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I am working as a callboy and this story is about how I satisfied my sexy Indian client lady. Basically, I am from Hyderabad but recently moved to Madhapur.
Coming to the story, one day I got a call from a client. She asked me for the call boy service details and I explained it to her. And I asked about her interests and other services she may need.
As she was ok with my details and payment, she wanted to enjoy her sex life with me for a week in her guest house.
As everything was set, I asked her to video call me to confirm whether she was genuine or fake. After a while she video-called me and I confirmed.
My new client asked me to come to the film Nagar check-post.
On the day of our meet, I went there and was waiting for her. I called her and she told me that she was running late. So I had a dark coffee at Starbucks. After almost 30 minutes, she called me. I told her that I was having coffee at the Starbucks.
She joined me and we both had coffee. Meanwhile, I had a look at her dressing sense and her beautiful figure
She was looking amazing in a light pink saree and a white blouse is covering her white boobs. The client was so sexy and hot. Her waist was clear to me. I was enjoying the view and struggling to see her navel hole as it was covered.
Her buttocks were mesmerizing, looking soft over her pink color saree. She had the figure of the actress Nidhhi Agerwal. You can imagine her buttocks.
My cock got hard in my black jeans. We started walking towards her car. I asked her about her hubby. She was too nervous while talking about her husband. He was a businessman. So he was a busy guy and he didn’t satisfy her in the bed.
I gave her a nasty smile and told her, “So, because of your husband, I am here to satisfy you, babe. I am very lucky to enjoy you.”
Later my rich client took me to her place in her jaguar car. Her house desi chudai ki kahani 2022 was luxurious and the interior was perfectly outstanding. I was looking around the house after sitting on the sofa. Meanwhile, she went to the kitchen and brought me lemon juice.
Her name was Deepa and her age was 28. Her stats were 32-28-36. She was a hot sex grenade. She then dressed in a loose t-shirt and a loose boxer with a floral white bra inside.
She opened the bedroom door and I was seeing her without blinking my eyes. She was a demi sex goddess! She came near me and sat beside me. I moved my hands on her thighs and started rubbing over her leggings.
I gave a love bite on my young client girl’s neck and slowly went to her ears. I bit and kissed them and started eating her ears. Deepa was moaning and I was slowly kissing her chubby cheeks and on her face. Then I went to her lips. I locked her lips with mine.
I licked the rich girl’s strawberry lipstick and we exchanged our saliva for almost 10 minutes. While kissing, I was pressing her boobs over her top. As my dick getting too hard inside the pants, I asked her to remove my pants. She did as I said and started rubbing my dick over my underwear.
Suddenly, I lifted the horny client in my arms and placed her on the bed. I removed her pink t-shirt. As she was fair, her body was glowing and her nipples were pink in color.
I removed my partywear shirt and now we both were half-naked. I went and fell on top of her and again, I gave a lip-lock. I placed my hand inside Deepa’s panty boxer I was fingering her pussy over the panty. I pressed her boobs too hard and made her moan loudly.
Slowly, I came onto her waist, licked it, and sucked it until her waist got reddish color. I poured milkmaid on her body, boobs, and pussy. And I rubbed it over her stomach. I started licking the milkmaid over her stomach and her navel hole with the edge of my tongue. It tasted yummy! Deepa kept moaning.
I came over her boobs and bit her nipples with my teeth and sucked all the milkmaid. My sexy rich client was moaning too hard. I licked all the milkmaid with my tongue.
Then I came down near her glory hole. I poured a little more there and started licking her pussy. She was moaning like crazy and was telling me as I can do whatever I want.
I was pressing her boobs and licking her pussy. After a while and in the process of licking her pussy her pussy, her hot juices flowed out. I sucked her juices out along with the cool milkmaid. It was delicious.
Then I inserted my middle finger into my married client’s vagina. I was fingering, kissing, and biting her navel and her waist. Later, she turned over me and said, “Now, it’s my time baby to show my stamina.”
She caught my dick in her hand by tearing my underwear and started stroking forward and backward. She took the milkmaid and poured it on my dick and giving me a hot blowjob. While she was giving me a blow job, I was in trance.
I suddenly cummed in my slutty married client’s mouth. She drank all the juices
Then I placed her in the missionary position and held my dick in hand. I was rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was moaning, “I am horny, please fuck me! I can’t control anymore.”
I started inserting my dick in rich client’s pussy. But it was too tight as her husband didn’t use to fuck her. I poured honey on her pussy and gave a hard stroke. I entered the pussy hole a bit hard. She shouted in pain as I was stroking hard in her pussy. Tears were rolling out from her eyes and she asked me to remove it as it was paining. But I insisted to continue fucking and I was giving slow strokes.
After some time, she was moaning and had forgotten the pain. I started increasing the horsepower and she released her love juices in about 20 minutes. But I did not stop, I raced inside her pussy harder and faster. After some time, I cummed in her pussy.
I took out my dick and came into the 69 position. We were licking each other. Then my married client came over me in the cowgirl position. She took my dick into her pussy and started bouncing on my dick. I was pressing her boobs. I hit hard on her buttocks. I pinched her boobs nipples with my nails.
At last, we both cummed at once. We then slept together naked. My head was on her buttocks when I woke up. She once again licked my cocked and cleaned it. I too cleaned her pussy.
It was 7 am. After having breakfast, she dropped me at the place we met. I asked her about the sex sessions. She felt shy and kissed me and said she was willing to call me soon whenever she got more horny.