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Hi this is Akash. I am back after a long time with another story of my online aunty Sudha. This is the same aunty from the first story. You can read it from the link above.
After we had sex in the hotel room, we did not meet for a long time since she was working night shifts, and she was busy with her divorce case in court, which was not closed at that time.
We were talking on the phone every day, at least 2-3 times per day. While we talked, she always said that I will not forget the day we had sex and even for me too, it was memorable.
I always asked her to meet, and have fun, but she used to be busy. I understood her situation and stopped asking her to meet, but we used to talk and share our happy and sad moments. She was deeply in love with me. She used to say, “I would have married you, and would have had a better life with you, instead of marrying my useless husband.”
One day while we were on the call, my online aunty told me that she would meet me on Saturday night at my rented house but on one condition. The condition was that she wanted to make it feel like it was our first night. Hearing her condition, I felt very happy that she loved me so much, and that she wanted to have sex with me as her husband.
I agreed to that and was eagerly waiting for Saturday to come and meet my chubby aunty. On Saturday, I kept everything ready. I decorated the bedroom with flowers and fragrant candles. She called me to find out the location and then reached my house in the evening.
Once she arrived, she hugged me tightly, and said, “I love you and missed you so much, my husband.” I was very happy hearing those words from her.
I replied back saying, “I love you, and missed you too, my sexy wife.” We spent some time talking casually and then went to have dinner, which I had cooked for her. She was happy to see it, and thanked me for all the trouble, by kissing me on my lips.
After dinner, she went to take a bath. She came out of the bathroom with a new saree in which she looked so hot. My tool started to get hard seeing her. I went near her and hugged her tightly. I took her in my arms and put her on the bed. She stared at me, calling me on the bed.
I slowly went to the bed and began by raising her saree, kissing her legs, thighs, and when I kissed her navel button she moaned, “AAAHHHH…” Her voice made my tool even harder. I gave her a lip kiss very hard for almost 15 minutes. She was very horny. Slowly, I dragged her pallu aside to see her huge melons wanting to come out of her blouse.
I opened aunty’s blouse. She was wearing a black, lacy bra in which her melons was looking very sexy. I couldn’t control it. I squeezed it hard and she was like, “ it harder.”
I removed her saree and petticoat. Now, she is in a black, lacy panty and bra. She was looking like a sex goddess to me. I started to lick each part of her body. She held me, put me down on the bed, and started to kiss me. She slowly moved down on me, started to kiss my body, and removed my dhoti and shirt.
I was now only in my underwear. She put her mouth and bit my dick sexy. I was like in heaven when she did that. She removed my underwear using her mouth and put her mouth to my dick. Aunty started sucking it very hard like she was very hungry for it. Seeing her super horny, and sucking my dick like a lollypop, I was about to come. But I was controlling it.
She slid my dick-head skin and started sucking it. At that moment, I could not control it, and I cummed inside her mouth. She drank my cum which was the best picture to see.
Now she was above me, and I can see her melons asking me to free those. I quickly grabbed and removed her lacy bra, and her huge melons are now free.
I started to suck them very hard, and she was moaning, “Aahhhh.. ahhh.. Ahhhh.” I put her down and pulled her panty down.
Wowww, what a sight it was. Her shaved, puffy, pussy was dripping wet with her juices. I didn’t wait a second. I put my mouth to lick her wet pussy. She suddenly let out a loud moan, “Aahhhhhhhhh.” But, I didn’t stop. I started to suck it very hard, and she began to moan, “Aahhhh, ahhhhh, suck my pussy hubby. Suck it and make it dry.”
I sucked it and bit it lightly. She moaned louder and louder when I bit her clitoris, and slowly started to insert my finger inside her pussy. I bit her clit. She was in heaven. She started pushing my head towards her pussy. I got the signal, that she was about to cum and increased the speed of fingering.
Suddenly, she let out a loud moan, with her juices flowing out of her pussy. I tasted her juice, which felt like honey, and I sucked every drop. She was very satisfied with my sucking, and finger fucking. She pulled me up to give me a lip kiss and tasted her own juice from my lips.
My dick started to gain its strength again and was ready for the main course. I asked her, “Should I put on a condom?” She said, “You are my husband. Don’t put on the condom. I want to feel your skin inside me.”
Hearing those words, my dick became so hard. I put my dick near the entrance of her pussy, and started to tease her by rubbing my dick near her entrance.
She could not control it and begged me, “Akash, please fuck my pussy, don’t tease me.” I suddenly pushed my dick inside. She moaned loudly, “Ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhh…. oh my Goddddd.”
I held my dick inside her for 2 minutes to feel her warmness inside her pussy by closing my eyes. It was real heaven, even though I had fucked aunty before, it never felt like it felt now.
She saw my closed eyes and asked me, “What happened?” I said, “I am seeing heaven.” She said, “You naughty hubby, now fuck my pussy.”
Then, I started to move my dick slowly with inside and outside motion and she was moaning. Slowly, I started to increase the pace, and she too increased her sound of moaning.
I started to pull my entire dick outside and suddenly pushed my entire dick inside. She felt crazy when I did that and hugged me tightly.
I told her to move into a doggy position. She turned, and then I saw her sexy, big ass. I spanked her butt. She moaned slightly, “Aahhhhhhhhh, naughty hubby.”
I went to put my dick to her asshole, but she stopped me, and said, “Do it the next time, hubby.” I smiled and pushed my dick inside her pussy, and started to fuck her very hard.
She started to moan, “Mmmmmmmm.. ahhhhhhhh.. Yes hubby yesssss, fuck it yeahhhhhh.. fuck it.” I went on fucking her until she cummed.
But I did not let her. I made her turn and started to fuck her in the missionary position. I saw her closed eyes with satisfaction, and I started to suck her melons.
While fucking, I fucked her pussy very hard. She was moaning loudly, calling my name, “Aakash, Akash.. fuck my pussy, yessss yessss.. harder harder.”
I could not control it and said, “Baby, I am about to cum.” She said, “Do it hubby, cum inside me.” I am about to cum for THE third time. I gave her one last hard push and exploded with all my cum inside her pussy, and then she too started to cum. Her pussy was filled with juices that started to flow down. I looked into her eyes. She was very happy and said that this was the best first night that she had. She had not enjoyed like this even with her real husband.
“You are so nice, a hot and handsome boy. Thank-you, for making this first night set up. This was so special, and an unforgettable day in my life.”
She had tears in her eyes. To make her smile I said, “We will have more fun in the future. This is just the beginning my sexy wife.”
She stayed with me that night, and we had 2 more sessions before she left the house in the morning. Really even though she did not have a sexy figure, and was not fair in complexion, the sex was enjoyable.
Aunty was looking sexy to me, and I enjoyed every bit of sex with her.
We both are still in contact and have sex video chats, and I have fucked her many times. She calls me her husband. I will again write the experience with her when we went out on a vacation, in my next story. Hope you all loved the real experience that I shared here.
Thank you all who gave me feedback for my previous story. Hope you all give feedback again as it is always welcome to boost me writing my experience.
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