From Terrace to Bed – Part 2

My mom headed to Sunita’s room to check her out. I went to my room, and closed the door, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Sunita would not be caught in her wedding dress. I knew Sunita would change into normal dress, after she heard the bell.

In fact what happened in Sunita’s room was more surprising, as Sunita narrated to me later. When my mom went to check on Sunita, she found that the door to Sunita’s room was half open and when she pushed open the door she found Sunita with her wedding sari crumpled on the bed and Sunita in her wedding blouse, half open, trying to unhook her new bra, which had got stuck. Her sari slip too was loose. Sunita was at her erotic best.

After looking at her in this state, something hidden in my mom must have burst. Sunita heard her coming into the room, but could not do anything to cover herself.

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“Sunita, why are you in your wedding dress? Did you remember your husband today? Next time close the door before you undress, we have a grown up son in the house.” Her tone was not angry. Sunita looked at my mom, as she closed the room door behind her and latched it. Then she came towards Sunita and put her hands on her bra to unhook it.

“Mumma, I am sorry, I did not close the door.” Sunita implored.

“No, dear, I can understand your position. I have also gone through the same stage when my husband went away. For the next few days, I did not know what to do or how to satisfy myself.”

This such open talk surprised Sunita. My mom then helped her to remove Sunita’s blouse and started top remove her bra. Sunita was now naked above her waist. There was a mirror in the room and she turned Sunita towards it, by standing behind her.

“Sunita you have a beautiful body. Your breasts and nipples are so cute, as compared to mine. I hope you do not mind me appreciating your body.”

Sunita was stunned. My mother had 36-38 size breasts as compared to Sunita’s small pears.

“No mumma…….. I don’t mind.” She had replied feeling a gush of warmth running through her body. She felt wetness between her legs. This was a novel experience to her. A woman feeling her up after recently being harpooned by her husband.

My mother had then held her pressed to her large boobs and snaked her hands over Sunita’s boobies. Sunita had closed her eyes and allowed the feeling of warmth to run over her. She could feel herself going more wet between her legs. My mother had closed her eyes and started to squeeze Sunita’s boobies and Sunita moaned. Mumma tweaked her long nipples between her fingers. Sunita was shivering all over. She did not want this to stop. Or did she?

My mother had crossed the thresh hold of expressing her sex with Sunita. She had let go of her pent up sexual feelings with the newly wed Sunita. She then started to snake her hand down the navel and then towards her vagina.

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At that Sunita had wriggled. This brought my mom to her senses. Sunita turned around and looked at my mom. Her eyes were beseeching Sunita to allow her to carry on. Finally she held Sunita’s hands and said, “Sunita I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I was missing my husband for a long time and when I saw you so beautifully undressed, I could not control. Please forgive me.”

“Mumma, please don’t feel sorry. I understand how you feel. I don’t mind. If you want to carry on I was indeed enjoying what you were doing. You have a very pretty body.” Sunita told her.

My mom had then hugged her tightly, “Suni, can this be our secret. We could help one another. But Vijay should not come to know.”

“You think he will not come to know? He is smart.”

“You seem to know him better Suni. Any thing that I should know?” my mother enquired.

“No, there is nothing between us. He treats me very politely.” Sunita tried to change the subject. “But mumma, how come you felt like this about me suddenly today?”

“Suni, to be very frank with you, today is not suddenly. The other day when I was pacifying you about your husbands absence, you may not have realized but your breasts were pressing into mine. I had gone weak in my legs just thinking what it would be make love to you. In fact, when I knew that Vijay would not be there till late, I took half day leave and came home so that I could talk to you about my feelings. But you being half dressed and looking so sexy, I could not ask for anything more.”

With that she took Sunita’s hands and put them over her juicy breasts. “Do you want to have the same pleasure you gave me. I am yours to do what you want? I hope I can be free with you too.”

Sunita pressed her boobs and my mom let out a loud moan.

“Mumma, Vijay might hear.” Sunita said in a scared voice. She was pleasantly delighted at the fast happening situation.

“Please Suni, press me, rub me. I have been yearning for a touch from you. Do what you want with me. Please.” She ranted as she pulled Sunita’s head between her salwar covered boobs and rubbed her face to them. Sunita pressed her harder. When her mouth came close to mom’s tit, she clamped it over her covered tit. Mom had shuddered signalling an impeding orgasm.

