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I am narrating a real life Indian sexy story, something that happened in my life. Then I was 21 years old strong built muscular man. We were staying in Bombay. I was traveling to Simla with my parents in a first class compartment from Bombay. We boarded the train at Bombay VT. It was a compartment for 4 persons.

I was wondering who the fourth person will be because it was a long journey. 10 minutes before the departure time a middle aged woman around 35 years of age walked in with her suitcase. She was wearing a jeans and sleeveless shirt. She had a mind boggling figure of 38C-24-36. She was fair and had long straight hair. She settle down in the compartment and the train started. I was lying down on the top berth on opposite side and watching her every move very carefully. However she had not noticed me yet. She started talking to my parents. Her name was Roopa and she was also traveling to Shimla on a vacation. Her husband was abroad and was going to join her at Delhi.

After about half an hour I got down and sat next to my dad. My father introduced me to her. Our eyes met and I saw a twinkle in her eyes. We were talking generally about everything. In the course of conversation I learnt that she is issue less and were trying different things to have an issue. I could not take my eyes off this beauty and time and again I was ogling at her lustfully. Many times I got cot by her eyes but surprisingly she seems to have been enjoying it. It was 9’o clock and we all had dinner.

Indian sexy storyFrom Terrace to Bed – Part 2

The TT came, checked our tickets and went. We closed our compartment door to sleep. My parents used to take a sleeping tablet in the night. My mother asked me to put hot milk in glasses and serve them. I opened the medical box and gave my parents sleeping tablet each for the night. Suddenly a thought came to my mind and I put a sleeping tablet in one more glass of milk without my mom’s notice. I gave that glass to the sexy Roopa. She was hesitant to take initially but after my mom persisted , she obliged. We all slept. I was awake and observing all three of them. My parents were sleeping on the lower berths and me & Roopa were sleeping on upper berths opposite each other. All the three of them slept within half an hour. There was a dim blue light in the compartment and in that dim light I could see Roopa sleeping on her side facing me. The top two buttons of her shirt she had removed and one of her boob was half out. She was looking damn sexy.

I slowly got down from my berth and tried to wake up my father. My father and mother were fast asleep and could not get up. I gathered lot of courage, my heartbeat increased as I stood up, my face had come exactly in front of sleeping Roopa. I touched her and shook her by my hand to check whether the tablet had worked on her as well. She was also fast asleep and could not get up. I moved my face still closer to her. Now her lips were hardly couple of inches away from mine. I put my lips to hers and kissed her. Still she did not get up. This has encouraged me more. I removed slowly another couple of buttons of her shirt. Now I could see her 38C size laced bra. I put my hand at her back to check the clasp but there was none. I was wondering as to how to remove the soft but firm boobs out for squeezing. Then I realized that she was wearing a sexy front open bra. My task was more easier now. I managed to open the clasp in the front. Her boobs rushed outside and came in my hands. I started playing with them. Indian Sex Story

She had large dark areola and nice tits. I pinched one of the tits and she moaned slowly. I then put my lips around the tit and started sucking. Her both tits were hardening now. The other tit I was squeezing in my thumb and forefinger. Now I climbed on her berth and made her sleep straight facing top. I sat on her thighs like in a riding position and started squeezing her breasts . I bent on her and kissed her deeply. She opened her mouth and our tongues entwined. I was kissing her deep for almost half and hour. My cock was rock hard and was paining now due to pressure. I bit her tits, lips, ears and shoulders.
I pulled my cock out from my trousers and started masturbating standing on my knees. I could not hold and jerked my cum on her breasts. I rubbed my semen on both her boobs nicely and some how put her bra back and closed the buttons of her shirt. I got down from her berth and went on mine to sleep. I could not sleep properly. In the morning my mom and dad got up first. Roopa was still sleeping. May be the dose I put in her milk was more for her. She woke up around 8 AM and by then we three were settled nicely below. I was frightened to look at her. But she seems to be normal. We got down at Delhi next day and exchange addresses.

