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My name is Suresh 42 year old and my wife is Renuka who is 38 year old. We have two children. Here in this episode I am going to narrate how my wife fulfilled my desire of watching her having sex and cheating with another man last year.

In fact in a period of this one year I enjoyed watching her getting fucked by different men on different occasions.

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In the first occasion according to my wife she cheated me by having sex with a someone else without my knowledge.

wife cheating sex storiesShe was not aware that I watched that and enjoyed that. Hindi Sex Stories

Certain developments took place subsequently and the second occasion was right in front of me in the same room with an American family friend Edward a Blackman.

That helped me to get a big contact in my business which would result in lot of profit and also got a pleasure trip to us for me and my wife. In us not only Edward also few of his friends enjoyed my wife.

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Renuka too was happy in their company. Those things I would describe in the next part. First let me tell about the first incident.

My wife renuka even after having two children at the age of 38 looks very attractive and any normal man if gets an opportunity would like to have sex with her. In addition my wife is a hot and horny woman who enjoys sex .

In fact even now she likes watching blue movies.

As it happens in many men’s case a strange desire developed for me two years back. I wanted to watch my wife enjoying sex with another man. I did not have the boldness to tell this to my wife.

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However after this desire my interest in sex was lost and rarely I had sex with my wife and did not satisfy my hot wife.

It so happened one of her uncle’s 80th birthday was celebrated at her native town and we went there for the function leaving our children with my sister.

As it was her native place my wife she wanted to stay there for two more days after the function.

All the other relatives left except two of us.

We were accommodated in one the two out houses of her uncle. The other one was vacant.

Her uncle had a middle aged cook rengan.

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He should be around 50 years of age. I was told that his family stays in a village close by where he goes occasionally.

I saw him looking at my wife with a craze and lust. Next day it so happened I developed fever and bed ridden.

My wife’s uncle and aunty had to go to a temple far off .

They left early in the morning and were expected only in the night.

Suddenly it struck to my mind the horny cook may seduce my hot wife and that happened.

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After giving me my break fast Renuka asked me to take rest.

She told me that she had to discuss with the cook about lunch and evening Tiffin.

Then she left. I was looking through the window. My wife and the cook rengan were talking standing on the back side of the house.

After five minutes I saw the cook’s hands going down on his thighs.

As cook was showing his backside to me I couldn’t make out anything initially.

However I saw rengan raising one side of his dhoti and the underwear.

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I understood that he is showing his cock to my wife. My wife looked around and went closer to rengan.

She kept her hands on his shoulder and began talking to him.

Her hands pointed to the building we were staying and the vacant one. I saw the cook closing his dhoti and nodding.

Then my wife went inside and gave a key to rengan.

Rengan went to the vacant building opened the door with the key and went inside.

Then the cook opened the back door again came to the front door and locked that.

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Giving a nod to my wife he went inside the building through the back door.

I understood their plan. My wife will enter the house through the back door. As the house is locked no one will suspect any thing.

Then my wife came to my house and inquired about me .

When I told her that I am better she asked me whether I can manage for an hour independently as she wants to go see one of her old classmate.

I knew and happy to note that she is telling a lie.

I gave my consent.

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First I saw my wife actually leaving the house ,but within three minutes she came back.

I watched her not from the normal place but from a different place.

As my wife was walking towards the vacant building her eyes were focused on the window where I would be normally watching.

Then I saw her going behind the building and disappearing.

I got down.

Like a cat I went to the building and went around. I heard some whispers from a room.

Even though the windows were closed in one of the wooden panel I saw a small hole formed by insects.

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