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It was after a long time that somebody was touching her, other than her husband. With Sunita there was also no fear of pregnancy. She moved her hands on Sunita’s bum cheeks and pressed her into her cunt. Sunita was still wearing her sari petticoat and her wedding night panty.

She too felt a wonderful sensation going through her and bit hard on the tit over the salwar. She then took a bold step and slid her hand under mom’s salwar. The skin to skin touch was electrifying for both. She slid her hand under moms stiff bra encased breast and held the nipple in her fingers. By now mom had loosened the petticoat and pulled down Sunita’s panty. Sunita had felt the cool air on her cunt.

“Mumma, may I see you too. Can I remove your salwar?” Sunita was now into the game. Mom gave her assent. Sunita removed her hand from mom’s breast and started to undo the buttons in front of the salwar. Mom pulled up the salwar over her head and her breasts were in view. They were tautly held in a lacy black bra and the white skin behind surrounded a chocolaty brown nipple. It was in stark contrast to Sunita’s dark nipple.

Mom then bent and sucked in Sunita’s left breast which left Sunita gasping with erotic ripples. Though she had been fucked royally by her husband, the finesse and experience with which mom was rolling her tongue over her nipple and exerting the right teeth pressure was a wonderful experience. Sunita reached behind and undid mom’s bra. This let the prized possessions free.

Sunita gasped at the sight of her free swinging breasts and clamped her teeth on the tits. Now it was mom’s turn to gasp as she had been used to the smooth sucking from her husband as compared to the crude rough gnawing that Sunita was experimenting on her. She pulled down her salwar pant and her panties and both of them were in their birthday suits. While Sunita had her bush covered with dark pubic hair, mom had shaved herself in the morning itself.

They hugged each other and mashed their boobs together. Mom kissed her on the lips and then together they lay on the bed. Mom had made her lie on top of her with her stiff nipples poking into mom’s breast. Mom had her hands around Sunita’s arse cheeks and a finger was nuzzling near the young girls cunt from behind. She pushed in her finger and searched for the young girls horny spot.

“Mumma, I am having my periods” Sunita warned mom. But mom was beyond stopping.

“Sunita, how was your wedding night?” Mom queried. “Did you do it on the first night? Was he good?”

“Mumma, in fact I was not for it as I was very tired. But he convinced me that at least we could sleep without any clothes. I was sitting on the bed when he started removing my sari and the blouse and the whole time I had my eyes closed with my hands. After sometime he had removed all my clothes except my bra & panty, which I requested him not to remove. He slowly made me sit on the bed. I watched him getting undressed too. We had put off the light, but there was mild street-light filtering in our room. He did not force himself onto me.”

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“….and then what happened?” mom was very inquisitive. She had now got up and sat on the bed edge. She had put Sunita in her lap and made Sunita to sit facing her with her legs on either side of mom. Both played with each others tits.

“… then he laid down besides me and asked me whether I liked him and whether anybody had forced me to get married. I had blushed and held him close to my chest without any words being spoken. He too had held me tight.” At this mom too held her tightly to her own bosom. “After sometime I could my bra becoming loose and I realized that he had unhooked my bra. After a little while it slid off my breasts. The first touch of my titties to his chest were electrifying.”

Mom had by now adjusted her titties to those of Sunita’s pointed ones and they started having swordplay with them and giggling like teenagers.

“When my tits touched him, he realized that his attempt to disrobe me was successful. He moved his hand to the front and there was the first man in my life fondling my breasts. I was beyond myself with pleasure. There were electric currents going through my body as me turned me over on my back and now both his hands were on my breasts. All I could do was moan. He suddenly put his head down and sucked my tit into his mouth. His teeth were chewing on my nipple and I was writhing myself under him to free his mouth from my teeth, yet wanting him to continue.”

At this mom had bent Sunita backwards on her hands and latched her mouth on the young girls’ nipples and started to suck & chew. Sunita pulled her head towards her tit and fed more of her tiny breast into her mouth. None of them spoke for a while. Sunita could feel a familiar feeling creeping in her stomach; it snow-balled into a massive orgasm and her entire body shook violently.

She pushed moms’ face into her and started rubbing her newly entered cunt on moms’ stomach. Mom adjusted herself so that their cunt’s aligned together and mashed against each other, rubbing Sunita’s hair covered cunt over mom’s shaved one. Sunita was bathed in sweat; which mingled with moms and they were one slippery pair.

“Sunita, then what happened?” mom was in a very excited state. She wanted every detail, which she was involuntarily trying out on Sunita.