Indian sexy storyManjeet’s Hot Mom – Chapter 2

I was wondering to myself that if I would have tried to screw Roopa in the train that night whether it would have been successful? I was cursing myself for the lost opportunity. We reached Simala and checked into a nice 5 star hotel. My luck was so good that I saw Roopa at the same Hotel lobby. I went towards her and said hello. She told me that her husband has missed the flight and will be arriving after 3 days. I was thrilled and started making my plans. My parents wanted to go for a nearby pilgrimage for next two days and I told them that I am not feeling well and will stay back at the hotel. I found out Roopa’s room number and called her on house phone. She was surprised and delighted to receive my call. I asked her whether she can join me for dinner that night as I was alone and so was she. She said ok. I was waiting in the Restaurant for Roopa. She arrived in a nice sexy fitting T shirt and loose pajamas. We chatted while having dinner about many things. After dinner I asked her whether she can join me in the room for a cup of coffee so that we will talk little more as I was not at all feeling sleepy. She said alright and we went to my room.

She sat on a sofa and I sat on the bed. I ordered coffee for me and lime juice for Roopa. I was wondering now that how will I manage the sleeping pills powder in the juice as she was sitting right in front of me. Luckily she got up to use the toilet and quickly I put the powder in her juice and stirred the mixture. She came out after some time. We were talking and watching TV. By now she had finished her juice.I had put 2 tablets in her juice as I was scared that one will not be enough for whatever I was going to try that night. While watching TV her eyes closed and she slept off.

I waited for half an hour and then swung into action. I lifted Roopa and put her on the bed. I switched on night lamp in the room. I had no difficulty in removing her clothes. Now a full grown naked woman was in front of me and I wanted to enjoy her fully. I slept next to her and started playing with her boobs. She had a clean shaved pussy. I inserted my finger separating the vaginal lips slowly and started finger fucking her. She was wet by now and responding by moaning slowly. I was biting her tits a bit and kneading her boobs roughly. She had spread her legs by now. I came in between her legs and started rubbing my cock head in her honey pot. After rubbing for few minutes I inserted slowly the head of my cock inside her.I slowly pressed the full length inside and started giving strokes putting pressure on my elbows. Her cunt lips were swallowing my whole length inside very swiftly and gripping my cock superbly. I pumped her for almost 20 minutes and her orgasm started building. She started lifting her hips to meet my cock more early. I increased the momentum and she came off and her body arched. I also could not hold more and shot deep inside her my hot cum.

I turned around in 180 degrees and came in 69 position. I spread her legs apart and pulled her cunt lips wide. My cum and cunt juices were oozing out her cunt. I started brushing my limp cock on her mouth. I started eating her out. My tongue was ramming her cunt deep and my finger was rubbing her clit. She started gasping for air and opened her mouth. I took the opportunity and put my limp cock inside her mouth and gagged her. She started sucking my limp cock by reflex action. I was getting again a huge hard-on because while fucking her previously, I had come pretty quickly. I was pushing my cock deep inside her throat and ferociously eating her pussy out.

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After deep throating her for almost 10 minutes, I pulled out and started fucking her with full length of my rock hard cock. Roopa put her legs on my waist and locked me tightly. This was pushing my cock deeper and deeper. We both were profusely sweating. She was getting an orgasm now. Her boobs were swinging with each of my thrusts beautifully. She came suddenly and tightened her grip of legs on my waist and forcefully pumped all the length of my cock inside her and held tightly. I could not hold anymore and emptied my ballsacks deep deep inside her womb and was sure that this is going to make her pregnant. I pulled out and relaxed a bit. I put her clothes back with lot of difficulty. It was 1 AM by now. I peeped out of my room and checked whether anybody was there in the corridor. Nobody was around. I had taken the keys from Roopa’s pocket which I used to open the door of her room which was on the same floor. I came back, lifted her and took her to the room and made her sleep on the bed. I switched on the AC and kissed her again, kept her room keys on the bed side table and came out and closed the latch door behind me. I could not believe that I could fuck a beautiful sexy woman by drugging her. I came back to my room and slept.

The telephone bell rang early morning 5 AM and my dad was on the line. He informed that they are stuck at some place around 300 kms. away and asked me to checkout immediately, take a taxi and reach the place. I was feeling the entire experience of previous night like a dream. I quickly checked out and send my baggage down to reception. I came out of my room and while passing in the corridor stared at Roopa’s room and bid her a loving goodbye in my mind.

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