Bhabhi’s Humiliation

Hi, everyone, it’s me Abhilash (wrong name obviously) again came with a new indian wife sex story. Firstly, lemme tell you, I am a fan of this website and love to read all literotica, indian sex stories, cuckold sex stories and what not. And as usual it’s a bit lengthy and don’t be impatient and I guarantee you a satisfying ending. So without any further delay let’s come to point.

As we all know the every business family has a business class mentality, they try to put their children into their own business as early as possible and same thing happened to me also. My dad is a distributor of some FMCG companies and we had a distributorship business within the town and in nearby areas. So usually we use to send goods in our vehicle and they use to pay through RTGS and sometimes we have to go there by yourself to collect the payment.

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One day one of our party failed to pay and we decided to stop business with him for good and got another shopkeeper whose sales is way better than the previous one. One day I went to my classes. Coincidentally I was studying my MBA at a University which was situated in that area. So my dad instructed me to collect some payment from that party. So I communicated with that person and it was like 2.00 pm lunchtime, so I went to his home. I rang the bell and a beautiful lady opened the door.

I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a red green Saree with a light makeup on her face with a gajra in hair. She was damn pretty. The way she wore her Saree was amazing. Just showing a little cleavage and 3 inches of the stomach. Under that blouse, she has 38 inches of melons and round shape of hips. I went inside the house and sat on the sofa, she offered me a glass of water. Then I came to know she is the wife of the shop owner who was in between 28-30 age. And her husband who was dealing with us was about 37-38 year old. I jerk off 3 times that day thinking about the bhabi.

So after that day whenever I met bhaiya I use to tell him “or rtgs mat kiya karo bhaiya, me to idhar roz ata hu, mera Mba ka classes chalta hai. Ap jab bolenge me khud ake collect kar liya karunga, kyu bekar me bank ka tension paloge”. And he convinced and its like a lucky draw coupon for me. I just have to wait to find out that I am lucky enough or not.

Things are now better than normal, we have improved our business relationship and bhaiya use to call me every week for payment and I use to collect the money sometimes from the shop sometimes from their home.

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This is now a regular service between us. I was trying to get close to bhabi as much as possible. After a few months now I can easily prank her. She also use to order some of her work and I am more than happy to do it. Actually, I was trying out my luck and needed a key to enter her house. One day they have a family function and they invited our family. I went to their home alone with my best clothes. It was their daughter’s 19th birthday. Then I realized bhabi is much older than I thought, her age was actually 37 years. I went to their home a little bit early as bhabi told me to come and help them with some work.

Everything was perfect but at the end bhaiya created some scene. Bhaiya was drunk with some of their friends to their overcapacity and not in a stable position. Bhabi went after him to manage her husband but he scolded him in front of everyone. And she almost cried and embarrassed as hell. I went there to help bhaiya calm down and took him to his bed room and make him rest on his bed. The party went off, everyone headed to their house. Bhabi’s mood was completely spoiled so as her daughters. I was clearing their terrace throwing all the plates and foods in the dustbin meanwhile bhabi came and help me silently. It was very awkward moment for me. I was feeling very bad about her. Her eyes were wet so I went near her and tried to console her that its ok don’t take it seriously and stuff like that.

She turn around and started crying, I was scared what happen and make her sit on the chair and wipes her tears. At that time I don’t have any sexual feelings for her. I just wanted to make her happy. It was not a loud cry but her tears were flowing from her eyes and I didn’t think twice and hugged her tightly and started whispering near her ears that I am here no need to worry. I can feel her breast now whose size is now increasing and decreasing with the rhythm of her breathing. After a minute she holds me by my shoulder and pulled me more tightly. I started rubbing her back through her blouse. I can feel now her skin above the blouse and lower back. I loosen up my grip and we were very close to each other’s face and I unwantedly kissed her lips holding her face. She was not in a mood of thinking right and wrong and started reciprocating me. We were kissing each other like 5-6 minutes and she pushed me suddenly and went downstairs, I was shocked. I went to my home and think what just happened, is it true or am I dreaming?

