Desi girl fucked by Peon – Office / Teacher sex stories

Desi girl fucked by Peon – Office / Teacher sex stories

Hello. My name is Reena and I am 19 years old girl reading in a reputed college in +1 classes and today I will tell you the true story of my life that happened last year. I live in a small town and I stay in Amritsar for my higher studies. My college was about 7 km from my hostel and I had to go there by rickshaw. My classes are over at 5pm. As I was about to leave, it started raining heavily.

I was not feeling well that day. All of my friends were gone to their houses but I opted to wait for the rain to stop. I could not saw any rickshaw or auto there, which could drop me to my house. Two hours were passed and I could not see any body near the college. Just then. I saw the college peon and asked me the matter why I had not gone to my house. I started weeping and told him the reason.

He said no problem, come to my house and have some tea and then he will drop me to my hostel. But hostel door could not open after 7 PM under any circumstances, he told me to call to his hostel and take the permission to come late. As I rang to hostel, warden was not there and attendant did not allow me to come late. She rather told me to come in the morning. I requested her but she did not pay any attention on my request. The peon told me to go to any friend’s house and stay for a night and go to hostel in the morning.

But I did not know any friend’s house. Nor I had enough money that I could stay in a hotel. He offered me to spend a night in his house. The peon was a tall man from bihar and he had strong muscles and his age was about 40 years. I thought that he must be living with his family but as I reached there I found that he was alone. I enquired about his family but he told that he was unmarried. He gave me some food to eat and in the night he gave me some milk to drink. He gave me a bed to sleep. As I was badly tired, I felt asleep as I fall on the bed. After some time I woke up. I looked around and there was total dark. I could not see anything around me. I was feeling somebody’s hand on my legs.

I stay quite to see the further action. I understand it must be the peon. He slowly hiked my skirt and rubbed my thighs very softly. Then he slowly moves towards my pussy. He rubbed his hand on my pussy over my panty. His moves were now becoming horny and horny. Now he slipped my panty aside and touched my virgin pussy. I still was not responding but I was slowly becoming excited and he was too. He now was rubbing my hairless pussy and shove inside my pussy. I cried aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. He was afraid and immediately closed my mouth by his lips on my lips. He put one of my hands under his body and with one hand he caught the other one. He started sucking my lips and shoved another hand into my pussy.