Finding my Hot Partner

Hi guys i am Vikram from Bangalore, i just recently started reading free sex stories and thought to submit my story. I am into exports, living alone in a very posh gated community, being alone in Bangalore i always wanted a good partner but never got one as i was always busy with work, i used to satisfy myself by watching porn and masturbating.

There is part time maid at home who does all the cleaning and cooking for me when i am in town and it so happened on a Sunday that i was watching porn in TV in my bed room and suddenly she walked in for cleaning, my hands were inside my shorts ; suddenly i switched off the TV, she casually cleaned the room and went out after finishing all the work she called me and asked for some money which i gave her after talking the money she said sir if u don’t mind can i say something, i said carry on. She said why don’t u get married instead of watching all that, i replied who will marry me i am 38, she said ok i will find someone for u.

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Next day she came in the morning and said sir there is a lady aged 33 she is a divorcee and she is also staying nearby and works as a receptionist in an office and is looking for an alliance, i said ok fix a meeting with her, she said ok i will talk to her and let u know in a day or two.

After three days she said sir that lady is ready to meet you, i asked when and where,she said she can come here tomorrow,i said its ok at 7 pm.

Next day i told my made to order some food from the hotel and arrange some soft drinks for here.

I came home from office at 6 had a shower and got ready to meet her, at sharp 7 the doorbell rang and i opened the door, there was a lady at the door looking hot in a green and blue sari and she asked for my maid i called her she introduced us, i offered here to sit down, she has a dusky complexion with good statistics, i kept on looking at her, she felt a little uncomfortable i said i am sorry she said its ok.

I am sorry her name is Priya; after that we had dinner, we both were reluctant to talk to each other, my maid said sir why don’t u talk to her and decide.

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I gathered courage and said Priya can we talk in the balcony, in the balcony she asked me was i married, i said no and i asked her the same she replied that her husband left her for another girl, we talked for an hour at the end she asked what are you looking for i said i wanted a live-in partner and likes sex, to which she blushed and replied how likeminded we were to this i hugged here she was a little reluctant i assured her that i would not leave her she felt relieved and said yes.

After that i said she can move in here she was very happy, i moved near her and kissed her on her lips to which she reciprocate very well and after that we kissed fully sucking each other’s lips, i slowly kept my hand on her right breast and pressed it she moaned and asked me who press the other one.

In the meantime my maid was cleaning the kitchen, i held Priya hand and led to my bed room, then asked her if she wants to do it, she nodded yes and i removed her sari and was kissing her cleavage and pressing her tits, she was moaning i took off her blouse my god her tits were awesome in that bra, i put my hand behind her and unhooked the bra her tits were free and started licking her nipples and biting them softly her hand was on my cock and was massaging it over my trousers…

I put my hand inside the sari and pulled the string of the petty coat which made her sari fall down she now only in her panties i slowly removed her panties and saw she had a clean shaved pussy, i made her sit on the edge of the bed and started talking of my clothes except for my boxers, then i inserted my finger in her and started teasing her she was moaning loudly..

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I slowly kissed her mound and licked the little man she held my head tightly between her legs, then i licked her for about fifteen minutes after which she orgasm, she was in seventh heaven then she pulled at my boxers and freed my cock she held it and kissed the tip and licked the head slowly, and suddenly she took the whole cock in her mouth and sucked it hard for about ten minutes i said i am going to cum she sucked it even more harder and drank all the cum, after that i looked at her and said shall i, she opened her legs and invited me come darling satisfy me i have not had sex for the past two years, i held her legs and slowly inserted my cock in her pussy she was moaning even louder, once i was totally inside her she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear darling bang me hard…

I started banging her hard the room was filled up her moans and slapping sounds, i banged her for about fifteen minutes and dropped on her, after that we got up and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves, to our surprise we had left the bed room door open and the whole moment was seen by my maid she smiled at us, we cleaned ourselves and came out …

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Our maid was standing there with the towels she said i will get madams stuff tomorrow from her house and she can stay here, to this Priya was very happy our maid left and we had another good fucking session.