Desi Mom fucked by Muslim Uncle at home – Desi Aunty Sex stories

Desi Mom fucked by Muslim Uncle at home – Desi Aunty Sex stories

Hi I’m Neil and I’m a 24 year old guy. I live in Bangalore with my mom and my father is a businessman who used to use to live in live in Delhi. He uses to come home once in two months, so I and my mother used to live alone at our hometown. I am a student of electrical engineering and use to spend 6 hours in college and most of the time in tuition and with my friends.

Now let me tell u about my mother she is 42 years old, good looking, sexy lady with big hot boobs and thin waist, and very smart personality. If I speak the truth, then I never saw her with lustful eyes before that incident.

Whole incident starts when my father’s arrival to home, he usually use to come once in every two months, but this time he came earlier. Actually he got his promotion and from now he will be able to spend more time with us. I was happy because from my childhood I never spend much time with him, so it’s a good news for me but I didn`t find my mom much happy with this news. My dad gives me this on phone and told me not to tell her about his arrival because is planning to give her a surprise. So according to our plan I didn`t tell anything to my mom, and after 12 days my father comes home and my mom was shocked to see him. And she starts behaving unnaturally I never saw her behaving like that with dad; she looks very angry and sad at my dad’s arrival. This was something unnatural because both of them loves very much and never saw then fighting with each other, never before that day. That day when I return home from my tuition class my father told me that Sangram uncle went to our home, it was bit strange because Sangram uncle also use to live in Bangalore but he never comes to our home I saw him last two years ago.

But after that I forgot all the incident happened that day, after 25 day my dad leave for Delhi I say him good bye before going to my college. That day I had a plan for group studies, so I told my mom that I`ll be little late due to group studies. My mom says it`s okay and I leave for my college. I don’t know whether I was wrong or not but she looks pretty happy after listening my words.

At 5:00 pm I come back home as our plan was postpone due to extra class in college, I was pretty tired and want to sleep. When comeback I saw a red Tata vista in front of my house, I know that car it`s owner is uncle Sangram. He is 5`10 ft. tall guy with a French cut and he really is good looking guy, we know him for last 11 years. Then I call my mom but she didn’t reply. I was sure that she was inside as the door was locked from inside, I think she was busy with Sangram uncle so she didn`t hear me. I call her several times but she didn`t reply, I was really tired and want to go inside the house. After sometime when she didn`t reply I thought of going from the back door. When I reach to our backyard I saw all lights of our house are switched off and a sharp light is coming from the bottom of my mom’s bedroom. I silently move inside the house put my bag in my room and moves toward my mom`s room to ask her for some meal. But when I look inside her room I was stunned, I saw my mom was laying nude on her bed, she wear a red bra and nothing else and a person with curly hair was licking her pussy, I didn`t saw his face as his face was emerged between her thin fair legs. For a while I was afraid and think of going outside but secondly my mind told me not to go and I start watching them as I want to know who that man is.

That person with curly licks her pussy for 5 mins after that my mom starts mooning Aaaaahhhhh….. Ooooffffff….. Hhhhmmmmm……. Then my mom says oh Bittu ji do it, yes lick it deeper Hhhhmmm…… Bittu is the nick name of Sangram uncle, now I understand who that man is, why my mom behaves so oddly with dad that day, and reason of arrival of Sangram uncle to our home that day, everything is clear now. Bit by that moment I also start enjoying the scenario and I stood there to saw them. As per my my mom`s command Sangram uncle starts licking her lovehole more deeper, and my mom was enjoying that thing, now she starts pressing her big boobs and mooning loudly Ooooahhhh…… Hhhhmmmmmm….. Yeeeessssss…… after 10 mins Sangram uncle stands up and both of them starts kissing each other, after that my mom stands up and Sangram uncle removes her bra. Now her boobs are clearly visible they huge beyond my imagination and were damn sexy, I wish if I was there instead of Sangram uncle. Now sits on the sofa kept near the bed and my mom sits on her lap he starts pressing her boobs now slowly then tenderly, now gently then hardly and she closed her eyes and enjoys the whole thing, now he starts pinching her left nipple and starts sucking her right boob, it seems that both of them enjoying very much after a while he starts biting her nipple and my mom cried out Ooohhhh….. maaaaaa….. now her nipples become erect and harder then he starts pressing her right boob and suck her left nipple after 6 mins my mom stand up, now Sangram spread his legs and she sits on the floor and starts giving him a tit job, i`m not able to see his cock between her huge boobs, then she starts licking his 10 inch black cock. Now Sangram uncle say Yyyeeeesss….. baby yyyyeeeesssss…. Suck it, suck it, Oooohhhhh mmmmyyyy gooodddd…. Suck it deeper take it completely inside Oooohhh yyyyeeeeesssss…. After 3 mins he hold her hair and make her licking his dick harder by pushing and pulling her inside and outside after 10 min she stands Sangram uncle also stand up, then hold her sexy thin waist picks her up and carries her to her bed.

Now she lies on her bed and Sangram uncle lies on her and both of starts kissing each other once again, then she spread her legs abroad and told Sangram uncle that she can`t resist her anymore please fuck me baby fuck me. By getting her permission Sangram uncle stands up, come down from bed pull my mom and starts rubbing his penis between her hairy pussy and then slowly push half of his dick inside her and start fucking her slowly, after some time my told him to insert his complete dick in her, then the real game begins now tenderly, now furiously, now slowly, now hardly he fucks her faster as fast as he can, I saw mom moons Hhhhmmmmnnnn…… Oooooohhhhh…… yeeeeessssss….. Then he withdraw his dick outside, my mom stands up she make him sit on the bed and sit of the floor and starts licking his dick then his testis and then sucks his penis for 4min, after that Sangram uncle holds her shoulders push her up and make her lying in on him in opposite direction, now they are enjoying what we say 69. She lies on him starts sucking his cock and he starts licking her pussy, after a while both of them separates, now they starts enjoys in doggy pose he fucks her slowly then goes faster and faster and faster , now both of then starts mooning Ooooffff…. Yessss….. Ohhhhmmmyyyygggooooddd……. Yyyaaahhhhh…… After sometime mom lay down on bed and Sangram uncle lay behind her and he starts her fucking from behind this game continues for 10min. After that Sangram uncle stands up, come down from bed pull my mom and again starts fucking her. After 3min he cried out I`m going to cum, I`m going to pull my dick outside, but suddenly my mom moons noooo…. nooo…. Dear cum inside me please cum inside me I want to be pregnant, I want to become mom of your baby, please cum inside me. Then Sangram uncle moons ooohhhh…. Yyyeeesssss….. that implies he cums in her. Now he lay down on her as he was tired. After 15min he ask her for some water, then my mom stands up, by seeing her coming toward me I ran towards my room pick my bag and silently goes outside the house from backdoor. In this way Sangram (that son of a bitch) uncle plants his seed in in randi moms womb, now I`m the only one who know who is the real father of coming baby.