Manjeet’s hot Mom – Chapter 3

Mona hugged her son about his hips tightly, her palms clutching at his naked ass. The feel of his cock and balls pressing against her was delicious. With his pants and shorts at his knees, still wearing his T-shirt, Manjeet looked more desirable than if he had been totally naked.

“Say something dirty to me,” Mona whispered, looking up at him. “I love it when someone talks dirty to me, baby.”

“How dirty, Mother?” Manjeet asked, grinning wickedly.

“As dirty as you want,” she replied, hugging him tighter. “Say all kinds of things to me, like fuck and cock and cunt and ass and … oh, everything!”

Literotica Mummy ko chudwaya – Manjeet’s Hot Mom

Manjeet squirmed as she held his lower body against her cheek. He ran his fingers through her soft hair, then pressed her face hard at his cock and balls. Mona loved the heat of his cock along her cheek, his balls on her shoulder and neck. She ran her hands up and down the cheeks of his ass, waiting for her son to talk dirty to her.

Manjeet started off shy, nervous to speak that way in front of his mother. “Do you like cock, Mother?” he asked softly. “Do you love a hard cock?”

“Oh, yes!” she purred.

“Do you love to feel a hard cock inside your cunt?”

“Yes, yes!”

Manjeet was encouraged now, and his voice became stronger. “Does my cock fuck way up in your pussy, Mother? Does my hard cock make your wet cunt feel good?”

“More, baby! Please, talk to me!”

“I sure like to put my cock in your hot cunt, Mother. I like to stick my hard prick up your pussy and fuck it. I love to suck on your titties and feel your ass. I like to have my cock in your mouth and feel you sucking on it.”

“Ohhhh, Manjeet!” Mona mewled, stroking the cheeks of his ass, trailing her fingers up and down the crack.

Manjeet was warmed up, and the words tumbled from his mouth. “I wanna put my cock in your hot cunt and fuck you and stick it between your titties so you can kiss the end! I wanna feel your ass and play with your wet cunt and touch your asshole, Mother. I wanna stick my fingers in your cunt and up your ass! I’d love to fuck your ass and then watch you lick the shit off my cock. I’d love to watch you take my cock in your mouth and suck it, Mother! I’d love to see your tongue licking my balls and my legs and my cock!”

Literotica Mummy ko chudwaya – Manjeet’s Hot Mom – Chapter 2

Mona looked upward with glassy eyes. “You want to watch me?” she asked in a small voice.

Manjeet nodded.

“Oh, shit, baby!” Mona murmured. “That’s wonderful! I have a mirror in my bedroom. I want you to watch me suck your cock and lick your balls and kiss your ass! I want to feel lewd and dirty and delicious!” She dragged a fingertip along the crack of his ass. “You have a hot little ass, you know that, baby? Your ass feels hot.”

She wormed her finger into the crack of her son’s ass. Manjeet moaned with unexpected pleasure. Mona’s eyes sparkled hotly up at him as she rubbed about his puckered asshole, feeling his cock growing along her cheek. Dipping her fingers between his thighs from behind, she tickled his precious balls for a moment, then drew her finger back to his asshole. She rubbed, pressuring slightly, watching his face for reaction. What she saw was a young face screwing up with pleasure.

“Do you like it when I touch your asshole?” she whispered, rubbing at the ass ring.

“It feels strange, Mother, but … yes, I like it!”

His cock was growing against her cheek, and while she probed at his tight asshole with her finger, she twisted her head, sliding her parted lips along the shaft of her son’s cock. Manjeet stared down at her, his eyes glazed. Mona felt the searing heat of his cock along her lips, and she pushed the tip of her tongue forward, licking.

“Manjeet, tell me to suck your cock,” she purred softly. “Tell mother to suck you!”

“Suck me, Mother!” he responded immediately. “Suck my cock! Take my cock in your mouth and suck it!”

“Mmmmm, you want a nice, hot, wet blow job, baby?”

“Yes, Mother! Give me a blow job!”

“I thought you wanted to watch me suck your cock?” she teased.

“I can watch right here, Mother,” he said urgently. “I can see your face right here.”

