From Terrace to Bed – Part 3

What she said further made me very miserable, because I thought I would be able to have a go at Suni tonight. I would now have to do with a handshake tonight. Asking her to rest, I moved out. You could not see into the kitchen from the bedrooms. I entered the kitchen and before Sunita could turn round grabbed her and pressed her to me. Sunita started giggling. I raised my hands and cupped her cute breasts. I was surprised that she was not wearing any bras and the entire mound was in my hand only separated by her shirt.

She wriggled out of my arms and pointed to mom’s open bedroom door.

“She will hear.” Sunita warned.

I caught of her hand and took her towards her room. “I need you with me tonight. Pleeeease. Make some excuse and sleep in your room.” I implored.

“I too don’t want to go, but you know what mumma has said. She is not feeling well. You must understand. Otherwise she may suspect” She tried to make me understand.

After some time we heard mumma getting up from her bed and Sunita ran back to the kitchen, just in time as mom came out.

I put on the TV in the sitting room as though nothing had happened.

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After our meals, mom went to bed and told Sunita to sleep with her in her bedroom, as she was not feeling well. Sunita had guessed mom’s plan, whilst I was totally ignorant. I watched TV. Sunita was clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen. I knew that before going to sleep she always had a bath, and I waited for an opportunity to be with her.

I heard her telling mom that she would have her bath and come. I too prepared myself by going to Sunita’s room, switching the geyser on and waiting behind the bathroom door. Sunita came to her room and as usual locked the bedroom door before going for bath. She was surprised that the geyser was on. But she was not sure whether she herself had put it on. Her mind was floating with joy since afternoon. She removed her salwar & slacks which she wore during the day and walked towards the bathroom in her bra & panties.

She put on the light and pushed the door open. It was only when she entered the bath that she realized that I was inside. She opened her mouth to say something or shout and I grabbed her and in a minute clamped my lips over hers’. She tried to push me away and in the bargain her bra came in my hands. Her pokey little breasts topped with her very pointed nipples stared at me. She covered her pair with her hands, little realizing that I could see her panties with a dark wet spot in the centre, against her fair thigh skin.

“Aju, what are you doing here?” she was shocked.” If mom comes to know that you are here, she will kill me. Please go.”

“Suni, I can’t wait till tomorrow. I am going to die. I need you. We can be together here. Mom need not know..” After a lot of coaxing and pressing she relented and we bathed together. The only difference was that I had my pyjamas on and she had her panties on. We soaped each other and when my turn came to soap her between her thighs, she totally opened up as I let my finger go into her and clamped my mouth to her tit. The shower was on and we were drenched. I pulled down her panties and now she was totally naked. She tried to put up a resistance which she knew was a losing battle. She wanted me to show her my penis. I only allowed her to hold it from outside as I had not worn an underwear.

There was a look of horror on her face, which I could not understand. She held me by my prick but her fingers had not gone around it. I knew I had a long penis.

“Aju, what is this? She asked.

“This is my prick.” I replied.

“But Aju this is huge. My husband had almost half of this size and was not this long. I don’t think that I will be able to take it in. I am scared. It will tear my pussy.” She whispered, almost on the point of tears.

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“Suni, that’s not true. You know that you pussy can take this whole thing inside. In fact the baby is much bigger than my prick, when it comes out.” I tried to pacify her. But during all this she had not released my prick. I made her slide her hand up & down along the prick. She brought both her hands and sandwiched my prick and gave me a hand job. I could not bear the exquisite sensation that ran through my body and after some time my prick jerked and spewed a jet of sperm which came out through the wet pyjamas and a drop fell on her hands & another on her tit. I asked her if she had ever tried to take the prick in the mouth, at which she almost shrank back. To her this was dirty. I decided to eat her cunt later after her periods and teach her to do it for me.

After this session, my prick shrank and I came out and dried myself with Sunita’s towel. She finished her bath and asked for the towel. I went in and rubbed her dry, hovering a little more near her pussy. I helped her to wear her panty and her bra and fondled her over her bra. She dressed up and went to mom’s room after putting off her room lights. As she was leaving, I pulled her to me in the darkness and we kissed liked lovers about to be parted. Just then we heard mom calling Sunita. She left and I went and sat with my TV.

In the meantime, mom was sleeping nude under the blanket and had the air conditioning on the maximum. As soon as Sunita entered her room, she made her lock the door and to come inside her blanket after removing her clothes. So there they were the two mermaids, in their birthday suits. The whole night they fondled, sucked each others tits and fingered each other.

The next day mom was expected to go for work that’s what I thought. I left for my college. I could not concentrate in college and I decided to go back to my Sunita. So there I was bunking and heading towards home. I asked my friend to give me a lift home and I reached my apartment door. I entered using my key slowly without making any noise. I latched the door noiselessly and removing my shoes I tiptoed to the kitchen. Sunita was not there. I retraced my steps to her room. But she was not there too. I was surprised. I now headed back to my room. As I reached the room I could hear some movement and gasping in mom’s room, which had its door half shut. I slowly opened it and I was confronted with the most amazing sight. Two beautiful women, with not a shred of cloth on them, totally drenched in sweat rubbing themselves on each other engrossed in themselves and lost to the world.

