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Hello, Desibahu.com Readers. I’m Riya 29 years old. I like reading Indian sex kahani, hindi sex stories, hindi porn story and sex story in hindi when I have the opportunity to do so. I am a married woman from Bangalore. My husband’s name is Ramesh Muthu who is 33. He works as a senior assistant in a management firm. We’ve got two kids. Elder one is Rohit aged 4 and the younger one is Rahul aged 1. Both go to the same school.

I’m average built. But after giving birth to two kids, my figure has become quite busty with big indian boobs and have put on some weight. Still, my figures are 36-30-38. I sense people looking at me whenever I go out to shop or buy groceries.

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Coming to the incident, this happened a few months back. My husband got ill and he was advised 3 months bed rest. His company decided to grant him leave but it was unpaid-leave for 3 months. I was a homemaker. So income suddenly stopped. The first month it was fine. But the following months became hard.

One day our milkman(Salim) approached me and told that he would also sell breast milk to a nearby orphanage home and told there was much demand for it. He told that he would pay 400Rs per day to the ladies who gave him breast milk. I gave it a thought and since I had to pay the school fees for Rohit, I agreed to give him.

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Next day he came, and I gave him a bottle of my breast milk which I had milked it an hour before. But he didn’t agree to take it as there was no way to confirm it was my breast milk. He argued that he should only come and milk my breasts. Since I didn’t have any other way, I agreed.

On the following day, he came and I was ready. We went to the other room where my husband wasn’t sleeping. I was wearing a green saree. He brought a bowl and I took my huge breasts out. And I started to squeeze my left boob. He took another bowl and started to squeeze my right boob. I was surprised by it. He told, he couldn’t waste much time with one customer only. And all the women did the same way. So I agreed. He had rough hands and was good at his job. He squeezed so much that it felt empty. I didn’t have anything left for Rahul. But he instantly paid 400Rs and went off.

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This happened for a month. He would daily come and squeeze my boobs. Some days I would be in kitchen cooking breakfast, and he would stand behind me and would squeeze. It felt really good and my breasts felt lighter. One morning, he asked if he could taste a little bit of it. I thought he would drink from the bowl and agreed. But he put his mouth on my left boob and started sucking. I had weird feelings. I couldn’t believe, I was breast feeding a grown-up stranger. But it felt really good.

One day he came early and Rohit and Rahul were still in bed. He told that he no longer needed breast milk as the orphanage got shut due to political reasons. I didn’t know what to do. I told him I wanted money very badly. So he agreed to mix my breast milk with normal cow milk. But he would only pay 100Rs a day. I didn’t have any choice, so I agreed.

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Day by day he grew bolder. He would suck my boobs when Rohit would be roaming around. I left wearing bra and house in the morning. I would just be in my nighty. He would come, suck them and go. For me the money he gave was not enough. I told him that. So the next day he brought his friend Waqar who would sell vegetables. And they both started sucking my boobs. I didn’t say anything. They knew I was ready to make more money. So both of them removed their lungis. Both of them had huge cocks. They were around 10 inches. But they were black and looked dirty.

Salim squeezed my boobs and took out a bowl of milk. He washed his cock with it. He also gave Waqar some milk to clean his cock. They made me lie on the kitchen floor and put some of my breast milk on my vagina. Salim started to rub his cock near my pussy which was waiting. He slowly started to push his cock in and I started to moan.

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So Waqar put his cock in my mouth to reduce noise. Salim succeeded in entering completely by then and increased his speed. He started to hit my pussy harder and harder. I never had 10 inch cock before. It gave immense pleasure. My juices started to flow all over my thighs. I was fully out of control.

I forgot that I was a mom of a wife. I just wanted them to fuck me. After a few minutes he cummed inside me. I could feel the heat of his juices inside. Then they exchanged positions and Waqar started to fuck me. None of us spoke. It all just happened. He also released his juices deep inside me. Then I sucked both their cocks clean. I was lying naked on the kitchen floor with all the dirty smell. Salim called my son Rohit and both of them gave 1000Rs each to him and sent him off. He couldn’t understand anything. All of us were naked. He just went back to sleep.

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This continued for a few days and both of them grew bolder and bolder. Some days they would enter our bedroom naked, while my husband would be sleeping. And then they would pick me up and go to the other room. Sometimes they would make me suck their cocks while my husband would be sleeping next to me. I would suck their cocks. One day Waqar brought a small cucumber and shoved it into my pussy. It felt really good.

They asked me if I wanted more money to which I replied yes. They told they would pay 500Rs extra for Anal-sex. I had no prior experience. So Salim put some coconut oil in my ass and tried to enter slowly. But it became difficult for both of us. He didn’t give up. He kept on pushing inch by inch. After 10 minutes of severe pain, he could enter. Then he started to thrust in and out with great speed.

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I felt like screaming, but Waqar had put his cock in my mouth. Salim fucked my ass for around 20 minutes. Then Waqar took his turn. While Salim started to fuck my hairy pussy. They both banged me till 7 o’clock. Then they gave extra 500Rs each and went off. They used to fuck me everyday till my husband got well. Some days I would open the door without putting any clothes on. And they would come and finish their jobs. We never used condoms. And unsurprisingly, I became pregnant.

Now, after my husband has become well, they come to my house when my husband has gone for office. They still pay me money without fail every day.

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