But Mona drew back, sliding her tongue up his cock and flicking about his piss hole for a quick instant. Standing up, she smashed her tits together between her arms, both her hands at the crotch of her tight shorts. Manjeet gazed at his mother, looking deliciously sweet with his pants at his knees. His cock was standing out, stiff and throbbing.

“You want to fuck my face, do you?” she whispered softly.

“Yes, Mother!” Manjeet groaned, grabbing his throbbing cock with a tight fist. “I wanna fuck your face! I wanna fuck your mouth!”

“But, Manjeet, I have a nice hot cunt,” she teased. “Why don’t you want to fuck mother’s cunt?”

“I already have fucked your cunt, Mother!” he choked. “I wanna fuck your mouth now!”

“You want to do everything to me, don’t you?” Mona asked. “You want to fuck my mouth and my cunt. I bet you’d want to fuck me in the ass, too, right?”

Manjeet nodded his head, his cock so swollen he would fuck anything at that moment. “I said I would, Mother.”

Mona twisted her hips suggestively, rubbing her fingers at the tight crotch of her shorts, her tits arching out with rigid nipples. She felt slight wetness seeping through her shorts.

“Baby, put your face close to mother’s cunt,” she whispered.

Eagerly, Manjeet went to his knees. Sliding his hands to his mother’s smooth thighs, he pushed his faced close to her crotch.

“Can you feel how hot mother’s cunt is?” she asked hoarsely. “Can you feel the heat coming from mother’s cunt, Manjeet?”

He nodded his head, his face a few inches from her crotch. Mona parted her legs and shoved her crotch toward him. Manjeet didn’t draw away, and when his mother shoved her shorts into his face, he moaned softly and
grasped the cheeks of her tightly clad ass.

“Can you feel the heat better now?” she mewled. “Can you feel me getting wet in my cunt?”

Literotica Mummy ko chudwaya – My Wife’s Secret Life

Bobby moaned with his mouth pressing at his mother’s tight shorts, his hands gripping the cheeks of her ass. He could feel the heat, feel the wetness seeping through the cloth. He could feel the insides of his mother’s exciting thighs against his face, and his cock jerked up
powerfully, almost slapping against his stomach.

“Kiss my cunt!” Mona cried softly. “Kiss mother’s cunt right through those fucking shorts!”

Manjeet opened his mouth and tried to suck his mother’s shorts in, but they were too tight. He sucked, running his tongue along the seam. The taste he got wasn’t much, but was enough to excite him. He squeezed at his mother’s ass, pulling her cunt tightly into his face. Mona held the back of her son’s head, gazing down with glazed eyes, hissing softly as she rubbed her inner thighs about his face. Manjeet’s cheeks were smooth, not rough and scratchy like a man’s face. A man’s face, even if most had just shaved, scratched her thighs terribly sometimes.

Manjeet’s smooth face was almost like a girl’s, and felt so much better.

“You can’t get a good taste of mother’s cunt, can you?” she whispered.

“Would you like for me to take my shorts off? If I took my shorts off, let you see my cunt, would you lick it, baby?”

Manjeet, his head turned upward, his open mouth pressing at the seam of her shorts, looked with sparkling eyes into his mother’s face, noddinghis head and moaning. Mona purred softly and pulled his face as tightly as she could into her crotch.

“Ohhhh, you really will lick mother’s cunt, darling?” she gurgled. “I just love to have my cunt licked! I love to feel a tongue licking at my wet pussy, stabbing into it, sucking at my clitoris! Would you be mother’s sweet, darling cunt-sucker, baby?”

Manjeet’s eyes fogged over as he nodded his head, his hands clinging to his mother’s bunching ass tightly.

“Ooooh, baby!” she cried with excitement. “You be mother’s cunt-sucker and I’ll be your cocksucker, okay?”

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Bobby groaned and Mona pulled her crotch from his face. Manjeet sat on his heels, gazing between her thighs. He saw dark hairs swirling from the crotch, and his cock jerked up and down as he grabbed his once-more-loaded balls with a small hand.

Mona stepped back, her feet widened on the floor, both her hands framing her crotch. “Want to see something exciting, darling?” she asked in a thick voice. “Want to see mother do something exciting?”

Manjeet nodded quickly.

“If I let you see me, will you promise to lick my pussy?”

Again he nodded, vigorously, eager and anxious to do anything his mother wanted. His cock was throbbing and his balls were hot and full again.