Mom was lying on her back with Sunita held between her thighs, which were criss-crossed over her buttocks and they were kissing one another. Sunita’s hair was stuck to her back while mom’s hair was all over the bed. I was shocked. But I had to use this to my advantage.

I immediately unbuttoned my shirt, unzipped my pants slowly entered in the room unnoticed. I could not control myself seeing Sunita’s buttocks going up and down rubbing their crotches together. I could see their thighs wet with juices and Sunita’s asshole pink and tight.

“Hello, may I know what’s going on here?” I asked. For a second the movement stopped. Sunita and mom separated and tried to get up. Sunita had to stand coming backwards and in her fumbling, she tripped straight into me, pressing her tiny sweaty breasts into my chest. I pressed her to me and held her tight. My prick was stiff and poked her near her cunt. Mom had sat on the bed and had covered her big breasts. They were shocked.

“May I also join you two. You two look very good in bed.” I asked knowing fully well the answer.

“I am sorry son; I should not have been doing this. But I could not control myself.”

“Hey mom, please don’t feel bad about it. There is nothing wrong in what you were doing. I can understand dad’s absence. … and Sunita is too good to resist. Isn’t it mom?” I assured mom. By now I had snaked my hand around Sunita’s cute breasts and tweaked her nipples. Sunita was standing stiff in my arms.

I now turned Sunita in my arms and lifted her chin upwards. Her looks portrayed fear and lust. I kissed her in front of my mom. At that mom got up to leave, I held her hand and asked her to stay.

“Mom can I make love to Sunita; I have wanted to do that since she came back from her marriage. She too must be missing her husband. Please mom.” I pleaded with her.

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“Sunita what do you have to say?” she asked Sunita. Sunita blushed and looked down. “Don’t force it on yourself, if you don’t want. Do you want to?” Slowly she looked towards mom and nodded her assent.

“But Sunita he can’t do anything with his underwear on. Why don’t you remove it?” she invited Sunita to remove my underwear which I had left on. Slowly she moved her hands towards the elastic of the underwear. She slowly moved it down. She had trouble as my prick had stood to attention and the underwear had to be pulled over it. After the constricting piece of cloth was pulled down, my penis was at its majestic best — 9 inches long and thick. As Sunita bent down the throbbing prick rubbed against her chin and lips and her nose.

It was mom who gasped at the size; Sunita was now sitting near my feet looking up towards me and my prized possession. I raised Sunita on her feet and made her sit on the bed as mom looked on. She was fondling her own big breasts and one hand was rubbing against her cunt. The scenario unfolding in front of her was turning her on.

Mom had nice rounded breasts which were very fair. The nipples were pink and longish surrounded by a darker circle. The erotic scene had got them stiff and tight sitting on her chest with pride. I yearned to touch them and press them; but I controlled myself.

“Mom why don’t you also join us and continue what you stopped. Sunita would you mind?” I asked Sunita. She too wanted mom to be part of the game. As mom sat on the bed I slowly pushed Sunita on her back and sat beside her. She was now flanked by mom on one side and me on the other.

“Mom why don’t you let Sunita suck you and pleasure you?” She did not require another invitation, she bent and lowered her tit to Sunita’s mouth.

Sunita’s lips and teeth clamped on them and I could see her sucking and pulling on them with her eyes closed. Mom’s eyes were fixed on my penis, a piece that she was missing for a long time. But the thought of incest restricted her.

I moved my hand to Sunita’s cunt, which I was touching for the first time. She had a tidy growth of pubic hair around her shiny lower lips which had been fiddled around with just a few moments earlier. I twiddled my fingers Mom started to slowly press her tit her tits. Sunita was moaning and shifting her body. I clamped my mouth on her tit and gobbled her tiny tit into my mouth. She pressed her chest upwards wanting to feed me the entire breast. As Sunita was attacking mom’s one tit, the other was close by to my hand and which was pressing Sunita’s tit. I thought of doing something brave. I slowly left Sunita’s breast and slid my hand below mom’s breast. I held her tit and squeezed. She pressed forward wanting more, which in turn suffocated Sunita with the other breast pressing on her mouth.

By now I had managed to push my finger into Sunita. The feel of the finger finger entering her must have started an orgasm which she expressed by moaning loudly, thrashing her body and pushing her cunt onto my finger, whilst humping it. She thrust her breast into my mouth and held my head pressed to her. Mom too mashed her tits and from what I realized also orgasmed seeing this show.

I shifted myself to lie parallel to her and pushed myself on top of her. I was now lying on top of Sunita with my stiff penis directly near her opening. Mom watched this alignment and moved her tit from Sunita’s mouth. Sunita now awaited the assault. For anyone this was a piquant situation with your mom watching. I had to involve her in this.

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“Mom will you please help me?” I requested. I caught mom’s hand and took it to my penis. I knew I had to break the ice. She willingly held my prick and I could feel her stroking it tightly enjoying the feel of her son’s prick.

Suddenly Sunita spoke, “Mumma, I hope it will not tear me. Ajay is big?” she was apprehensive.

