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HI. I am Sumeet 31 yr old married to 28 yr old girl. My wife’s name is Manisha. She is gorgeous with natural boobs and cute hairy pink pussy. She is a good wife (which i thought all the time) and keeps me we served with her sexual fantasies. Enjoy more Cheating wife sharing sex stories on Desibahu.com

We are very much settled down in Mumbai. We both are working class people.

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We got married 2 years back.

cheating wife sex storiesWe are very good couple as having much better understanding in between us now rather than the initial stages.

The time we got married my wife was very conservative and shy about the things to be expressed. Whereas I m very open minded person in that sense in every way of my life. I take life positively and love to try some new things in everything.

Well that was our life. Now we both have such a good understanding & more beautiful and spicy hot life. Let me come down to the story. Since Manisha was very conservative especially in terms of sexual life was concern.

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She never liked to exposed only used to wear proper blouses and dresses.

But she was very hot when I have taken her virginity in first night. Let me tell u her stats she is 5.9”tall, good busty boobs which can make anybody crazy, good round big ass swells good while walking specially when she wears sarees tightly around her ass.

Slowly she started to enjoy the sex. She started to wear some tight chudidars from the big one in which her muscular thighs used to look very attractive .

I also started noticing that other men looks at her thighs very lustfully& she started enjoying. Never given me a hint that she likes that.

Slowly we started having sex by seeing the movies where group sex , 2 men taking one woman, 2 woman enjoying one man, wife swapping videos. She started enjoying the things & started fantasizing the same while having sex , started moaning also a lot during our sex sessions.

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As a open minded person I liked that, I wanted her to be more open so that sex can be enjoyed very well. Sex is one of joy specially when husband & wife is open minded u can enjoy more.

I also started liking couple, wife swapping videos , group sex. I started encouraging her while watching , she also started enjoying that & I also started feeling good as she was enjoying.

I love Manisha very much and wanted her to be good in bed and also wanted to fulfill every of her fantasy even with other men or her boyfriends.

Slowly she started coming up with her feelings of let’s do it today Sumeet I am feeling hot . I started loving this. Sometimes she used to push me to see the videos I started encouraging her.

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One day while seeing the video she was very hot.

The video was of girl goes to a theater for a date and the boyfriend of her arouse her and presses her boobs licks her nipple , by putting his hand in her dress removes the panty and licks her pussy very wildly and fucks her with his big fat dick and the girl spreads her legs and gets fuck very wildly.

I have seen her expression were very wild and after that Manisha told me that she cannot control want to have a fuck right now. I guessed that she might hv gone thru the the same incident in back that’s why she is wild.

I just taken her in my arms and started licking her nipples and after that I started licking her all the body parts. I started licking her pussy then she gone wild and asking me to fuck her.

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