My Voluptuous Mom

Hello lovers of Indian sex stories. My name is Neerja Shastri and i m 45 years of age and i live with my husband and my son in up market posh area around Delhi Jaipur highway. A few years back, my husband , who works as a manager in a clothing company, bought a plush apartment in a suitable high class area for 45 lacs. He spends most of his time at work. I won’t reveal his name to maintain some secrecy.

I had been happily married for about 25 years now and live happily with my family. I work as an architect in a government agency.

This is story about a dairy which changed my life. The diary incidentally belonged to my son. My son is now 24 years of age i shall talk about as soon as i am finished about telling some details about me and my little family. I have been basically a village girl but having spent nearly 25 years of my life in the national capital has changed me for the better in numerous ways..

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Though i was never a shy type of a village girl still i was not very open in mind . I had my reservations about things and it really took me some time to come out of of them.e.g it took 2-3 years for me to try that sleeveless sari and another one year to wear it at office while work, or those salwaar kameez suites with a real plunging neckline and gap at the back- it took me some time to wear them , but once i started to wear them , i was very comfortable and now i have a whole lot of them in my wardrobe. At home though, i started to wear nighties pretty early as they were not only comfortable but also had a lot of variety especially those front waist belt types. I am not really a fashion free but yet i do take a visit to a parlor once in 10-15 days.

Morning walks and diet regime have kept my body fat free and one can say that i don’t look my age. On the other hand, my husband is a very busy man , at office or with his colleagues. I never had enough time for either my son or from my husband since i was a working woman. I never thought that this might take a toll on our son . Few days ago, i was off from office and i went in my son’s room and i found this diary.that day and today, my life has changed. So this is addressed to all the mothers in metros. Here i narrate it as it was written in his dairy date the brackets, i m writing my own comments.

Today i came back from the college a little early and when i reached home i found my mother, my divinely beautiful mother Neerja, lying on the bed and sleeping. I quietly stood beside her and watched her ivory skin body for a long time before going to my room. She was wearing her satiny cream nightie and had tied the belt yet i could spot her bra-less boobs so big and round. O mother , you will kill me some day. Look at her nightie, all her nighties are knee length at most. I wanted to get a view from her leg side but i was afraid that she would wake up so i dropped the idea and came back to my room. Wonder , when i will be able to touch her…today after my mom and dad left, i sneaked into their room and opened my mother’s wardrobe ( o, what does he want) and it didn’t take me long to get hold of her panties…they were so many in number. I wanted to steal some but i was unsure how to do it. Then another idea crossed my mind- there might be some fresh panties available. With this , i went to Bathroom and to my utter happiness, two freshly used panties were hanging in the pegs. I too the blue one and smelt it ( What is he doing, my own son) but there was no smell. Then i took the plain cotton cream one and smelt it. It was wet , it smelt of her divine pussy and piss. I loved it. I don’t know what happened but i had an instant erection. I didn’t have much courage so i just smelt them for some time and after that i came to my room and masturbated. It has been some time since i saw my mother’s fresh lingerie. I need to do something. I am getting crazy day by day about my mother Neerja.

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Today my friend Vijay gave a storybook about incest sex. I really read some perverted stories about cousins fucking and mothers and sons and father and daughters too. I have been seeing my mother in this light for the past so many day and months but now i have got a proof that it happen in reality also. There is nothing wrong to think that way about one’s mother. Oh god, what can i do , i am becoming more and more perverted day by day. The moment i see my mother , i just want to make love to her. All the time , she wears these sexy nighties at home and i love her watching her nice round boobs jiggle without bra, and at times her panty lining on her hips shows on the satiny nightie, my cock goes crazy. I have been masturbating twice a day ever since i read those stories.

I have started to imagine Neerja mommy as my lover. On my bed. Right here, next to me while i undress her part by part, untying the knot of her nightie at her waist and then watching the glance of her slightly puffy waist but still very soft, so girlish and yet so motherly. Then i will undo her top slowly before removing her micro panties and fucking her. Of god, o mom, o Neerja you will make me mad. I wish i could see you naked soon and seeing you that way would satisfy the demon in me. I wish you were not my mother rather my wife and my lover. I don’t know what to do. I am getting to baser of my instincts now.

Help me. It has been a lot of waiting for me . I think if i don’t some glimpses of her in the day, i can’t survive. I get up early in the morning and head straight to my parents room so that i can have some glimpse of my sleeping mother who is so carelessly dressed as sometimes she might have had a fuck with my useless father at night. Mostly, i don’t see much but sometimes i can see right up to her areolas and nipples. At times , she invites me to sleep on her bed too , as it is morning time. So i just go and cuddle up right next to her soft bosom. I feel so safe and secure and sexy there and my cock begins to rise. Sometimes , she throws her arm over me , just a very motherly instinct but i love the weight of those nice supple boobs crushing on my chest. Right then, my adrenaline pumps up and i just wanna grab those wonderful jugs and suck them right there but i can’t do that , she is my mother. What if one, day , she allows me to do it to her. I have been getting close to her everyday. Now i will advance my moves and act more cleverly.