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“I did not know when he took my hand and made me hold his …… thing”

“His thing?” mom enquired, ‘You mean his penis. Was it long? Was it thick?”

“Yes. I do not know whether it was long or thick. But initially there was lot of pain. It was my first time. He had made me hold pull it and it had become very hard, hot and was throbbing in my hand. He had moved his hand from my breast to between my thighs and was rubbing my lips down there. Though I liked what he was doing, I did not know what to do further. By now my vagina had become very wet. He slipped in his finger and see-sawed it in. I don’t know what came over me. I started pushing myself on his finger as wanted to keep on going in. I do not know when he managed to divert my hand holding his penis near my hole and then he pushed it into me, – just a little. I was scared that it may hurt me; but my earlier joy cast aside my fright. He then pushed it in a little bit more. I felt a little pain when it was spreading my hole. Nothing such big had gone in earlier.”

Sunita stopped as she could feel mom’s hand snaking towards her hole and a finger or two sliding into her hole. Mom then laid her on the bed with her legs dangling below and lay between her open thighs. “I hope you can bear my weight.” Sunita was in no state to deny the pleasures that were searing through her body and clamped her mouth over mom’s lips and they twisted and turned over one another on the bed. Moms’ fingers were still into Sunita’s cunt.

“Then he rested himself on his hands and pushed himself into me. There was a sudden pain and I could feel something tearing inside me. I screamed, but before I could complete my scream he had clamped his mouth on mine and had securely plugged me down below. There was a little pain between my legs. He did not move himself. After sometime, the pain had vanished and it was replaced by a different kind of feeling. He then started to move out. I was surprised, but before my surprise could get over, he had pushed himself back into me. This in-out pushing went on for sometime. I did not realize that I too was pushing against him and enjoying it. I had my first orgasm them. It was terrific. Then after sometime he started going in & out very fast — banging himself into me like a fast moving train. And then he pressed himself to me and I could feel some liquid being pumped into me. I had my second orgasm. He went limp. We slept like that in each others arms. Later on when I felt between my legs, I could feel a sticky liquid trickling on my thighs. We slept like that and it was the early morning crowing of the cock that woke us up. I got up and had a bath as he slept. I could see some blood stains on the bed sheet. I realized that my hymen had broken, which proved that I was a virgin before marriage. The rest of the days were always in each others arms. He even put his fingers in my cunt when we went for a movie. I was scared. But no one noticed.”

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Mom was furiously fingering Sunita’s cunt as she lay with her thighs wide open. Mom had earlier kissed her and in fact shown her how to suck on the lips and to move her tongue in her partners’ mouth, to suck on the tongue. Sunita was a master learner.

On the other side, helpless me had almost gone berserk not knowing what was happening inside the closed room. I was sure that mom had suspected us both of having an affair and was questioning Sunita. I did not have any courage to come near that room. My penis had shrunk with the impeding disaster and to avoid any problems I dressed up and decided to go to my friends’ house. I came to the hall and called out loudly that I was going to my friends’ house.

The squirming couple heard my shout and mom responded to come soon and to pull the door shut; but they did not open the door. I quickly shut the door & left.

Sunita later told me that they kissed and fondled enjoying their first lesbian relationship. For both the ladies this was an experience that was much better than expected. Mom was the dominant partner while Sunita was the dominated. They had separated and dressed up. Mom had told Sunita and not her bra & panty. She too had done the same.

Sunita had then posed mom a question, “Mumma, if Vijay comes to know about us then what.”

“If we take care I do not think that he will come to know. We can also say that ours is lady talk.” Mom replied. “But why do you ask? Has he tried to be fresh with you? You want him? Tell me very frankly so that there is nothing hidden between us. But don’t tell him about our relationship.”

“Mumma, he is young and if we are prepared, it will make a lot of things easier.” Sunita had justified.

“Suni, if he approaches you with such a proposal, which I am sure he will not, what will you do …. allow him?” Mom had wanted to know.

Sunita blushed and put her head down, her fingers inter-twining. Mom had guessed what was going on in her mind. Sunita had indeed wanted a cock in her as she missed that of her husbands’. Mom too had gone through a similar period. Sunita was looking forward to having Vijay.

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“You sure that you have not had sex with him?” mom enquired feeling a little jealous.

“No, mumma, I have not had sex with any one except my husband … and just now with you; and I have enjoyed both of you.”