“Don’t worry Sunita, I too had this fear when Ajay’s daddy first took my virginity. Atleast you have had experience earlier.” Sunita was at peace.

The well lubricated walls of her vagina would help to ease the entry. Mom then pointed the head of the prick to the entry. Sunita shuddered awaiting the final entry. I pushed a little and the head entered the hole. Sunita winched a little and spread her thighs.

I became bold and pushed further, Sunita cried out, “Please stop Aju, its paining” But she had her hands tight around my back. I hand gone beyond the point of no return. I pushed further and a little harder. I had slid about two inches into her. She started to cry saying that it was tearing her. But I continue humping and sliding into her and then after a few strokes I was fully embedded into her. Sunita was moving her head from side to side trying to subdue the initial pain.

I stopped pushing and held my self into her. As the pain stopped, I pulled out of her and forced myself into her there was a sloshing sound as the juices helped to lubricate the entry. I started to see saw into her — pulling out and pushing in at a fast pace. Sunita clamped her legs around my waist and pulling me into her. Her face was displaying an erotic expression. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed. I lowered my self on her lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She pulled her hands behind my head and held me tightly. I was ramming into very at a steady pace.

I suddenly felt my moms hand on my back, sliding up to my buttocks. I felt her finger trying to enter my asshole and which forced me to push harder into Sunita. I moved one hand away from Sunita and felt mom’s breast. She also helped me by adjusting her position and lay besides Sunita. Now I had two ladies waiting for my attention.

I could feel my balls tightening announcing the forthcoming ejaculation. Knowing that Sunita was in her periods it was safe to ejaculate into her. She too was nearing another orgasm. And was grunting her urgency signaling her position.

“Sunita I think I am cumming.” With this I increased my pace of screwing her. And as the time approached I held her tight to me, her breast poking into me and I could feel my sperm shooting into her womb. She too felt the warm liquid filling her and gasped for more pleasure. After sometime we both stopped with me lying on top of her and my fast shrinking prick lodged into her. We were both bathed in sweat and I kissed Sunita.

When I looked beside me I could see a sad look on mom’s face. I did not relies that mom had taken my hand to her smoothly shaved cunt and held it there. Incest or no incest, I could not see this sad look on her face and I slowly moved my finger into her hole. She looked at me but said nothing. I could feel her clitoris engorged and popping out and slowly rubbed it. She closed her eyes and savoured the feeling. Sunita looked at me knowing well what was happening, and suggested by her eyes to make love to mom.

I nodded my agreement and slowly slid out of her. I could feel Sunita’s vagina wall trying to hold me into her and she sighed. I shifted my self and now tried to lay over mom.

“Son, what are you doing? This is not right. I am your mom.” She tried to stop me.

“Mumma, but no one will know. You too are missing what I was missing. Ajay will definitely satisfy you.” Saying this she held mom’s hand and took it to my shrunk penis. Sunita’s and my juices were coating my prick and when I felt mom’s hand on my prick, it started to spring back to life. In a few moments, it was stiff but had not become very hard.

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Suddenly mom got up and told me to sleep on my back. Sunita watched. She made me spread my legs and saw my pole standing straight. She slowly sat between my legs and lowered her mouth on my penis. I could not believe that I was going to get a blow job and that too from mom. Sunita looked wide eyed not understanding this. I pulled her to me and kissed her.

Mom was an expert in this art of BJ. I slowly sat and put my hands under her to hold her massive breasts and started to press. Sunita came from behind and pressed her breast & tits into my back. After sometime of bobbing her head she had suck the juices dry. I pulled her up on the bed and she crawled on her fours. I told her to wait in that position and entered her from the back. I held her by her waist and pushed myself into her. Sunita slid under her and allowed her to suck her breast while she tweaked and pressed mom’s big breasts.

After some time I could feel the familiar feeling and pressed myself into her. She could feel long streak of cum hitting her womb walls. It was then that I realized that we should have used protection as mom could get pregnant. But it was too late now. My cum started to slide down her thighs. She slowly collapsed over Sunita sandwiched between her & me.

“Thank you, son; I was hungry for love for a long time. Now that we have broken the ice, we could all sleep in the same bed and enjoy ourselves.” And that is what happened for all the following nights.

“But what about you getting pregnant?” I was concerned.

“Son, don’t worry. After you were born, the doctor had removed my womb and there is no danger of me getting pregnant. But the doctor could not stop my urge for sex.”

I was relieved. It had become quite late and we had yet to prepare lunch. We were all naked. I pulled Sunita from the bed to me and told mom that we will have a bath together. Mom smiled. She volunteered to cook, knowing fully well that this bath would take a much longer time.

“I hope the next bath will be with me” she said winking to both of us.

With the cold water running over us, we washed brushed, soaped each other and I took this opportunity to fuck Sunita standing her against the bathroom walls. The door was open and Mom peeked in to glimpse.

From that day onward till Sunita’s husband and my dad arrived a year later, we were one big fucking family. I even fucked Sunita and mom in the hall while watching TV. I hope that reading this story, you will send me your views; and if you too have an urge, ;like I do, will convey the same. Happy reading.