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Hey guys, this is my first story of an incident that happened to me during the Covid-19 lockdown.
I am 19 years old, dark skin, muscular body, 5’9 height, and dick size 6 inches. I am very shy and super introverted.
The heroine of this story, mallu aunty Bincy is a friend of my mom. She is married and also has a young daughter. She is 33 years old, chubby, 5’1 inch in height and her figure is – 36D-35-38 (she told me that later).
Her big mallu ass sways whenever she walks. She always wears t-shirts and tracks pants. Sometimes the t-shirt and tracks are tight too to help her bust stay in shape.
Her husband goes to the office for a week and stays at home for 2-3 days.
During the lockdown, her daughter was with her parents. This meant that I had a chance to have sex with the chubby Mallu aunty only when her husband was not in the house.
Before the lockdown, Bincy aunty and her husband used to come to our house regularly, but this stopped when the Corona lockdown started.
When the lockdown was diluted, then she and her husband resumed coming to our house.
So, let’s continue with the story.
During the lockdown, I started working out a lot. When she saw me after a long time, she was surprised to see my body. She stared at my body for a while.
After sometime, aunty, my sister, and I were in the bedroom where my sister and aunty were gossiping.
After a while, my sister went to the kitchen for some work, and aunty and I were left alone in the room.
Aunty: Why are you so silent?
Me: Oh, nothing aunty.
Aunty: Your body has become fit. You go to the gym or what?
Me: No, I just workout at home.
Aunty: You got a nice body by just working out at home, ha? You must be having six packs also.
I just smiled hearing that.
Aunty: Look at me. During the lockdown, I just got a lot fatter (shows by pinching her stomach). I have a family pack, I guess.
We both laughed at that.
Aunty: You have six-packs, na? Show me.
I was shocked for a second.
Me: No, I don’t have six-packs, aunty.
Then, my sister came back, and we had to stop the conversation. While leaving, the mallu aunty gave me a little seductive smile and a pat on my back and eventually caressed my butt! This started a new fantasy for me!!
One day, when her husband was in the office, Bincy aunty came to my house in the morning with some food. She was wearing a t-shirt and track pants. She chatted with my mom for a long time. In the afternoon, when she was about to leave, my mom asked me to drop her home on my scooter.
The chubby mallu aunty sat on the scooter to one side, just like all the aunties in India do – with one hand on my shoulder and the other one on my thigh.
Fortunately for my intentions, the road was full of pot-holes! This meant that her big boobs were touching my back frequently.
She asked me to stop near a grocery store where she brought a lot of goods.
I kept some grocery bags in the front of my scooter and the others were with aunty. Now, she grabbed my waist tightly for support.
When we reached her building, I helped her to take the bags up to her home. I was about to leave, but she asked me to sit down and then offered me some juice.
The married south Indian aunty went to the kitchen and I sat in the living room. Then she brought the juice. We randomly chatted for a while. Then, out of the blue, she asked,
Aunty: Why did you lie to me?
Me: What? I didn’t lie to you about anything.
Aunty: You did, about not having six-packs.
I had a question mark on my face.
Aunty: I felt it when we were on the scooter.
I blushed a bit, I guess.
Me: It’s just a bit of cut, not full six-pack abs.
Aunty: You have at least that. I just have tyres (excess body fat).
We both laughed at that comment. I tried to change the topic, but she said,
Aunty: Show it to me, na..
Me: I don’t think it’s right, aunty.
Aunty: What is right or wrong in this, da? It doesn’t matter, show da..
I hesitated for a while. Then I pulled up my t-shirt to show my abs. The mallu aunty stared at it. I covered it with my hands.
Aunty: Nice. I am just a fat aunty.
Me: Aunty, you are not that fat.
Aunty: I am fat. Look, I have a big tummy, my thighs, and arms. My butts are fat too.
She was pointing and pinching each part while she was saying this and this really turned me on!
Aunty: You have abs na, look (by pulling up her t-shirt and showing me her stomach). I have big tyres (she was pinching it).
I was getting a mild hard-on after that. Then she covered it again. This beautiful incident ended with my mom’s call on my phone.
Aunty: Next time you come here, you have to show me some exercises, to lessen these. (Again, she was pinching her tyres. She knew that it was turning me on).
I masturbated thinking of this incident again and again for weeks. But sadly the mallu aunty had to leave and go out of station for some time.
After a few weeks, she came back again to my house with her husband. This time she was staring at me seductively. She touched my crotch “accidentally” and also caressed my butt. She also pressed her ass on me a lot. This behaviour went on whenever she came to my home.
Once, she came to my house alone when her husband was in their house. As always, my mom asked me to drop her back which meant I had a chance to grope her on the scooter. But this day, I didn’t get the chance to go inside her house as her husband was in the house,
Aunty: Today, you can’t come home for the “exercise”. We will do it when nobody’s home. (she said with a seductive wink).
It was clear that she was into me. But I myself being the shy one didn’t take the initiative. But the naughty mallu aunty on the other hand was ready to take over.
You can see how she took over from me, as she obviously knew that I would never make the first move.
In the next part, find out how seductively the mallu aunty made me her slave and her devotee!
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Love you, guys. Thanks for reading.