Hot mom fucks a stranger – 2

Hi Guys, This is Manjunath from Coimbatore. I’m a regular reader of the Indian sexstory. After reading many stories I decided to post a real incident happened in my family a few years back. I hope you already read the previous part. If not, link has been shared below. Now let’s continue with the sexstory!

Sexstory > Hot mom fucks a stranger

Usually my mom closed the door while changing dress. But on that day she didn’t. I thought, My mom intentionally didn’t close the door. Because We can see everything in the bedroom from the mirror in the hall. She wanted to seduce Mariappa.

She removed her towel and put it down. Oh my god she was standing naked without a single piece of cloth.she was fully exposing her back to Mariappa. Mariappa was so surprised. He was silently enjoying by mom’s dressing.

sexstoryShe took petticoat and wore that. Still she was standing upper naked. Mariappa was eagerly waiting to see her naked boobs fully. But my mom didn’t give chance for that.

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While wearing bra she turned little bit so that one side of her boobs was clearly visible. She took more time to cover that boobs. She was doing it for Mariappa. Mariappa also knew that and was enjoying my Mom’s naked boobs without blinking his eyes.

On because of Mariappa I also got that rare chance to see my mom’s beautiful and sexy boobs. It was so stiff. Once she wore the bra she turned front and exposing her navel and cleavage.

Mariappa can’t control his feelings he started to masturbate there itself. My mom was seeing it from there.

Now it’s Mariappa turn.

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He removed his lungi and showed her fully erected penis. He hold it in his hands and doing masturbation. Both were seduced each other. After a few mins he ran to bathroom and release his loads. He was felt shy when he came out. My mom was laughing at him.

Paru aunty, you are so bad. I ll punish you for this one day and he left the place.

My mom was eagerly waiting for Mariappa than that chain. After two days, Mariappa came to our house with chain and gave it to mom.

My mom was happy and immediately went to room to wear that and show it to Mariappa. That day my mom was wearing transparent black saree Which is fair enough to expose her assets and with low cut blouse which expose almost her huge size boobs and her back and she wore lots of flowers in hair.

My mom was feeling little difficult to wore it since it was less length chain. So she called Mariappa to help her. Mariappa was so happy and went to room.

Sexstory: Exposing to a complete Stranger

My mom standing in front of mirror. Mariappa went back to my mom and starring her from top to bottom. My mom asked him to hook the chain. Mariappa used this chance to touch my mom.

He was standing very close to my mom as much as he can.

He placed his one hand on my mom’s tits and pressed it gently. My mom gave chain to him with smiling. Mariappa got the chain and tied it like mangalsutra.

While he hooked up he brushed his fingers on her neck.

Mariappa took long time to hook it. He asked “can I move your hairs a side? Because it is causing so much disturbance.” My mom replied yes. Mariappa moved my mom’s hair by his right hand my mom back was fully exposed to Mariappa.

That day my mom was in low neck. So most of her back is clearly visible.

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I was watching it from hall. They not even closed the door. Mariappa was doing all this in front of me.

Mariappa told mom, “the hook is so strong I can’t do it by my hand. So can I use my teeth.”

My mom knew his intention and said yes with little bit of hesitation. Mariappa was executing his plan one by one successfully. Mariappa slowly moved his face towards my mom’s neck and placed his lips on her neck and kissed.There was a little jerk on my mom’s body. But she didn’t say anything. This gave more courage to Mariappa. He rolled his wet lips all over my mom’s neck.

There was no restrictions from my mom. So he rolled his lips all over her back. My mom was closed her eyes and enjoying his play. He lost the grip of one end of chain. It felt down directly in my mom’s cleavage. My mom was shocked. Mariappa went near my mom’s ear and asked in husky voice. Can I take it by my hand.

My mom didn’t replied anything at the same time she didn’t say no. So Mariappa acted very quickly and he is looking at my mom’s reaction in mirror from behind.

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