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I guess the god of love has started responding to my requests. Today , I came back home and found that my mother Neerja had reached before I arrived. I turned the key in the lock and came inside to my room. On the passing , I saw my mother’s room was bolted. I don’t know what happened or by instinct I bent to see her through the keyhole of her door. I had never done this but I felt that I should have don’t that ages before. I took a look inside and my eyes shuddered as they peaked in . The keyhole was showing a way too much and the entire double bed of my mother’s room was under my eye. I saw my mother Neerja lying on her bed with her legs folded and probably deep in sleep. Her back was facing me and yet I could make out the outlines of her panty on her thin nightie.

I took a Look and my cock harder and I came back to room and masturbated on the images of my sexy mother Throwing her nightie away and dancing with her nice fat buttocks on my face. Then I thought I will take peek through that keyhole more often when mu mother is alone and sleepy…

It has been quite some time since I started taking furtive peeks at my mom. In fact, over the past few days , I was also able to manage stealing her panties. I was pretty lucky to find them in our store room where old and used clothes are discarded. There I found my moms 3 bras and two panties. One of the bra is even pointed and padded one , I wonder she wears it under her saris to make her boobs real baggy and shapely. Other two bras are normal white type with a bit smaller caps to them . But the panties are real heavenly. The cream one has become so transparent dut to her use that I wonder how my mom’s delicious pussy will look with them . The other ones are torn from sides. They have slight holes poking in them. But they are sky blue cotton and smell damn sexy. I guess mommy didn’t wash them before disposing. So that’s my sex wealth now.

Today I dressed in them in the loneliness of my room and I have masturbated so many times sniffing them while wearing the other, that my cock has become sore. My mom Neerja is too damn sexy and hot. I wonder if I will be ever able to fuck her like I want.Today was the greatest day of my life. I saw my mother fully nude and in motion for the first time in my life. I always thought of my mother Neerja as a normal person and I wondered about her sexual satisfaction in life. I was not quite sure that my father satisfied her sexually but my mother Neerja never revealed a bit about her. In fact, she did nice fashion but looked like a plain lady when it came to sex.

Today all my questions were answered.I got up in the afternoon and went to kitchen to get some water. While coming back , as usual I took a look from that keyhole. And what I saw is really hard to put clearly. For there lay sprawled my huge mother Neerja and she had opened her legs and so much so her nice pinkish brown pussy was peeking at my face.

I must have been 3-4 meter away from that love hole of my mamma , but I saw it so clearly . Her pussy lips had separated and they looked so wet and juiced. My mother had a lot of hair around her pussy but still her juicy pussy was looking so wild and undomesticated. My mother Neerja had flung the nightie apart was she had made a bed sheet of it. Her one hand was crushing her enormous tits while teasing her own nipples and she was giving stifled moans of pleasure. Her hand was roaming around her flabby waist and then it came down to her wet pussy.

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She caressed her juicy motherly cunt for a while before inserting one and two and then three fingers in it. She started fucking her pussy so badly now and then squishing it and rubbing it wildly with her hands. She was moaning all the time she was doing this. Her breasts looked red and huge as she mauled them and stretched her nipples while pushing and ditching her fingers like a club in her pussy. She was also contracting her tummy and waist as she did the strokes in her pussy. She was going aggressively and watching all this made me mad. I just wanted to enter her room and replace my cock with her fingers. She kept fucking her with her fingers and in then a jet of water rushed from her pussy and she orgasm. Her pussy was drooling with juices now. I went crazy watching this and my cock had come in my pants only . I was so charged up.My! What a day I had..

.barely three days , after I had the unholy glimpse on my mother in all her nudity, I had no longer to imagine her places now. I was Masturbating freely day and night now concentrating hard on her fleshy meaty boobs and her wide gaping wet pussy. I was getting horny all the time at home now. Being around her was a perfume in Which my whole existence was drenched. I watched her all the time …and today was a real treat ! Mother Neerja took me to shop shopping mall in the afternoon and we also watched a movie there and had some light snacks also. When we came back home, she went o her room and bolted from inside, and started changing her clothes. I had positioned myself at the key hole and I was watching her undress. First she took her arms up and slowly raised her kameez and took it off. Now her white skin was glistening in the white bra straps. The cups of the bra were not very round and yet mother looked wonderfully endowed in them. Then she undid the cord of her salwaar and it fell on the floor. Under that my mother Neerja was wearing my favorite cream cotton panties with some floral patterns on it. As soon as Neerja had sort of undressed, she started to rub over her panties. I was getting hot standing outside and I knew that it was time for some action.

Neerja then went to the bed while undoing the bra and it fell on her bed. She keep pillows behind her back and sort of half sat on bed. Then she started to rub her panties lightly while playing with her magnificent breasts at the same time. I could clearly see that the nipples were really pointed now and stood majestically over dark brown areolas.

O Neerja , my sweet and sexy mother, you were looking so hungry and sexy. Then her panties started getting wet, and their color also changed from light cream to brownish now. Then in a few minutes , she removed her panties up to her thighs and started rubbing her pussy vigorously. I knew she was going to climax and I was masturbating at the same time. Even I came as I saw her . Even at this age of 50 , she had deep jets of orgasm staying the bed sheet…wow !