“But mumma, if Vijay has sex with me, would you mind?” Sunita had gathered her strength to ask her.

Mom had not answered her. But had just smiled silently and left towards the door. Sunita could literally see a feeling of jealousy cross her face.

But mom seemed happy. She then opened the door of the room cautiously and checked if Vijay had really left. She then locked the main door by putting the latch to make sure that Vijay did not surprise them. She then held Sunita by her hand and led her to their bedroom and again they kissed and fondled each other. They then fell on the bed and rolled over each other pressing into each other.

She was really desperate to have someone ravage her cunt. She pulled down her salwar pants which she had just put. Sunita looked at her still flat on the bed. Mom had then proceeded to remove Sunita’s top and fondled her breasts. She had bent down and sucked on her nipples, biting into them. Sunita had squirmed under her writhing with erotic waves going through her. Her thighs had been rubbing and she was turning from side to side. Mom reached for Sunita’s honey pot and pushed in a finger in her tight cunt. Sunita pushed against the invading finger wanted to hold it tightly and for it to go further.

After see-sawing her finger into Sunita’s cunt, mom removed her hand and lifted Sunita’s hand to her hole. For Sunita it was the first time that she was touching another woman’s cunt. It was hot. She slid one and then another finger. The juices had lubricated her hole and after sometime almost all her fingers went in. She too pushed her fingers in & out of mom’s hole. Mom was in total erotic throes. She must have come at least three to four times. The whole room was resounding to their moans and urges. The bed was in total shambles.

She then held Sunita and positioned her cunt on the young girls mouth over her cunt. The young girl was hesitant in the initial stage but slowly pushed her mouth close to mom’s cunt. As she came close to the lean shaven area, she could see the thick outer labia and a shiny opening.

The smell was musky and in an instant she understood and latched her mouth on mom’s slit. Mom had yelled out her assent and ground her mound on Sunita’s face. Sunita had almost got chocked not only with her mouth covered with mom’s cunt but also by being flooded with her juices. Sunita too had been also in the same state. Her tongue was entering and leaving the hole like a snake’s tongue. By chance she had been positioned so that her tongue occasionally flicked mom’s engorged clitoris. The sensation that she felt was electrifying.

After some time the heat subsided. They lay in exhaustion side by side.

“Suni, thank you very much. I don’t know why it’s today but you have really satisfied the long hunger that I had felt inside. I will return this favour once your periods are over.” Mom promised.

“Mumma, how come you suddenly wanted me today? Don’t you have any other way of satisfying yourself?” Sunita asked.

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“Suni dear, there are many ways. But once you turn to outsiders for help, then there is danger of the world coming to know.” Mom had explained. “During my college days, I was staying in a girl’s hostel. One night, in my final year, my room mates had literally forced me in my bed. She was helped by our other room mate. They had tied me and had licked me and put a cucumber into me. They had not stopped at that and had even fucked me with the cucumber in the anus. It had pained me a lot. At the same time I had began enjoying the experience. We had then been partners for the remaining part of my hostel days. After those days, I remembered the feelings and decided to make love to you. Thank you very much”

She turned round and kissed Sunita on her lips, feeling her own smell on them. They had then got up and gone for a wash. As Sunita was in her bathroom, she heard a knock on the door and opened it slowly. She found mom standing outside with a soap and towel.

“What happened mumma? You needed something.” Sunita asked.

Mom had just pointed to her and said “You”

They had then proceeded to bathe each other, stealing kisses and going for each others cunt’s, giggling like small kids.

They then dried one another and came out and dressed together. They decided not to wear any under wear when in the house.

Mom was tired by then and went to her room. Sunita had gone to cook dinner. I returned to find that the house was quiet and there seemed to be no traces of any firing for me.

When I passed the kitchen I saw Sunita. She had a glow on her body. She saw me and blushed and turned her face down to her hands. I asked her what had happened by making signs. She blushed still further. I could make out her erect nipples poking out through her gown. Was she not wearing any bra? A thought passed through my mind. Maybe she is getting ready for the night. I tip toed to my room.

Mom must have heard me, and she called out “Viju, have you returned?”

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“Yes, mom. I just came back. How come you are sleeping?” I enquired and went to her room.

“Well, I seem to have a nasty ache; that’s why I came home early.” She replied.

“I hope nothing serious?” I queried. “Should I get the doctor?”

“No nothing serious, that Suni can’t help. I will ask her to sleep in my room tonight, in case I need anything.”