Preacher used my Mom

Hi lovers of Indian sex stories & Literotica readers, I’m here to narrate my story of how a preacher trapped my widow mother using her depression and weakness to have an illegitimate physical relationship with her. My father died in an accident when I was 19 yrs. and my mother was only 39 yrs. Old. The news of my father’s death hit us hard like a bullet. Mom chudai, ghar me chudai, maa ki chudai kahani.

Me and my mother both went into a trauma and agony. Our relatives turned there back on us. No one helped us. As my father worked in a govt. company I was offered a job in the same company with less position due to my low qualification. We lived in our own two storied independent house. My dad built it so in future I could stay in the same house after my marriage. I decided to rent one portion to cover the balance income to survive.

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One day a middle aged guy around 50-55 yrs. old came to me looking for a house for rent. He was a Preacher in an institution and he preach about god and religious stuff. He said, he could easily pay the rent as it comes with his work employer benefits and I don’t have to worry about the late payments. I thought as he was a Preacher he would not have any bad habits like drinking and fighting, so I agreed to rent him the upper potion of my house.

Few months there were no disputes. But, slowly he started preaching us. I used to neglect him as I was relied on his rent amount. So, I simple used to node my head and ignore it. But, it didn’t go like the same with my mother. She slowly fell into his words of religious and superstitious believes.

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He made her believe that if she obediently submit herself to his God, then she will be relieved from all her miseries. At first I took it lightly but when she was spending most of the time in her room praying I felt it was going out of hands. I went to him and gave him a cold warning about his wrong influencing on my mother. Our argument got ugly and I decided to vacate him from the house. It was mid month, so I told him to vacate the house by month end. He got down from his temper and started requesting me to spare his mistake but I didn’t agree and left.

Next few days I didn’t see him around as before and he talked less about the preaching. One day my mother woke up early in the morning, finished all household work and prepared a nice breakfast. This was the first time in months I saw my mother happy. When she saw me she came smiling, hugged me and said from today it will be a new beginning.

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All our problems and worries will be gone and good days will be coming. I felt happy seeing my mother recovering well, but was puzzled of what has happened for this sudden change in her. I had breakfast, got ready for my job and with the same spirit I left to office.

The routine continued for few days till one day I got up early in the morning and I saw my mom still doing the same rituals in her room. This time she was even wearing a white gown, surrounded by candles like ritual and doing strange gestures. I totally lost it, trashing everything and yelled at her, ” Have you lost your mind? What do you think you are doing? These thing are not real. You are being ridiculous. Stop all this nonsense.” While she was pleading me not to be mad. She then told me that if she do these rituals then my dad will come in her dreams and talk to her and make her happy. It’s a spiritual way to reach my dad in spiritual world.

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I got so angry and went upstairs but the front door was locked. I wondered where he went so early. I went back to my mom’s room. I took out all the candles and cross idols from all around her bed. Mom begged me not remove them but I didn’t listen to her. I found a box of pills with no label on it. I asked her what is this for? She told me that she got them from the psychiatrist for depression. (which were actually given by the preacher). I left the pills and took all the scrap out and threw it. Mom sat on the bed crying. I told her this is not going to happen again in the house and went to my room to get ready for my work.

After an hour I got ready and came out, mom was still lying on the bed crying. I went into the kitchen and made breakfast. I went back to her room and slowly lifted her face up, wiped her tears and told her nicely that dad is no more, he will be in our heart. We both have to move on and we will keep him in our memories.

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