Mami and Me

It all started in 2016, to be very precised in the month of November, when all of us were attending my cousin sisters marriage. Even she had come to attend it. I always found my mami very sexy and wanted to have sex with her, so gonna narrate how i found success in mami ki chudai!

And it during that time when I saw back half nude (she was wearing a bra) and I accidentally barged into the room, though she didn’t notice it, but I saw her fair complexion back, and instantly I feel for her. To me my mami is the ultimate women for me by all means; beauty, figure, persona, sexiness, glamour, and height everything was perfect.

She was the ultimate woman for me. So the marriage was over but she kept on lingering in my thoughts and I knew I wanted her, the difference between our ages is only 7 years. So finally after a wait of 2 years I got the opportunity. I had to visit her home town for some work, and my mama had told me to stay with them.

So the day I reached her house my mama was out of town due to urgent office work and mami’s daughter (my cousin) was doing a night stay at her friends house, and I felt we both were destined to be with each other and probably spend a night that would remain with us for quite long. So it was basically me and her all alone from 6 pm onward.

We had our lunch and I went to take rest, when I woke up in the evening I found my cousin has gone off. Mami and me had tea and snacks and we talking about many things, my work, family, her issues, her problems. She slowly started to open up. Sometimes I used to console her, sometimes she consoled her. My dream of mami ki chudai was going to bear fruits! It was all going on well and just by her presence and may be her aura, her fragrance I was slowly getting more and more attracted towards her.

I was staring at her.

And I also felt she knew what I was doing. And to my astonishment she didn’t feel awkward at all, and that gave me more encouragement. I came close to her and sat there. She was talking about the fights and quarrels between her and mama and was crying and sobbing , I was trying hard to console her by holding her, but something resisted me, she sensed it, and came more closer to me, and I think at that moment of time both of us knew what we actually wanted.

God knows what happened to her and to my surprise she lay her head on my shoulders and then I patted her back few times and just her touch started to give me mild erection, which I was liking it. As we all women have sixth sense, she sensed it, and cozier. It was unbearable for me. I was 38 years old and she was 45 at that time, both of us matured enough, I hugged her tight and she responded positively. She was sobbing I consoled her and gave a kiss on her cheeks, and that’s it.

She told me just one sentence “Please satisfy me, I am thirsty”. I started to kiss her madly, like there is no end to it. I removed her night gown she was only in bra and panty and I got full nude, the moment she saw my erect cock, she leaned down and gave me the best blowjob of my life till now. Mami ki chudai wali sex kahani padhiye. I was in seventh heaven her pussy and underarms her clean shaved, so obviously I had to lick them both, which I think aroused her more.

The she herself shoved her 34d size supple boobs in my mouth and I kept on sucking then both one by one, while sucking, I also started to finger in completely wet pussy, her pussy smelt like rose and tasted like honey (her pussy juice) after doing that for a while and made her go like doggy and stated to lick her delicious asshole and that made her crazy, I could her moans, I could see her pussy juice dripping, and I knew if not now than never..

I made her lie down on her back and I entered her, it was so slippery and wet and my full 7 and half inch fully went in, and even at this age her pussy is very tight, then my real fucking began and she moaning like a 20 year old girl, which aroused me more and more and simultaneously I was sucking her sexy boobs too, she was going all mad, she too held me tight as if she wanted it more and more and I was humping her like a mad man and then I made her go doggy and entered her again.

She too was complimenting my fucking positively, all her gestures were making me more and more aroused and fucking speed was increasing in leaps and bounds. She was hitting her ass on my cock quite fast and all of a sudden her speed increased and I know she would cum any moment so even I increased my speed and I too started to moan loudly and that tempted and aroused her more. We both were going like bullet trains (lol). And the moment in mami ki chudai came when she ejaculated and within few minuted I too filled up her pussy..

And we slept like that the whole night, without speaking a word to each other. In the morning she woke me up and said “Thanks for everything,” I woke up got ready and was about to leave, she called me and kissed my lips very passionately and intensely.. I wanted to talk to her, but she said we will talk over the phone.

I left her hoping to be with her once again… She called me and thanked me all over for for everything, and said she needed it badly. I also told her that I will be always there for her, in her thick and thin. I am single, which allows me to accompany her more freely and without any limitations.

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