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After few days I got a call from bhabi and she told me to get her a memory card of 32gb. I was stuck in college for some project work and after finishing everything it was like 5 in the evening. bhaiya was in the shop so I went to bhabi’s house, she was behaving normally I expected it would be something else. I gave memory card to her and she told me to download some videos for her, she took her mobile phone and sat beside me on the sofa and I was teaching her how to download things on youtube. I said “m sorry bhabi for that night whatever happened between us” she replied, “ hmm it’s ok I know it was my fault I was not on state deciding right or wrong and got carried away”. I said, “ is this normal for you what bhaiya did on that night”. she replied, “ yup it happens sometimes but never did on any function, now I am used to it. So don’t worry”. It was a bit silence after what she said, I didn’t know how to make her comfortable and decided to tell her the truth.

I said, “ you know what bhabi you are really beautiful and any man would feel lucky to have such a beautiful wife, I wish you were my wife, honestly I am really attracted to you and wanted to get close to you.” She said,” look at your guts don’t you feel ashamed telling me like that, I am a married woman and whatever is between me and my husband I don’t have any problem with that. so clean your dirty thought about me or you are going to face the consequences.” Situation was getting intense I started feeling regret telling her the truth. I said,” I know its wrong but I can’t control myself I tried my best to get away from you but I failed. Please try to understand me, I want to hurt you neither your life.

I just want to be a part of it” and saying this I went near her I said, “don’t be scared I just want you to feel the same what I feel for you”. And I kissed her she got back, I again lean forward and kissed her convincingly. She was not responding so I hold her face from my left hand and her waist on right hand. She was hesitating initially but things are sorted out between us and then she started responding, couple of minutes later we had a tongue fight. She whispered “ye sab sirf hum dono k bich hi rahega ok kisi or k samne nai” I nodded and started chewing her earlobes. She was pulling my hair and pushing my face into her chest. I slid down to her beauty bones and kisses all over the place. Then I removed her pallu and her huge cleavage was exposed in front of me. I caressed my hand through her chest, bhabi was relaxed on the sofa. I can clearly see now her mangoes.

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Moving up and down in the blouse. I started opening the hooks of the blouse and unhooked her black lace bra from her back. I removed her blouse and bra and she was cooperating with me. She started unbuttoning my shirt and made me completely shirtless. She hugged me tightly and started caressing my back. she whispered in my ears “I love you abhi, please love me”. I held her breast in my hand squeezing them hard but gently. She makes lied down on her lap and gave me her nipples to drink her milk. I started sucking one breast and squeezing the other one. I was unaware completely when she unbuckled my jeans and holding my penis and caressing my balls.

I told her” mat karo zor zor se mera ho jayega” bhabi didn’t listen to me and started jerking me with more speed. And in no time I ejaculated. I got up and make bhabi’s leg up on the sofa and pushed all her saree back up to thigh to access her pussy. She understands what I am thinking and she did on her own, I removed her panty and started licking and sucking her hairy pussy lips which were covered in cum. She was moaning loudly and I tried to ssshhuussss her by putting my finger on her lips, she started sucking my finger. The room was filled with her body aroma and she forgets that she is married. In between this, my penis was erected again. I stood up and leaned to kiss bhabi, while kissing her bhabi hold my penis and guided towards her fuddi. I went inside with a push. Bhabi locked her legs around my hips and I started fucking her. The sound of thap thap was the only thing I was hearing and bhabi was moaning aaaah aaaah slowly.

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I was in heaven I can not believe in my eye, few months before I was jerking in the images of this woman in my mind and right now she is under me half nude holding me while I am fucking her pussy. I stayed inside her about 13-14 minutes and I was on my climax. I said “ bhabi mera ho jayega… apka hua ki nai ? “ she said “ mera do bar ho chukka hai please mat nikalna bahar” listening to her words I gain my booster and started fucking with my full strength and in 5 minutes I cummed inside her. After ejaculating my semen inside her I was in no strength and I stayed inside her and rested my head on her breast. She started kissing me and said, “thank you so much for your love, I was dying for such love and you made my dream possible, now I understand your love and I happily accept you as my lover.” I replied, “I love you too bhabi” she said” ajse bhabi nai sirf POOJA”. That’s all for now keep posting your feedback. this is the introductory part so it was a litle boring. next part will be full of sex and sex only.

Thanks for the patience and reading this story. After this incident, we had regular sex encounter between us, in their shop, in the park and one time behind her husband’s back.