Trapping Aunty in Train

Hi Indian Sex story Readers, This is my 3rd post which happened in 2009 June when I visit my friend Marriage near Vizag and i visited Araku valley alone and this incident happened while returning to Vizag in a Train. My name is Rohith, currently 37 years old living in Bangalore and working as IT professional with good physique and attractive as well with pink lips, dimples in cheeks, heavy hair on chest and body and broad shoulders. train sex story

Coming to the Incident, i boarded the last train at 6 pm and searching for a seat where atleast good looking girl or Aunty so that can seduce them, didn’t find any good ladies in 3 bogies and in 4th bogie i saw a dusky and big fatty women and little medium fat aunties, i roam around them twice and they also saw me once while I checking on them then I decided to seduce either one of them.

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I got a seat facing the big fat lady in the next row seats. Fat lady say her name like Sandhya aged about 41, she was checking on me and i was constantly looking on her and she caught me more than 5 times and laughed at me couple of times and i also responded back with mischievous smiles for couple of times.

I was acting like reading news paper and watching her, sandhya signalled her friend Ramanamma aged 40 about me nd Ramanamma also joined her and looking at me, winking at me, laughing at me, even their families are present with their hubbies and children’s, either me or the ladies didn’t stop flirting each other.

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I decided to proceed further, i wrote down my phone number on the news paper and signaled them to take it. Sandhya and Ramanamma got excited with my dare and decided to take news paper casually as if wants to read news paper.

Sandhya called me and asked me for news paper, i offered the paper, one of her children took from me and handed to Sandhya, but Ramanamma (medium fat) took paper forcefully from Sandhya(fat lady) and tear down the paper where my phone number was written and kept the paper in her blouse with seductive smile.

Train was moving slowly as it is full ghat session, i moved near to bathroom in the train and looking at both ladies and winking them, Ramanamma came to my side in prediction of going to bathroom.

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I moved back to hide for other people, she went to bathroom and while closing the door she stopped and winked me and seductive smiled at me then locked the door. I was moved to open area and looking at Sandhya but her husband looked at me and doubting her wife sandhya and asking what’s happening and Sandhya told that nothing, seems the boy is out of mind and laughed at me then i stood back to hide to other people.

Ramanamma opened the bathroom and checked her friend and husband and children and no one is looking at us then she came near me and turned her back towards me and peeping in checking if anyone is coming. I dared and kissed on her back at her open place bear blouse and she looked back and gave me her number and checked whether i have taken it correctly or not and asked me to call once we reach Vizag. I said will call definitely and asked about me where i am going and where i am staying in vizag, i told her am here on visit from Bangalore and staying in a hotel near beach. She asked me to call her again definitely.

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We moved to our seats in train and Sandhya passed my news paper and their she wrote her phone number and signalled me to call her, i was interested in Ramanamma only as Sandhya looks too fat in all areas of her body, i note down their numbers and gave missed call to both of them and signalled them its me who gave missed call, they both nodded and saved my number!

Train is moving very slowly, all of sudden lights were gone in my bhogie and in another 3 bhogies, all are panicked and children were shouting in joy and booeing loudly and on the other side we all saw lightnings from outside by insects and children felt happy seeing lightnings from insects.

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