Munesh Fucked My Mom – Part 3

Hi Guys, This is Nitin again, from Coimbatore. I’m a regular reader of the sex with neighbour and porn materials on desi bahu dot com. After reading many stories I decided to post a real sex with neighbour incident happened in my family a few years back.

I posted the first part – Munesh Fucked My Mom In Front Of Me & second part – Munesh Fucked My Mom – Part 2.

I hope you read it.

Let’s get on with the second part of sex with neighbour now.

sex with neighbourHer pussy was already wet. Munesh went down and lick her wetness from bottom.

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My mom was holding his head with her legs in the same position for some time.

He cleaned all the wetness by his tongue.

Now it’s my mom’s turn to undressed him quickly. She removed her t shirt and lungi.

As soon as she removed his penis was popped out.

It was looking like rock hard on and it was huge in size.

My mom was shocked at the same time happy. I guessed his penis was around 9 inch.

Immediately he took my mom’s hand and put it on his penis.

My mom felt shy at first after she hold it tightly.

She moved his skin up and down over his penis.

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But he insisted my mom to do it by her mouth.

My mom hesitate first but he forced my mom to do that.

He placed his penis over my mom’s lips and forced to take it inside.

My mom slowly opened her mouth and get it inside. Only half of the penis went inside.

My mom gave fantastic blowjob then.

She suck his cock as like real prostitute.

Now Munesh started to scream. The room was filled with sexy moans.

After few mins of sucking he shot is cum inside her mouth.

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He asked to drink it fully. My mom follow the same thing as like a slave.

She became slave to him.

Then both were kissing and embarrassing each other in happiness.

My mom bite his ear lobes and kissed all over his face madly.

He took my mom in his hands, went to bathroom to clean her face.

After that, he took her in hands, came to bedroom and threw her in bed.

He jumped over her.

He started to kiss her from her foot to fore head. He took long time when he reached her thighs and pussy area.

My mom was screaming. He took her boobs in his hands and playing with that.

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He bite one of her nipple and pulled it by his teeth. Even though it was painful.

My mom asked him to do it again and again.

Then he went down and split his saliva in her navel which looks like little well.

He inserted his tongue into her navel and licked it.

After that, he slowly came down further to her hairy pussy.

My mom widened her legs and show her pussy to Munesh. It was clearly saved.

Munesh took her pussy lips with his fingers and pinched it.

My mom’s was moaning ahhhhb ahhhhhb aaaaahh.

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