Anitha on her happy holidays

I am Anitha of 18, with attractive saxy boobs and well shaped perfect body structure. In short a 32-24-32. I am doing my B.A., first year in a famous ladies college. Madhu and Esther are my thickest friends and like sexchat erotica. We always talk about boys, their structure, as well their male organs’ sizes.

What types of pleasures we can get from them. Are all the boy ready to fuck us, as soon as we call?

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The desire of fucking the boys, increased day by day. This incident happened before two weeks. I selected a boy by name Devji of 16. He was my neighbour Brahmin boy. His age only was 16. He looked as if he were in his 20. Such was his personality. I had been an eye on him for nearly six months.

One day my parents told me that they were going for a marriage,to take place in Hyderabad and they would return only after three days and advised me to be safe. I happily accepted. Believe me that was a Jackpot for me.

I informed this to my friends Madhu and Esther and they also agreed for that with great pleasure. I asked the permission of Devji’s mother Pankajam mami to have Devji as our guardian to go to a movie. She immediately said O.K, she was also having some personal work and had to go out for more than three hours.

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Every thing went on smoothly. I took Devji with me to my house. I first entered in. Devji followed me. As soon as he entered in, a bucket full of water was poured on him. It was a preplaned one. Madhu acted as if it was an accident.

I went side to take a towel. While returning I removed my blouse and covered my boobs with another towel.

I closed and locked the main door, and started dry his body with the towel.

I removed his shirt and started to dry his chest. Meanwhile Madhu came with another towel. She unexpectedly removed his dhoti and to our surprise he was stark naked. She kept the towel on his penis and moved to dry the hair around the penis.

When I was drying his tummy I purposely bent down and the towel on me fell down. He was staring at my boobs, widening his eyes and mouth.

I pressed my boobs on his chest and dried his head and face.

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Madhu was drying his testicles holding his penis in her hand and Devji buckled his body in shyness. I embraced Devji and kissed him on his cheeks and on his lips.

Above all Esther came and stood before him stark nakedly. Devji was speechless and couldn’t understand what was going there. When I was kissing him I moved my hand on his nipples and pinched one by one.

Madhu started licking and sucking his penis. Esther came behind him and hugged him tightly pressing her boobs on his back. Thus Devji was slowly seduced by us. Because of the blow job of Madhu, Devji’s cock was in full erection.

We wondered seeing that. Oh My God! It was of 10 inches long and some 5inches around and it was like a log.

I brought his mouth near my boob and asked him to suck the nipples. He also did so. Esther came in front of him.

She took his hand on her boobs and asked him to press them and pinch the nipples. Devji did that also.

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I also removed my skirt and became nude. I held his another hand and made his paw to move on my cunt.

Slowly we all the four went to the bed.

Devji asked us whether we would admit his close friend Vichu to give company And we all happily invited Vichu also.

DEVJI made a call to Vichu.

Just within five minutes the door was tapped. Esther with her bare body, went and opened the door. To our great surprise there was standing a third boy by name Vasu. It was really a thrilling moment to us.

At first we wanted to fuck pair by pair.

So each pair occupied a cot and started functioning.

Already Devji was on me. As the three beds were pulled and made to touch, each boy could touch the other girl also.

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Devji was fucking me as well as pinching and pressing the nipples of Madhu.

The boys told us that they had been planning to fuck us for the last two weeks. We three laughed and winked our eyes.

After the first round, we exchanged. The postures were also different. If one pair chose doggy style, another one chose cow-girl style and the third one reverse cow-girl style.

By all means pleasure was flowing like a river there and we all six were swimming and enjoying extremely well.

Nobody got tired and nobody said enough. The fucking went on smoothly and merrily. At times the boys licked our cunt and sucked the juice and made us feel more and more horny.

Our cunt juices quenched their thirst and hunger and their white juices quenched our thirst and hunger.

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Believe me or not, all the entire fucking went on for six hours. Yes, that was enough for our lifetime.

O.K. I will meet all with my another wonderful experience.