Desi housewife used well by Truck Drivers

Madhu cursed under her breath as she heard the announcement. Her flight from Mumbai to Bangalore had been cancelled due to a technical problem. This was the night before Diwali weekend. You are reading this antervasna story on Desi bahu dot com. There was no way she would get another flight.

She tried all the airline counters, and as expected, was told that all flights for 2 days were booked.

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A few quick calls to travel agents brought more bad news.

antervasna chudaiAll trains and buses were booked as well. And all car rental companies were overbooked too. Last minute travel on Diwali weekend is impossible.

It was 11 in the night. She had to reach Bangalore by the next evening for a crucial meeting. Her job depended on it. Madhu finally tried the last travel agent in her contact book.

“Hello, Star Travels, Rashid here.” the voice said.

“Hello. I need to reach Bangalore as soon as possible.” Madhu said

“Madam, there is no ticket available in anything. Why don’t you try renting a car?”

“I did try to. But even they are sold out. Please, is there no way I can get to Bangalore by tomorrow evening?”

Rashid asked Madhu to stay on the line. She could hear some conversation in the background. Finally Rashid said,

“Madam, there is one way. But I don’t know if you will want to try it. I assure you it is safe but….”

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“Which way? Tell me. Any way will do”.

Selva was having his dinner in his truck when his cell phone rang. It was his old friend Rashid.

“Selva, listen, do you want to make a quick buck?”

“Always.” Selva answered, swallowing another spoonful.

“There is a woman who absolutely must reach Bangalore by tomorrow. Her flight got cancelled and she can’t find any other tickets.” You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“Hmmm…Diwali weekend rush?”

“Yes. You’re leaving for Bangalore in a while, right? Give her a ride. She’s ready to pay 2000 rupees for the ride.”

“Wow, who can refuse such a deal? This woman….. Is she pretty?” Selva asked.

“Haha, I don’t know. Just spoke to her on the phone. But Selva you dog, don’t try anything funny. You were lucky to escape in that Gujrati woman’s situation.

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Midnight. Madhu was inside the cabin of the truck. She was sitting near the window. Selva was driving. Between the two was the truck’s second driver Mobashir. The truck was on its way out of Bombay city limits.

Madhu had handed over half the money and kept her luggage in the back of the truck. The truck belonged to a mover and packer company and its cargo consisted of mainly furniture and other household items.

There was some small talk with the two drivers. Madhu told them she needed to get to Bangalore. Selva assured her they would reach by evening.

An hour later the truck stopped at a roadside shack for some refreshments. And that’s when the story really begins. You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“Why are we stopping here, Mobashir?” Madhu asked the co-driver sitting next to her.

“Some tea. We need to have tea every couple of hours to drive at night.

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Or else sleep can take over.” Selva answered. Mobashir didn’t say anything. He hadn’t said much since Madhu got into the truck.

He had seen how pretty she was and instantly developed a crush on her. Madhu was 28 years old, slim and shapely with shoulder length black hair.

She was dressed in a knee length skirt, a full sleeve blouse and a scarf. Madhu had thought about changing into something a bit less revealing.

What she was wearing would not be considered revealing in most cities.

But for truck drivers, she was sure that a sight of her milky white shins and a hint of her cleavage would be arousing. She took a scarf out of her bag to cover up her chest, and wore knee length socks to cover her legs.

However, covering her chest with a scarf had an opposite effect on Mobashir.

He kept wondering what lay beneath the scarf.

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