, I told her to slow down.
Liya continued to fuck my cock for almost 1 hour. She was tired and finally, she exerted pressure and made it fast.
I was in full joy and happiness that I could satisfy her fully. My cock finally gave up and released the second round of sperms in her cunt.
Liya told me, “More than you, your cock is very active. He is upright, and strong for such a long time.”
While I was taking complete rest, my cock was fully erect and active deep inside her cunt giving full joy to her in all respect.
She told me, “Now, this is my cock. Till I become pregnant, don’t use it anywhere else including for masturbation without my permission.” I happily agreed.
Liya told me she was fully happy with all the processes. She told me, “Please cooperate with me till I become pregnant.” I agreed. We slept hugging each other the entire night.
In the early morning around 5 am, again my neighbour wife started sucking my cock and fucked my cock from the top for another 45 minutes. Then I left at 7 am. While I was leaving their house, her hubby thanked me and told me to cooperate and keep it confidential. I agreed.
This continued for 5 months. In the 5th month, she told me that she has become pregnant and was carrying for 2 months. I was happy. Both husband and wife were very, very happy. They thanked me a lot. They gave me gold ring as a gift.
Liya told me, “I can still enjoy it for another 2 months.” I also agreed and enjoyed it for another 2 months with this pregnant lady. During pregnancy, she was looking more beautiful.
Her cunt taste was so, so nice. It was really a very sweet taste. I am really lucky to enjoy that taste. After the 3rd month of pregnancy, she was fucking me from the top as I should not exert any pressure from the top.
This time she told me, “All this while you were giving joy to me. Now I will give joy to you….sorry, my cock. I want to feel the taste of your sperms.”
Liya fully utilized my cock every time when we had sex for more than an hour. She took my cock in her hand, caressed, kissed, and licked from all angles, and finally sucked it for half an hour.
At midnight, Liya again took my cock in her mouth and sucked. She sucked and exhausted my cock. She squeezed the cock deeply and fully extracted all the cum by sucking and pulling deeply in her mouth.
I could not do anything as she was in full control of my cock. She even gave a soft bite on my cock. I had to just enjoy what she was doing. She extracted the maximum amount of cum from my cock and enjoyed the taste. Finally, she got tired and slept on me.
As usual in the morning, Liya again used the cock, sucked it, made it hard, and fucked it for 1 hour. As she had control of my cock, I can’t do anything. I had to just obey to what she was doing. I really enjoyed this as this was a pleasure without many workouts.
Liya told me, “You are so lazy, but thank god your cock is very active all the time. I want it like that only, hot, strong, and energetic.”
One day, Liya fucked me from the top for almost one and a half an hour. But my cock was still strong and erect. She knows how to handle the cock from the top for a longer duration.
Liya knew that if I fuck in a missionary position, I cannot control the cock for long, maybe a maximum of 15 minutes only. Most of the time, she will ask me to lick her everywhere, and her beautiful cunt. I need to lick and clean it, her armpit, her boobs, and her feet all so nice.
One day she had not taken bath for 2 days due for some reason. That time her armpit was very tasty. Her cunt that day tasted more and more natural.
The aroma was very nice that day. I enjoyed a lot by licking her cunt. Even she also fully enjoyed it. I was also enjoying myself to the fullest and was satisfied.
Later my neighbour’s wife introduced me to one more beautiful friend of hers, also for the same sperm donation process. I made her also pregnant. Her cunt was very tasty.
In fact, Liya was not cleaning her cunt while taking bath also. So there was a more natural smell and taste in her cunt which she purposefully gave it to me as a gift of natural cunt taste.
Initially, it was salty and as I licked it, it had a sweet juice tasty. This lady had cunt juice which was very tasty and she had a little more juice coming out of her beautiful cunt when I was licking.
Both of us enjoyed it a lot in all possible ways. My neighbour’s wife used my cock for a long time in every manner possible. She gave me a blow job also.
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