We go Wife Swapping!

Hello everyone. My name is Nisha and I am from Mumbai. I am 35 years old, petite, good looking with round ass and big boobs. My husband, Mahesh, is an investment banker. We are happy go lucky couple and don’t have children for now. I am an avid Indian sex story, Group sex story, Wife swapping sex story reader on Desibahu.com and will share my own experience in this story.

One fine day, I sat watching porn as usual. Mahesh was busy with something on his phone. A good porn video came up on the screen. It had 2 couples, fucking each others’ partners on a single bed. It excited me. Mahesh and I have a good married and sex life, but things like swapping / swinging can really add some more flavors to your life.

“Mahesh”, I said showing him the laptop screen,” do you think we should do this?”.

He watched the video and smirked, ” Are you really up for it?.. i mean, we will be fucking different people.. Do you want to go for it?”.

I smiled. Mahesh knew about my adventurous habits. I liked getting fucked in different positions and we had already tried roleplay sex before.

“Yep.. I mean, it’s good to experiment, right?”, I looked at him with lust.

He smiled. We decided to go for it. Now we just had to get another couple to join us on our adventure.

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Then, it happened one day….

Mahesh came up to me and said, “Your wish is going to come true..”.

I looked up at him with confused expression.

“My friend, Mehmud and his wife Nagma are ready to join us”, he winked…

Mehmud, ah.. yes.. I had met him at a party sometime back. He was black in color, with average body. His wife Nagma, was smaller than me, voluptuous and beautiful nonetheless.

I nodded. We can start with Mehmud and Nagma and then move on…

So, it was decided. We booked rooms in one of the popular resorts in Goa. Mehmud and Nagma joined us couple of days later. It was Saturday when we met in the resort lobby.

“Hello Mahesh & Nisha..”, Mehmud said.

He shook hands and sat near us. Nagma was looking good in her green skirt and fleece top. Mehmud was dressed in lounge pants and shirt. We had casual outfits too.

“Let’s have a drink here and then we move on to my room?”. Mehmud asked, sipping his beer and winking at me…

“Sure”, Mahesh said as he sipped his own wine.

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After a while, all of us moved to Mehmud’s room. It was spacious with a huge double bed.

Game on!

“So, should we get started?”, Mehmud winked as he pressed Nagma’s boobs.

We nodded our agreement. Mehmud was fast and quick. In no time, he was in his undies. His cock was erect and big. He had a huge erection. I looked at it with excitement. Nagma was in her bra and panty. She lied on the bed and Mehmud started kissing her on the neck, pressing her boobs simultaneously.

Meanwhile, we moved to the other side of the bed and got naked. I removed all my clothes and was naked now. Mahesh was sucking my pussy and I was caressing Nagma’s massive boobs over the bra.

Mehmud pressed my boobs and pinched the nipples. I was very hot now.

Mahesh kissed and bit me everywhere and in no time, he was pumping me. I took him all in and scratched his back.

I saw Nagma wide and Mehmud fucking her hairy pussy. She had massive boobs. Her boobs were jiggling and she was moaning a lot. Mehmud’s cock was massive.. I wanted it badly.

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After fucking me for around 15 minutes, Mahesh turned me and started ramming from behind. My boobs were swinging and Nagma held one and pressed gently.

Mehmud was still fucking her in missionary position.

Mahesh fucked me for 5-7 minutes and cummed inside. He then got up and went to clean himself.

“Nisha, want this?”, Mehmud said pointing at his massive and fat black cock. It was hairy and glistening with Nagma’s pussy juice.

“Sure Mehmud, fuck me like a bitch”, I whispered.

Nagma got up and went to clean herself. Probably to fuck Mahesh in Bathroom…

Mehmud’s attack!!

Mehud put his massive cock in my pussy from behind. It went inside me in 1 attempt as I was already wet. He started giving massive strokes.

We could hear loud moans from the bathroom.

Mahesh and Nagma were fucking, I guess…

Mehmud rammed like a beast. He fucked me for full 30 minutes with full force. My pussy was red and paining now..

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“Nisha, I like your asshole… I want to fuck it too..”, Mehmud said, caressing my asshole with one of his fingers..

“You can do whatever you want Mehmud, just make me happy with your cock..”, I said hiding my face on the pillow…

Mehmud applied some cream on his cock and put some cream in my asshole. Then he put his cock on the hole and gave a small push.

I whimpered with pain. His cock was massive and fat. I felt my asshole tearing up.

“Please be gentle”, I whispered…

Mehmud didn’t say anything. He took his cock out and get 2-3 more pushes. His cock went in.

I relaxed a bit.

He then started ramming my asshole with full strength. Mehmud fucked my asshole for 10-15 minutes and then unloaded his cum in me. I felt his thick cum in my ass. There was a lot of cum in me.. Both my pussy and asshole were fulled with cum now.

He removed his cock from asshole and slept next to me. I sensed warm blood mixed with his cum on my ass.

Mehmud kissed me. We fucked twice that night. Mahesh and Nagma took their turns on the bed too.

I’ll share more about it in my next story. Stay put πŸ™‚