Unforgettable Sex with Mother in Law

I just got married last year and I have a very gorgeous Mother in Law, with height 5’6”, fair, long brown hairs and brown eyes, sexy back and voluptuous fig of 36D-32-36 and flat tummy. She always wears a saree. This story narrates my sex with mother in law. Part 1 – Fucking my hot Mother in Law.

I said “hmm, then there is only one way out, we will have to add sleeping pills in our spouse food and make them sleep for long and love each other” she also liked the plan and agreed.

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sex with mother in law eroticaNext day I brought sleeping pills from a chemist and gave to my mil she added them to my wife’s and fil’s milk at 10pm before going to bed, and asked me not to lock our bedroom door at night.

I was very excited and happy and did what she said.

Then we went to our respective bedroom, my wife locked the room and went to sleep till 10.30pm and then I opened the door and waited for my mil to come but she dint come and even I got sleep waiting desperately for her.

Then suddenly at around 12.00 at midnight I felt some warmth around my penis, and I was shocked and exited to see my mil playing with my dick and kissing my balls and sucking penis.

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She kneeled on the floor and her upper body was on bed,

I got up immediately and smooched her and hugged her, then she made me lay on bed and started giving a passionate blow job. She moved her hand up and down on my rod and my dick got stiff.

She skied back the foreskin and licked the tip of my penis leading me to mourn with immense pleasure.

I told her “You are sucking like professional sucker.. even Meenu (my wife) doesn’t suck so well. Wow I am liking it, ohhhh oooo swallow it fully in to your mouth my sweaty. And she increased the speed and made my rod red hot.

I told her to lay over me in 69 position, as she was wearing saree, I undraped her saree, and raised her peticoat up to her waist and started kissing her thighs, wow man what a feeling it was, her thighs were so soft and silky smooth, I licked her inner thighs and she was giving me a good blow job.

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Then I kissed her choot her panty, it was so hot and wet with arousing aroma filled in the room. And she cried heavilyaahh….sssaaahhh” and pulled bed sheet in extreme ecstasy. She asked me will you please suck my cunt, please ….

I was surprised why she was saying like this and asked her for a reason for which she said that my fil never performed oral on her and she had always desired and starved for that.

She also said that my fil was so mean that he forcefully made my mil to give him a blow job but never even kissed her love hole.

I said Don’t worry darling I will show you the heaven today but in return promise me that you will never allow your husband to fuck you now onward and always call me when you need to be screwed, on which she said “I also don’t need that crooked penis if I have yours to bury my holes when I need.

I was turned on hearing this, and removed her panty with my teeth and put my tongue In her pink lower lips, she was clean razed and her lovely juices were making her pussy shine and inviting,

Sex with mother in law > Black beauty Sangita

She continued playing with my penis in same 69 position. I licked her pussy for some time and reached her clitoris. As I stimulated and tongue fucked her clitoris she started shivering, and mourning aaahh…aaaahhh…oooohhh” “iiiishhh” and released all her cum on my mouth, and I gulped all of them through my throat, it was the best taste I had in my lifetime.

She continued to mourn in loud voice I told her Don’t shout so loud, your voice will wakeup Meenu as she was sleeping next to us on the same bed She said

Its not possible for Meenu or my husband to wake up so early as I have mixed enough pills that they won’t wake up till noon tomorrow and I want you to keep fucking me till that time.

I loved when my mil talked that dirty to me. Now we both were hot enough and ready for a fuck so I told her to come over me and she hold her petticoat till her waist and came upon me facing me she adjusted her hole on my penis and started moving up and down.

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