My 4th grade love

I have an amazing Indian sex story to tell that you would not believe. Where do I begin? I guess let me start from the beginning. From a young age I had a friend my the name of Mita. We were the best of friends. I met her in the 4th grade. We were always doing stuff together.

Once we got older, we both were 18, we use to tell our parents that we were going to the mall and instead we use to go out on double dates. It never bothered me when we went out on double dates because I never saw her in that way. I mean I always saw her like the little kid I grew up with.

Well one day, after school, I went over to her house for lunch. Both of our parents use to go to work so we use to go to each others house for lunch. I never use to knock on her door and use to always just walk in. I use to always get a kick out of scaring her. So this day, like every other day, I decided to scare her. well I slowly went up the stairs, and to her bedroom door.

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I quickly opened the door and said “BOO” well to my surprise there was no one in there. She had her own bathroom with shower connected to her room. I heard the shower on so I figured she was in the shower. So I decided to hide in her closet and as soon as she comes to her closet I would scare her.

At the time it sounded like a pretty good idea.

I waited and waited. I almost fell asleep and was dying of hunger. Well I heard the shower turn off so I knew she was gonna come out any minute. I then saw her come out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around her. She was still wet all over her body.

To be honest I was actually getting turned on. I could not believe it. I mean I never saw her like this before. Well anyway, she started moving towards the closet. just before she came to the closet, she took her towel off and started wiping her hair. At this point she was totally naked.

I mean I just stood there with my mouth opened. when she took off her towel she was not facing me, so all I could see was her ass, and was it just perfectly round. slowly she turned towards the closet not knowing I was in there and still wiping her hair. and then what I saw would stay in my head for years to come. she did not have huge breasts but they were a hand full.

They were not sagging like many others I saw but they were nice and firm. her nipples were not as dark as I have seen before on Indian girls but rather light in color. I looked down and saw that she did not have much pubic hair. I guess she use to shave down there. at this point I had a hard on. I could not believe what I was seeing. so I did what anyone would have done.

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I unzipped and slowly started to jerk off. While doing so, I guess I hit a hanger which fell to the floor and she heard. she quickly covered herself and came to the closet. as soon as she opened it she was me there just standing with my dick in my hand. she was shocked. she had never thought she would ever see me like that. I was blushing at this point and knew she would be mad and tell me to leave. to my amazement,

She looked at me and then down to my dick and said, ” is that for me?” I was speechless, I was shocked she asked me that. she slowly took me by the hand, out of the closet and towards the bed.

she then slowly got to her knees and started sucking. I was still in shock. but the feelings I was having were incredible. I mean she must have done this before because the way she licked and sucked my dick was incredible. she slowly licked the tip of my dick first then with her hand she would move up and down my shaft. she then would put the hold thing in her mouth and play with it with her tongue inside her mouth.

I quickly grabbed her tits and started to fondle them. the harder I squeezed her tits the harder she sucked. she did this for at least 10 minutes and I could not take it any longer so I told her to take it out because I was about to cum. she just looked at me at this point and started sucking even harder.

I guess she got turned on by it. I was screaming and without a second thought, just cummed. I looked down and saw that she was still sucking me hard. she then told me to climb into bed and she would be right back. I did not ask any questions.

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I took off all my clothes and waited. she came back. this time I decided to take charge. so when she came towards the bed, I grabbed her by the arm and threw her on the bed. I slowly went to her tits and started licking her nipples. with my tongue I started moving in a circular motion. she could not get enough of that. I sucked her nipples until they were rock hard.

Then I mover to her belly and then in-between her legs. I quickly licked her outer lips. she gasped for air. I knew she would like that. with every lick she would spread her legs more and more. I then took my two fingers and spread her pussy wide. I then took my tongue and started licking her inside.

She screamed “oh yeah. oh yeah, more more” this only excited me more and continued. at this point my dick was still aching from the blow job I received earlier but I knew I had to put it inside of her now or never. so I got up, leaned over her, looked her straight in her eyes and she said “yeah I know, put it inside of me”.

I slowly put the head of my dick inside of her. once again she gasped for air. even though only my dick head was in there, I could feel how warm and wet it was inside. I then slowly pushed harder and harder until all of it was inside of her. she wrapped her legs around my waist and the harder I pushed the harder she squeezed her legs around my waist.

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She quickly replied, “faster faster come’on. harder, harder harder, oh yeah ahhhh” that is all I need to hear to make me give it to her harder. well I told her I was gonna cum again. I was about to take it out and then she told me to leave it inside. I told her I did not want her to get pregnant. she said she has taken care of it already. so I assumed she must be on some birth control. so I let it all out.

By this point I was dead tired and just left my dick inside of her and rested on her soft breasts. I gently nibbled on the nipples again. she then got up and when my dick came out of her pussy, some cum fell out too. my dick was red as hell and I thought that was enough and was not gonna get hard any more tonight. well when she got up I laid on my back. she gently lifted my dick with her two fingers. as soon as she touched it, it hardened again. I was amazed. she then gently sat on it. I felt it go inside her again.

She then started rocking back and forth on it. I was in pain. but it was the best pain I ever felt. she started moving and grinding my crotch with my dick in her pussy and I could literally feel my dick moving around inside of her. my dick would rub against her pussy walls. it was so wet and warm. I just laid there and let her do all the work. after a while I regained my energy and threw her off me. she fell on the stomach.

I quickly took my dick and mounted her from behind. I pushed it inside of her so hard. she screamed harder and harder so I did. she then took my dick out. at this point I thought she had enough but to my amazement she grabbed my dick and started to rub her ass hole with it.

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I looked at her and she said “put it up my ass” at first I thought no but when was I gonna try this again. so I tried putting it inside but it was too tight. so I took my hand and spitted inside of it.. I then rubbed my dick and her asshole with it. I then tried putting it inside of her. it went in but it was not easy.

This felt sooo good I never imagined. she started screaming even louder which really turned me on. after a few minutes she told me she was gonna cum. so I took my dick out of her ass and opened her legs and stucked sucking on her pussy. I never tasted pussy juice and was curious.

I placed my finger inside of her cunt and started moving it around. I put my tongue inside of her and she screamed “yes yes yes.” and she cummed all over.. it was great.

After that day. we never really spoke about it again but we always looked at each other differently. I just hope another day like that comes soon.

I really miss fucking her.