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Hi, my dear sexy, and romantic guys. I am Anil from Hyderabad. This is my first and true story about my wife Madhavi. She is very homely and a decent girl. Her stats are 34-32-38. She is very sexy and has a smooth body. When we were newly married, we enjoyed our sexual sessions. Then, due to health reasons, I was not able to satisfy her in bed.
After several attempts and fights over this matter, I suggested my wife that she can have sex with someone else.
At first, my wife did not like this idea. But, after lots of discussions, she agreed to try it out, and finally, my wife was ok with the idea to have enjoyment with another guy. As per our thoughts, we decided to search for a stranger. So, I searched on social platforms.
After a couple of weeks, we found a guy whose name was Vamsi. He was in his thirties. I started chatting with him daily at night. After a few days of chatting, I came to know that we could trust him. So, I showed his pic to my sexy wife Madhavi. She said that he was good.
I told him that my wife was okay with his picture, and he was overjoyed. But before going into the actual session, we planned to meet casually.
One fine day, we met at Coffee Day at Banjara hills. He came there and greeted us. He gave a handshake to my wife. Then he hugged her casually.
We chitchatted on random topics. The guy was looking at my wife ravenously as though he was going to eat her body! That day, she was wearing jeans and a short kurthi. My wife’s 34 sized boobs were clearly visible in shape over her top. I got a phone call in between, and I went to another corner table to talk.
At that time, I could see that they both were talking and laughing like lovers. After I finished my call, I joined them back at the table. I asked Madhavi about him. She looked at me. I told Vamsi that she was ok with him as of now. He was very happy to hear this and told us that he had a great time.
After we finished our coffee, we said good bye to him and came out. He was watching my wife’s structure from top to bottom and fucking her with his eyes!
That night, we had a call with him. He praised my wife’s beauty and told me that I was very lucky to have a girl like her. My wife began to blush hearing his words.
I told her that anybody will fall in love with her beauty. Later they became very close over the phone and were constantly chatting. Once, he sent his dick pictures to me and I showed them to my wife. She was very excited about the size of his cock. He was very excited too and was asking for an actual session.
I asked my wife about the plan. She said that after her monthly period cycle, she was ok to carry out our plans. Here, I have to tell you guys, that my wife Madhavi would have too many sexual urges after her periods.
I told him that they can plan for the upcoming week. He requested a full weekend. I asked my wife about the duration. She was afraid to commit for 2-3 days. Then I told her that she can decide about this later if she likes his performance and behaviour.
I informed him about the plan and he said that he will arrange all things for that beautiful session. As per our plan, we will go to his place on the weekend like on a Saturday morning and will come back by Monday or later based on her desires and concerns.
My wife’s menstrual periods were over by Wednesday. She was excited and nervous as that day was approaching. She went to the beauty parlor on Friday and did some facial etc. that women always do to look better. She removed all unnecessary hair from her body.
On Friday, we had a great session. My wife’s pussy was very wet and she released a huge quantity of liquids that time. I was sure that she was thinking about the upcoming session with Vamsi.
On Friday they both talked over the phone. Madhavi looked very happy and relieved.
Finally, the day came. After taking a bath, my wife wore a pink colored saree which was her favorite. It was a transparent silk saree, and her navel and boobs are clearly visible over through the saree.
My wife packed enough clothes for the next 2-3 days. She had taken her jeans, skirts, and lingerie sets. I was wondering why as she would be nude mostly!
Vamsi came to our home to pick us up. He had booked a guest house for 3 days. I went to the back seat, and she sat beside him in the front seat. He hugged her and praised her beauty in her saree. She was very shy and told us to start the journey.
On the way to his guest house, we picked up the necessary items like food and drinks. He went to one supermarket and bought the condom packets, which was a combo pack of honeymoon special.
We reached the guest house. It is a little away from Hyderabad and was on the outskirts of the city. But it was a very beautiful house. Nobody else was there. Only a caretaker was there to maintain the guest house.
Vamsi spoke to the care-taker and told him that we will manage and gave him leave. Now, nobody else was there and we were the only occupants. There were no other houses near our guest desi kahani house.
After we had entered, the caretaker guided us to all rooms and showed them to us. Then, my wife went to the kitchen and kept all the food and drinks in the fridge. Vamsi called us to the bedroom. It’s very beautifully decorated with rose and jasmine flowers.
Madhavi was looking with wide-open eyes and was very excited. He told her that it was his dream to fuck a beautiful girl in that atmosphere. I told him that his dream was soon going to be fulfilled. He thanked me a lot for accepting him as my wife’s new sexual partner.
We sat in the hall for some time and chitchatted. She went to the kitchen to drink some water. He also followed her and I heard lip kissing sounds. I was very happy to see the change in her behavior. Normally my wife was very shy of strangers.
Then, they came to the hall and she sat beside me. Her face became red and shy. I understood her feelings now.
He asked me, “Can we start, Anil?”
I told him, “Why not? But, ask her.”
My wife immediately looked at me for my confirmation. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. “I love you, Madhu. You need all these things. Enjoy fully. There are no restrictions for both of you.”
I told him, “Do whatever you want with her, but with her permission.”
He said, “Yes Anil, I will take care of her feelings and concerns.”
He requested both of us that he wanted slow and long sessions. She looked at me. I said, “It is up to you both to decide how to do it.”
He thanked me and asked her. “Are you ready, Madhavi?”
She was looking down and did not say anything. Again, he asked her. She nodded her head. He was very happy and excited. He told us that we can leave from there by Monday night or Tuesday morning. I said, “Ok.”
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